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Pregnancy update {31-35 weeks!} +VLOG.

Hello all!!
Today I am 35 weeks & 1 day pregnant! I can't believe in 5 weeks (or less!) Rexy will be here... It is such a surreal feeling to think that Trent & I will be parents in roughly a month, like we are on the final countdown now. We are so excited!! This is something we waited so long for and now it's almost here, it doesn't feel real at all! 
Lately I've been feeling as good as I can feel, the stand out symptoms lately are;
  • Reflux, heartburn & nausea are still hanging around, but I find I can deal with them with lots of deep breathing & 'mind control' - I guess that's a way to describe it... (I go into it a bit more on my vlog - check it out below or HERE)
  • Right rib/back pain - I find standing or moving around helps with this, sitting for long periods of time makes it more painful. 
  • Restlessness at night, I just can't seem to sleep solidly at the moment. I'm either up 3 times a night to pee or I'm just uncomfortable. I have also noticed every morning I am awake between 6:30am-8am, which is odd. Normally I would have no issue sleeping in, but lately I'm up early! It drives me crazy when people are telling me to 'savour my sleep' now, I feel like saying "Thanks dude, but seriously the lack of sleep now can't get much worse!"
  • Weight wise, I'm doing ok - I'm sitting between 51KG-52KG it varies. So roughly I've gained about 11-12KG so far. 
  • I am super tired, all the time. I am not a fan of this lack of energy.
  • The days are heating up quickly, we are already experiencing summer like weather and we are only coming into the third week of Spring, so I have been making sure I stay really hydrated, I think the heat also makes me feel more exhausted.
Honestly, I have some crappy symptoms, but there are pregnant ladies out there who have it so much worse than I do, so I keep reminding myself to be thankful by remembering some of these points;
  • My morning sickness isn't as bad as some, I still throw up but only once or twice a fortnight... Some ladies are hospitalised from this, I am so glad that isn't me!
  • I have no swelling. My wedding rings & toe ring still fit just like normal. 
  • I have no severe pregnancy problems. Thank you God!
  • No severe back pain. I do have scoliosis so I was prepared for really bad back pain, but honestly my right rib pain is all I have. Which is probably due to scoliosis, but it is no where near as bad as what I thought I would suffer. 
  • No UTIs/kidney infections/gallstones - these can be common in pregnancy but thankfully I've had none so far!
  • My weight gain hasn't been excessive. Like obviously I am bigger, but it's not like I blew up!
  • I am not on bed rest!
  • No stretch marks... Yet. So fingers crossed I get none - but it's not the end of the world if I do get any!
  • I am lucky to have the symptoms I do, there are so many women who wish they could experience what I am going through. As much as I do complain & talk about the hard symptoms, I am grateful for them all!
Emotionally I think I am doing ok;
  • I do feel a bit down about my appearance, only because in the last week I've started to struggle to find things that fit me! I went shopping with Mum yesterday in an attempt to find some nice maxi dresses or skirts that I could wear for this final month and no stores had anything! But I assure you, once I don't need them, they will be everywhere! I have tons of clothes for just chilling out at home (loose shorts & shirts) but to go out in public, I am running out of nice things to wear!
  • Weight comments still piss me off, as do comments about how much I eat. I've always had a big appetite & eaten a lot - I have a fast metabolism which is why I've always been small. So by me eating chocolate isn't me taking advantage of "not having to worry about weight gain because I'm already fat" - it's just me eating what I normally would. I am not joking but at my baby shower a comment was made because I was snacking on cob loaf & guacamole (ok I stood at the counter for almost half an hour eating, but still - don't comment on a pregnant ladies eating habits!) - like come on! I just replied "Oh sorry, I am actually starving. I've been throwing up all morning & missed lunch because I was preparing the food & helping set up, I think I am entitled to eat". Like seriously some people are so ARGH, like normally I would be more cranky about these comments when they are made, but thanks to these hormones it just hurts my feelings a lot, I feel more cranky about them later on! But oh well, some people are just ass hats!  
  • I am so excited for Rexy to arrive, I seriously can't wait. I can't wait to finally hold her & to also go back to feeling a bit like my old self again. Being sick, having no energy & feeling so big is taking it's toll on me a bit!
  • My feelings towards giving birth haven't changed; I really am not that scared. I know it will hurt, I'm prepared for that. I just want to go in with an open mind, I have no expectations on how it will go. If I need/want pain relief I will use it & if I need a c-section I will have one... I'm not ruling anything out & I'm not setting myself up with unrealistic expectations. 
  • I'm still nesting like a crazy lady. I just like keeping the house clean & tidy. Like my house was normally always clean, but it was a bit untidy - I'm not the most organised person. But lately, I want all the tables clear, no junk sitting around & I clean the house almost everyday! I also have detailed the car. 
Other pregnancy news;
  • We celebrated Father's Day this year for Trent, even though every year he has always scored a gift & card off of the furbabies, this year he got a new work watch, a t-shirt for Rexy (Apple of Daddy's eye) & a 'Dad to be' card, so this year was a little more special! I can't wait for next year! :)
Trent is already an amazing Dad to our 4 furbabies, he is a fantastic husband to me - so I know he is going to be a brilliant Dad to little Rexy when she arrives. He already loves her so much! 
  • We pretty much have all the big ticket items we need now. Cradle, cot, change table & mat, nappy bag, capsule, bath, pram, rocker, breast feeding chair & lots of clothes!  We haven't purchased a swing because I found them to be a bit pricey & also very big, we will see how she likes the rocker, we can always buy a smaller swing if we need one. I also will at some point purchase a breast pump (probably the Medela Swing) & a baby monitor (we like the Angel Care movement & video monitor). But those items can be purchased once she is here.
  • I had my baby shower last weekend, it was lovely. I did a blog post on it that can be found HERE.
  • Rexy's room is almost complete. All the furniture is set up and positioned, I just have to decorate it now. Maybe put up some shelves and pictures. :)
  • Trent is all set for taking time off from when Rexy arrives. His work place is really good & cares a lot about families, so as soon as I go into labour he will be with me for 2 straight weeks. 
  • I've packed Rexy's hospital bag & mine is slowly getting done. I have purchased some cute new pyjamas for hospital, well 1 cute Bambi nightie, a nursing singlet, some black shorts & pants and a soft shirt. I still would like to find a nice button up shirt for hospital... But I am so glad Rexy's bag is totally packed, if I happened to go into labour early Mum can always pack my bag, but I would feel so sorry for poor Trent trying to pick what to bring to the hospital for Rexy - lol!! (I think I may do a video on our hospital bags or at least a blog post... Let me know if you would like to see that!)  
  • I've also bought some Raspberry Leaf tablets, I have read they help prepare your uterus & all your 'lady muscles' for child birth... So I guess if I can attempt to help my 'area' a bit, I should do what I can! 
Raspberry Leaf tablets... 

So I think that is most stuff covered, I think! I go into more detail about some things in my vlog, you can watch it on YouTube HERE or just check it out below! :)

Now for some 'bump photos'... (If you want to see pictures like this more regularly, please follow me on Instagram - @Bella_In_Bindyland)
I really love how this photo turned out! (I took it myself!) 34 weeks & 2 days pregnant!
This was the day I filmed the vlog. Please excuse my fox skin hanging on the mirror. (I may possibly be the only girl who has a dead fox draped over her makeup table haha!)

I have to get around to doing another haul video, we've been to Brisbane twice & bought some great baby items that I want to share with you all! I just have to find the time to sit down & do it! Once her room is complete I will also do a bit of a tour. 
I hope you all enjoyed this post, if you have any questions leave them below (or on any of my social media accounts!) and I can answer them in the next post or video! :)
Thank you! 
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  1. You're almost there!! Yay! I used the Medela Swing. It took a little getting used to but it was a nice little machine & did what I needed it to do! I nursed for 14 months so I'm very proud of you going into it too! Lots of moms don't or don't for very long. And for me, I stay at home with him anyway, so what else did I have to do?! Hehe. Let me know if you have any questions about it, I'd be glad to help or encourage because it is tough! :) xo


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