Tuesday, 30 December 2014

New blog


How are you all? 
Sorry for the year long break - but I am back - but not here! 
I have started a new blog and will start blogging in the new year. 
If you would like to head on over to my new blog & subscribe that would be wonderful. It can be found at http://modernwifelife31.blogspot.com.au/ 

I have also started an instagram account and a twitter if you wish to follow those to keep up to date with new posts & happenings! 
Instagram; Modernwifelife31
Twitter; Modernwifelife3
Facebook; Is still the old "Bella In Bindyland' one but the name change is coming soon!

I will post updates, a bit of an explanation to why I "disappeared", the reason for the blog change and more in the new year, so make sure you connect somehow so you don't miss out!

I've missed this!! Talk soon!! 
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