Sunday, 3 November 2013

A wonderful announcement...

Hello everyone!
Sorry I've been a little absent from my blog for a few weeks, but I have a brilliant reason why... 
Our little Rexy has arrived!
Lucy Kathleen Pirley was born on Friday, October 18th 2013 at 4:56pm. (So a day before her due date!)
Our first family photo! 
She is a beautiful & amazing little girl and we are so in love with her. 
We are enjoying learning to be parents and we feel very blessed that we have a very calm & content little girl to learn with. She really is such a wonderful baby & we absolutely adore her!
After countless prayers I am finally a Mumma to the most precious & perfect little girl God ever made. 
Trent and I with our Lucy. 
I will be back shortly to upload her birth story with all the details in it in the next week or so & I hope to get back into blogging soon, but for now I am just enjoying spending time with Trent & our daughter and learning to be a Mum! 
Talk soon, I am off to bath & feed & snuggle my little miracle!
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  1. Congrats! She is absolutely gorgeous! Cherish every moment they grow up way too fast. :)

    1. She is 2 weeks & 3 days now and it is scary how quick it has gone by!!

  2. So happy for you all!! Congrats, Bin & Trent!

  3. Big congrats to you, my dear!!! What a beautiful family of three. Enjoy your little bub and motherhood. Take good care of yourself xxx


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