Who is Bella In Bindyland?

My name is really; Belinda. But I am much more commonly known as 'Bindy'. This section is a bit of a 'get to know me' section, for those that wish to know more... If you have any particular questions let me know & I will answer them, I am after all pretty open... So let me know any other facts you may like to know :) So for now here are some slightly interesting facts...
  • I'm 24, my birthday is 30/09/1988... Making me a Libra!
  • I married my best friend on the 30/07/2011.
  • I'm going to be a Mumma, our little Rexy is due in October 2013.
  • I really love the direction my life is headed, I am grateful for everything we have & the people that are in our lives.
  • My family is my whole world. I love my parents & my little big brothers  & my sister so very much.
  • I love the 'little family' Trent & I have built with our 4 'fur babies'.
  • I still think saying the words 'husband,' 'married,' 'wife,' 'our OWN home' are amazing.
  • My photos & video are thanks to my fancy Canon Eos - 500D that I got for my 22nd birthday.
  • Some of my images and video are also taken with my iPhone 5.
  • Yes I take to many photos, but it is what I love to do.
  • No I do not work. I stay at home & do 'house duties'. More nicely put a 'lady of leisure', a housewife or my favourite a 'domestic engineer'...
  • I kind of have a really low tolerance for mean & stupid people.
  • So this means if you negatively comment on the blog, I will just delete the comment & move on with my life, so don't waste your time.
  • I am squirrel obsessed, I love squirrels so much. I collect them, if you have a squirrel item you don't love, I'll have it!! :)
  • I love vintage home wares, houses, clothes, cars & well anything vintage.
  • I really admire & appreciate kind people. Nice people rock.
  • I like to cook. I love to bake more though.
  • We own a beautiful pink Holden EK wagon, that I love.
  • My favourite outfits are jeans & shirts & cowboy boots. But I love getting all glammed up, it's fun!!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with surprises, they are fun, but I hate knowing there is a surprise for me. Not knowing drives me insane.
  • I collect 'House Wife' books. Actually I just collect books I love. Books are wonderful!
  • I really adore writing this blog.
  • I grew up on a property with dogs, birds, cattle and goats. I believe I had the best childhood ever. 
  • I like people who can be factitious and laugh about tense situations. I am pretty sarcastic myself. :)
  • I hate making decisions.
  • I love watching movies & I have a lot of favourites!
  • I live in Toowoomba, it is beautiful.
  • From what you may see on here my life is not always perfect. Remember I write what I want you to know & never assume anything.
So that is some random facts. Want to know more? Make sure you ask!!

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