Sunday, 13 October 2013

Baby room reveal!! {Rexy's Room}

Hey everyone!
Ok it's October 13th - no sign of Miss Rexy yet... So I thought I would kill some time and show you all her completed bedroom (this being said as I find pretty pieces I will continue to add to her bedroom forever!) 
But as promised here is Rexy's room... (Sorry I was going to film a room tour, but I seriously do not have the energy or desire to be filming right now!) x
This is the progression of Rexy's room. Originally it was my junk/storage room that was also a craft room & my study... We had to clear out the whole room, rip up the carpet, sand & polish the floor boards and the whole room got a new coat of paint! Trent did all the hard work, I just had the job of sorting everything out & packing it away and then setting her room up!
Trent isn't a fan of painting, but he painted her room so well - it looks lovely! 
All painted & polished and ready for furniture!! 
I think Trent's favourite thing to do was set everything up, he seemed to really enjoy it! :)
Her cradle is in our bedroom, this is where she will sleep to start off with. This cradle is the Boori Country Matilda Rocker.  
Trent did so much work for our little girl. He went above & beyond what normal husbands do, he even hung the curtains for me! :) 
Rexy's room! I love our change table & cot. They were gifts from my parents, we are so grateful that they helped us out with purchasing such big ticket items (as well as a 1000 little things!) 
The change table is the Boori Country Classic Changer. 
Our Cot is the Boori Country Sleigh Cot 3 in 1.  I was undecided on what style of sleigh cot to get, but I thought this one was nice and didn't have to always be up against the wall like the other sleigh cots with the high backs.
I was undecided on a theme for her room. I did want a woodland'ish theme, with squirrels & foxes & deer but every 'woodland' bed set I found had owls in it and I hate, HATE owls. They are just so over done & they are way too common. So I had picked out 2 bedding sets one that was in the woodland theme (it did have a stupid owl on it but also a squirrel) or the Minnie Mouse one, Trent liked the Minnie one best (I let him make the final decision!) He kind of set the trend for her room being a bit 'Minnie Mouse' themed because he bought her a Minnie Mouse pillow pet before we even bought the bedding!  I think the Minnie Mouse choice was the best, the woodland theme would've been beautiful, but finding things to go with the theme turned out to be very hard & was going to be very expensive. Her bedding is from Babies 'R Us. The assorted Minnie toys are from Big W & Woolworths.
This little cradle was my Mum's when she was young, she gave it to me when I was a little girl & now I have given it to Rexy. :) It is jammed pack full of special soft toys from Trent & I and also our friends & family! (The Mickey Mouse toy on the right is Trent's from when he was a little boy!)
I invested in a glider chair & ottoman to be my feeding chair. I love this chair so much, the colour is beautiful & it is so comfortable! (I am still not 100% happy with how I have displayed a few of her items on the shelves, so I am still changing them around a bit... I wish I had more room in this room for a small book shelf for her!) 
This duchess was mine from when I was little. I wanted to repaint it in the 'antique/distressed/white' look but I didn't have enough faith in my painting skills to do it. So I left it how it is... I still think it looks nice. The pink baby T-rex is mine from when I was a little girl, I love it and think it is totally perfect for little Rexy's room!
I love this framed quote my friend Sarah gave me for the baby shower!! (The candle is a baby powder scented candle) 
Rexy's cupboards... (View from my feeding chair)
A sneak peek into her closet... My nappy bag is on the left, I love it!! 
She has lots of pretty little outfits, this is just some of her clothes. The duchess is jammed packed full of clothes that I could fold & store!! These are all her good little dresses, some of the dresses/outfits are actually mine from when I was a baby that Mum has looked after so well for me! 
So that is our baby room, I am so proud of it. We both worked really hard & put a lot of effort into making it nice for her. A lot of our friends who have babies have been lucky because they live in 'modern' houses where the rooms already have nice flooring & wall paint, but this room had to be totally redone, I am so grateful that Trent is so smart and knows how to do all this (and the fact he was willing to do it!) So it saved us from paying someone to do the work for us. I really hope little Rexy loves her room. 
If you want to know where I got anything specific for her room feel free to contact me, I have added some links to the main furniture in case you are interested! 
Thanks for reading!
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  1. So beautiful! Rexy will fit in nicely in her pretty little room!!

  2. You and Trent have done an AMAZING job! Every single details has been thought of with love and made and bought with care! The room is so sweet and I LOVE seeing the finished product! Cant wait to have a hold of little Rexy in her new special room! Well done Mummy!!!


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