Saturday, 14 September 2013

Celebrating our little Rexy {My baby shower}

Last Saturday (7th September 2013) a beautiful group of women who love me gathered to celebrate the upcoming arrival of Rexy by attending my baby shower... Trent spent the day with his friend, Dad & brother having lunch at a local pub & going bowling, but he came to the end of the shower to help open gifts with me!  
My Mum and I planned the shower together, but Mum hosted it for me at her house & it was beautiful, she did a wonderful job setting everything up and decorating! It looked so pretty! This was another event in my life she worked so hard on to make perfect, just like our wedding day!
My Uncle also made some pretty delicate treats for the party (he was a chef for a long time & judging by how big & manly he is I would've never guessed he could whip up such girly & pretty creations!) 
I made my normal 'party food', a french onion cob loaf & guacamole - both I love & apparently so did everyone else at the party, I got loads of compliments on them! 
My Uncle & I also made fruit salad cups, my friend Ash made some adorable cupcakes, my other good friend Melissa (she was my matron of honour) made punch & Mum made sure there was enough food there to feed an army! (I am not joking, the amount of sugary treats & just food in general at the party was ridiculous - lol) 
I thought I would share some photos from this special day with you all, Rexy was very spoilt with lots of gifts for her. 
My handsome husband and I. 
From top left; My shower invites, I painted some signs for the roads - we had a lot of people coming who weren't from Toowoomba, I ordered baby forecast cards & printed out wish cards for Rexy & this was the present pram. It was used for Mum when she was a baby & the four of us all slept in it when we first came home... 
My baby shower was a lovely day... 
The activities table, beautifully decorated by my Mumma. The Mickey Mouse is Trent's, from when he was little & went to DisneyLand (or world?) - the little pink bike is my first bike! 
The food table!
Lots of yummy food!! I forgot to get photos of the cake stands when they were full of fruit salad & cake!! I was a bit overwhelmed at the shower!! (My Uncle made those little sponge cakes & also mini pink lamingtons! The ferris wheel cupcakes were made by Ash!)
My beautiful baby shower cake... 
Opening gifts! 
Opening a special gift, a special rabbit from 'Aunty Noo Noo' for Rexy - thanks Nikki! 
Baby shower gifts from my Mum & Dad... They love spoiling their granddaughter! :)
Opening a beautiful gift from my best friend Sarah... Check out her blog HERE.
Gifts from Sarah, Aunty Noo Noo, Libbi & Melissa. The talking Mother Goose was a huge hit with everyone!! 
Lots of special gifts from so many beautiful people! (we also got some money off people, but I didn't think a photo of that was appropriate)... 
Mum and I after the baby shower - we forgot to get a proper photo together!! But thank you Mum for a gorgeous day!! xo
Me with my 2 brothers & my sister. Thanks Aunty Noo Noo for travelling all the way from Mackay for the shower! xo
My beautiful friend Sarah - thank you for coming :) Check out her blog HERE
My lovely friend Ash & I. Thanks Ash for your gorgeous cupcakes!! 
So that was my baby shower, I think it was beautiful! I was exhausted after it, but it was a lovely afternoon! 
Thank you to everyone who attended the baby shower, I felt very loved & I can't wait for you all to meet little Rexy! 
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  1. What a beautiful shower! You are very blessed! And you look so pretty. Xo

  2. It was such a beautiful beautiful day!!! Everything looked gorgeous and you have a wonderful group of ladies who love you very much!!!


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