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Babymoon & 2nd Anniversary getaway! {2013}

A few weeks ago on a Saturday Trent & I were sitting down watching one of those weekend travel shows before he headed to work (I believe it could've been Queensland Weekender) anyway, they mentioned Hervey Bay... Trent looks at me & goes "We should go there on Tuesday for 2 nights for our anniversary & babymoon" - like WHAT?! I really am not a spontaneous person, I like to plan things out & have my lists & organisation, we weren't planning on going away at all. So I said I would think about it while he was at work (he was on nightshift that night)... I googled a few other places that we like & others that we have never been too, I narrowed down our choices to two places; Byron Bay or Hervey Bay... I was later informed thanks to my Facebook friends that Splendour In The Grass was on that coming week & Byron would be a crazy town, so I settled on Hervey Bay & found somewhere nice with affordable accommodation.
We would've honestly loved to visit Montvillle again or anywhere in the hinterland, those sort of getaways are so relaxing but this year our budget wasn't allowing for such a luxurious trip. I am sure my obstetrician could afford to go there though with the fees we are paying him (all jokes aside, I am grateful to be able to afford such great healthcare from such a wonderful doctor) 

Last year our anniversary trip was huge & very expensive, with what we paid on accommodation alone we could've easily spent some time overseas but we got to see a beautiful part of Australia & stay in one of Australia's most luxurious & stunning locations. That is a trip we both will never forget & every trip will always be compared to 'Mossman'! (If you want to read about that trip click HERE)
But this year, we needed to pick somewhere a lot easier for us to get to (road trips while pregnant aren't the most fun thing) & also somewhere affordable as being pregnant is a little bit pricey! 
On Tuesday morning we were both awake super early and on the road by 6am (this was also the morning The Duchess of Cambridge gave birth to the little Prince!), we arrived at Hervey Bay & checked into our accommodation. We stayed at the Ramada Resort, we got a great midweek deal with breakfast included for 2 nights. It is a modern & very nice hotel! 
That afternoon we watched a movie, walked on the beach, went fishing off the pier & had fish & chips for dinner. If you want good fish & chips in Hervey Bay make sure you go to Maddigan's Seafood, they are located down at the Torquay end and are delicious! We did try a fish & chip shop at the marina, thinking surely they would have great locally caught seafood but the lady in the store was super rude & apparently they didn't sell 'fresh seafood'... 
Our accommodation. 
Baby Rexy is covered by my t-rex shirt! LOL.
Walking on the beach!
Fishing off the pier.
I love a good sunset! 
Delicious dinner!! We asked for 2 pieces of fish & 6 calamari & small serve of chips - they clearly serve very generously!! 
The next day we enjoyed a hot breakfast at the hotel (not as good as The Silky Oaks Lodge breakfast in Mossman, but it was still nice). That day we went for a drive, did a bit more fishing, enjoyed an ice cream by the beach, did more fishing on the pier, had a nice sandwich for lunch, went back to the hotel to watch a movie and then went out to dinner. 
Day 2 was a gorgeous sunny day! 
Trent fishing. 
I love the beach & I love him! :)
Rexy & me - 27 weeks 4 days pregnant!
Out to dinner! 
One of the simple pleasures I really enjoyed while away was soaking in a bath! In our house we don't have a bath (one of the small things I had to give up when we bought this place) so I really made sure to take full use of the tub! 
On Thursday we started the day off again with a hot breakfast, packed up our stuff and got on the road... We stopped at a road side fruit stall to buy some fresh pineapple which made our whole car smell delicious and continued onto Montville. 
Delicious pineapple at home in the fruit bowl!
When we got to Montville we headed straight to my favourite Christmas store where I purchased some cute 'Christmasy items' and then we had a nice lunch over looking the amazing view... 
At the Christmas shop, I really wanted that giant acorn for my squirrel collection! 
Lunch at Montville!
Then it was back in the car to head home to our furbabies who we were missing a lot! 
It was so nice to get away for a short break, we have been so busy lately preparing for Rexy's arrival... So this little babymoon/anniversary break was just what we needed!
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  1. You look fab!! I'm glad you got a mini get away before the baby comes :)


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