Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Pregnancy update; 29-30 weeks!

Hello! :)
Last week I actually filmed a pregnancy vlog on the day I said I would!! I know, I am a bit slack for actually not making it live until now, but I had a whole host of other videos that were meant to go up before this one... But I filmed it when I said I would!! WHAT! Craziness!! 
Anyway, onto the pregnancy update...
In the way of pregnancy, I am feeling ok - I discuss all my symptoms and my appointment in the video below... 
But to recap...

  • Heartburn & reflux. I am now on Zantac (an over the counter medicine), they don't help at all... This symptom is the devil, especially at night time when I am trying to sleep! I sleep on 3 pillows which is killing my back/neck & even that doesn't help much! 
  • Nausea - YAY... But I can deal with this most of the time, I think putting up with it since the early stages I've learnt to breath through it & to control myself not to throw up. Sounds odd, but I've learnt to deal with it, like it is still horrible but I survive. 
  • Sore ribs/back on my right side... This is seriously so painful! 
  • Sore/restless legs at bedtime and cramps!
  • Weird dreams - like really weird.
  • I think I'm a bit deficient with vitamin B, I have dry/red skin on the corners of my mouth - YAY... How attractive.
  • My tummy hurts every now & then and also goes tight. I'm told & I've read this is fairly common.
  • I am a bit emotional lately, it can vary from pregnancy rage, to happiness & even a few teary moments... So I am pretty much a basket case at the moment.
  • I am also a bit of a crazy nester at the moment, I've been cleaning the house like a crazy women. The fridge, freezer, pantry, linen cupboards have all recently been tidied and cleaned. I just keep finding things to clean...
  • I am still not overly phased about the whole 'birthing experience', I am not scared. I know it has to happen & I'm educated on what happens & what can go wrong, so I feel like I am ok with it. Obviously it will hurt, but it will be so worth it. 
  • My tolerance levels for stupid people are at an all time low. (HAHA)
  • Liquorice - weird... I have seriously eaten a whole bag in like 3-4 days! 
  • Junk food; musk sticks, ice cream, chocolate cake, chocolate etc. Basically anything sweet!
  • Fruit salad. YUM!
  • I can't stand cooked veggies at the moment, I still eat them but I am not a fan. (I try to eat salad more often)
  • Still not a fan of big meals, but I do eat them I just don't enjoy them...
  • 50kgs as of last week, but now I am more at around 50.6kg... It varies, but still sitting in the 50kg area & I have been this weight for a few weeks now... (So far I have gained 10kgs since being pregnant) 
Other pregnancy news;
  • Tomorrow (Wednesday 20th/Aug) Trent & I are headed to Brisbane to pick up her pram & capsule! These are pretty much our last big ticket 'necessary items'. We still would like to buy a swing or a bouncer/rocker but that isn't a huge 'need', but we will look at some while we are in Brisbane. 
  • Baby shower invites have been sent out, I am so excited. I am also in love with my invites, they were a bit pricey & took awhile to track down but I think they are stunning! 
  • Rexy's room is completely painted & all her furniture is put together/set up! (I will do a room post when it is complete!)
Now for some photos! 
30 weeks & weight gain... I have put on 10kg since being pregnant. 
30 weeks 1 day pregnant!
Trent and I at the OB appointment, I love that Trent comes to all my appointments with me, I am so grateful that we are able to work them all into his work schedule, he hasn't missed a single appointment yet! :)
I did my first load of laundry for Rexy the other day while the weather was beautiful, this is her cradle linen. Even the mattress protectors were so tiny & small!! I love it!
These are my baby shower invites, I added pink crystals to the wheels to make them a bit girly. But I love them, so sparkly & sweet!! 
And now for the video, if you want to watch it on YouTube click HERE or watch below :) 
Thank you so much for reading & watching, I still cannot believe how close her arrival is! 
Talk to you all soon,
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  1. Ahh 10 weeks to go! So exciting! I can't wait to "meet" little Rexy already and hear what name you'll have picked out! :)

  2. Thanks for the update, Bella. Glad all is going well. The reflux only gets worse, I'm afraid. But at least you don't have too long to go now!


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