Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dear Rexy...

Hello Rexy,
I am writing this while I patiently (ok, not so patiently) await your arrival. Today is the 9th of October, I am 38 weeks & 4 days pregnant, so you aren't technically due to arrive for another 10 days... But if you wanted to arrive now I would be happy with that. 
I've cleaned our house countless times over the past few days, it's so clean - it may never be this clean ever again once I have you to distract me! Everything is set up for you. Our bags are packed for our little hospital stay, everything is ready & done... I seriously I have nothing else to do except sit and wait for you... So you come whenever you are ready :)
So I thought I would write you a little bit of a letter & just talk to you. 

Let me explain your nickname to you, I assume you will one day ask why you were called Rexy & why in all your baby shower cards people have written the name Rexy... Well, when your Dad & I started dating (January 2009) I somehow very randomly started calling him T-rex, I don't remember exactly why, I assume it is because his name is Trent, so I decided to drop the 'N-T' & add an 'X', therefore making 'T-rex'. Well, eventually he started calling me 'B-rex' & that was it, 'T-rex & B-rex', those nicknames stuck. When we found out I was pregnant with you, you were our 'baby Rex' & you became 'Rexy'. 

I am so happy that I am bringing you into this world soon & that you will be so loved. 
You aren't even here and you are so incredibly loved by not only myself & your Dad but our families & friends. 
Rexy, you have really been blessed, you couldn't ask for a better man to be your Father. Your Dad is an amazing man. He is strong, kind, patient, smart,  protective, he works hard & he loves you, he loves you so very, very much. He doesn't say much & he isn't an overly emotional man, but I can tell how excited he is and when you meet him I know you will know how much he loves you, he will protect you & look after you forever, you are his whole world. (Just letting you know that your Daddy cleaned & organised his whole shed today for you, I guess that is his way of 'nesting' & preparing for you! He also was a big help in decorating your room, he picked out the Minnie Mouse bedding for you.) 
Your Nin & Pop are so, so excited for you to arrive, you are one lucky little girl to have such amazing Grandparents, they already love you so much & so do your Uncles. I am so glad that you will be surrounded by people who love you so dearly. Everyone is so, so excited to meet you!! 

I still can't believe you will be here so soon, I remember praying so hard to God for you. I was worried I would never be a Mum. But you are my little miracle and I cannot wait to meet you. I can't wait to hold you. 
I will admit though I feel a bit selfish because it's just been you & I for 9 months, you are safe inside me, I feel you move everyday and we just have a bond, I can feel it. Soon when you arrive I have to share you with everyone else, I have to let go of you and let other people hold you. I think I may struggle with that a bit, I love you so much & I just want to protect you and keep you just for myself, but I know everyone else who is dying to meet you also loves you like crazy, so it will be ok. But I will miss having you all for myself, having you safe inside me & I will miss you squirming around inside my tummy & responding to my voice & pokes. Gosh, I love you so much. 

I am so excited that I am having a daughter, a 'mini-me'. I can't wait to celebrate all your 'firsts'. I can't wait to spend days with just you & me (and also probably your Nin). I want to spend time teaching you things, playing, making crafts & baking things for your Dad. I can't wait to just do family things, just the 3 of us. I just can't wait to have you in our lives. You really will be the light in our lives. 
I have so many hopes for you, I hope you love life, family, animals, learning & having fun. 
I want you to know that you are so brilliant that you can do whatever you dream of. 
I want you to know I will always protect you, from anything & anyone.
I know eventually when you get older we may not agree on everything, but just because we don't agree doesn't mean I don't love you.
I can't wait to meet you, I hope you always know how loved you are. 

So Rexy, any day now you will make your grand entrance into this world, into our lives & hearts. Nothing will ever be the same again, you are coming into our lives & making it better. You will light up our lives, you are the answer to countless prayers, you are our everything. I cannot put into words how excited I am & how loved you already are, no words seem enough to accurately describe it. 
I cannot wait to hold you for the first time, to look at your Dad and see him fall even more in love with you while he cuddles you for the first time, to hand you to your Nin & Pop and congratulate them on becoming Grandparents for the first time and to see your 2 big strong Uncles holding your tiny little self. All these moments are so close & I cannot wait. 

So baby Rex, whenever you are ready please come out. I can't wait to meet my beautiful little girl, I love you more than anything in this whole world and I haven't even met you yet. 

I love you so much.
Love forever & always,
Mummy. x
Rexy, I will miss our special 9 months of just 'you & I', but I cannot wait to meet you!
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  1. Oh that was so lovely. Words to cherish forever of the love between a mother and child :) ....Mel

  2. What a lovely letter it mad me cry well Belinda it use to be me and you shopping and having lunch together. But now we will have a litttle minnie you to take everywhere we go :) <3 We can't wait to meet our darling little granddaughter.

  3. She will treasure this forever <3 <3 <3
    A special moment!

  4. This was so sweet, Bindy!! I totally understand the part about not wanting to share but having to. I hated when people came to visit and I didn't get to be the one to hold the baby. Luckily I was the only one who could feed him so I would make it last as long as I could ;).


  5. What a lovely letter! Congrats on the impending birth of your bubba...good luck for a smooth delivery.


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