Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Pregnancy update; 36-38 weeks!

Hello all,
I know this is a bit late and normally my pregnancy updates come to you in the form of videos, but honestly I really am not feeling like filming much lately. For me it's much easier to sit down & just write than it is to film, so I apologise if you liked the videos, I can't say when they will be back, but for now they are on hiatus.
But anyway let's catch up! (I will post my last video from 35 weeks at the bottom of this post for those that missed it!)
Symptoms; Honestly not much has changed, I still have most that I started with but some of the main ones are... 
  • Reflux & heartburn are still hanging around, they are the most difficult at bedtime. But like I have mentioned I can deal with it fairly well.
  • Nausea, it comes & goes. It's never full on or last all day, some days I don't even have it. For example; after breakfast this morning I felt really nauseous, so I had to wait about an hour before I brushed my teeth as brushing my teeth often makes me throw up... But after about 2 hours I felt fine... 
  • I am fairly exhausted, that is what I've noticed is getting the worst. My energy levels are shocking, I get tired from just walking.
  • Still into the whole 'nesting' thing. My house is perfectly clean for our little Rex to come home too!
  • Over maybe the past week or so my ankles/feet have started being super painful! Like it hurts to walk on them, this mainly is after a day of shopping or cleaning. So I just try to rest & elevate them as well. 
  • I am sleeping ok, I wish I could nap during the day. During the night I have to change position a lot because it tends to get painful sleeping on one side for too long. So I am constantly waking up to either roll over or pee!
  • My little Rex is still an active little squirrel, I feel her move & squirm around. I will really miss that special time between us both when she moves around & responds to my pokes or if I play her music, but I can't wait to have her in my arms! :) 
  • Luckily I still haven't had any swelling, bladder issues or health problems! 
  • My doctor has told me both Rexy & I are in perfect health, (every blood test comes back great, the Strep B test was fine & my blood pressure is always good!)
Emotionally I am still fairly content. Nothing is stressing me out a lot about the whole 'birth' thing. I know I want to just go in there and see how it all goes, if I want pain relief I will have it, if the doctor says we need to do a c-section, well that is how Rexy will come out... I really am not planning any of it, I don't want to set myself up with expectations and then feel let down by myself.  
Everyone keeps asking me if I am scared, not really. I am fairly ok with the idea of contractions, I know this will hurt, I have been telling myself it is good pain & I am prepared mentally, as much as I can be for it... 
I am a bit nervous about more of the end part of labour, the whole 'burning' sensation that is often talked about. I guess the thought of tearing or being cut in my lady area is a tiny bit scary to me... One guy at our antenatal class put it in a very classy manner, "tearing yourself a vag-anus", that's possibly the only thing that frightens me and even then I know I have no control over it, I have to trust my doctor that he will step in (perform an episiotomy) before it tears too badly, if I tear at all. 
But aside from the "vag-anus" issue, I am ok. I know she has to come out & there are only 2 ways she can do that, so I am prepared for either! 
Other emotional news, I have just have been wanting to be around Trent a lot, I just want to spend time with him & I miss him when he is at work... (Awww...)

Other pregnancy news;
  • Mum and I got some maternity photos done together the other day! I can't wait to see them!
  • Her room is complete - I think. Kind of. I am still adding little bits to it as I find new things, but overall it's mainly done! So stay tuned for a post on that!
  • I see my doctor weekly now.
  • At my last appointment he said her head was 3cm into my pelvis. 
  • She is also facing downwards & her head is in the correct position for a natural birth!!
  • My hospital bag, labour bag & Rexy's bag are all packed and ready to go!
  • The pram & car seat are all set up & ready to be used!
  • We have decided on a name (you can read about the decision process HERE). Her name won't be revealed though until she arrives! 
Labour symptoms; (Ok this is a bit of a new section, but since I am so close I thought I would add it in...)
  • Nesting, as mentioned above my house has never been so clean haha! Best pregnancy/labour symptom ever!!
  • I get some pretty intense Braxton Hicks - well I think they are. My stomach is normally tight, but it hardens even more, I get a stitch/burning like pain under my ribs sometimes and like a shooting pain into my 'lady area'... This is what I am assuming are 'practice contractions'. Even as I type this I think I am describing them wrong, it is a weird feeling to describe... I've been getting mild BH for awhile, over the past few days though they have gotten a lot more intense, maybe Rexy is getting ready to arrive!?
  •  My hips & lower back ache a fair bit, mainly when I wake up in the morning. This has also just recently begun in the past few days.
  • I get like a twinging/lightening/shooting sort of pain into my 'area', from what I've read this can be either practice contractions or head dropping down further. Basically it feels like she is trying to get out - haha! 
  • So pretty much I am getting some pain over the past 2 days, it's nothing excruciating and nothing that I can't tolerate, but there is pain there for sure!
  • I am really hoping she decides to arrive a little early, Thursday the 10th/October would be good for me! Trent goes back to night shift that night, so if he didn't have to go back to work that would be awesome, but if not that is ok. He can be contacted and will come straight home to me if I need him! 
So that is my update, I think I have covered it all. Now for some catch up bump & life update photos (all of these photos are posted on my Instagram & Twitter, make sure you follow those accounts so you see them first! IG - @Bella_in_Bindyland Twitter - @Bella_K
My growing belly! :)
36 weeks & 6 days pregnant at Queens Park admiring the carnival of flowers displays!
37 weeks & 6 days pregnant...

Rexy has recently received some beautiful gifts. The top gift is all the way from America from a very lovely friend of mine, the middle gift is from a family friend & the bottom gift was lovingly all picked out by my Nin (Nan) for her 17th Great Grandchild!
Capsule installed - check!
Pram set up - check!
My house all nicely cleaned & ready for Miss Rexy & in the middle is a sneak peek at a very special room!
A bit more of a sneak peek of Rexy's room!
Me today, 38 weeks & 3 days pregnant on October 8th...
So I feel better now that we are all caught up!
When do you think little Rexy will make her arrival? 
Do you have any suggestions to get things moving? At this stage I am just waiting patiently, but I was told by several people today to start driving down some bumpy roads & Trent wants me to do star jumps! I know she will arrive when she is ready, but I do hope it's a bit sooner than her due date (19th October) I am just so excited to meet our beautiful little girl!!

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Video update from week 35, if you want to watch it on YouTube click HERE... Once again I am apologising in advance for the lack of videos lately & in the near future. Hopefully I will feel like filming again soon, but for now I really need a break. I will continue to blog when I can though :)


  1. OMG I cant believe she will be here literally any day! Praying for you every single day and even though you know this already but I am so dam proud of you! This is it my girl! Almost there!!!

    1. I know!! I can't believe it, she is almost here! Thank you for your prayers, I appreciate them so much!! xo


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