Monday, 1 July 2013

An unproductive Monday & am I nesting?!!?

So today was meant to be a productive Monday. 
I am on a roll lately with productive days, for the past 3 days I've been cleaning & organising my house, 3 days of cleaning would surely produce a sparkly perfect house, well not to me. Unfortunately my energy levels are fairly crappy at the moment, so I do a job & have to rest - repeat. So everything takes twice as long! And yes, the house is pretty much perfectly clean - normally I would be happy with how it is, but in my current state of mind I just find more & more things that I need to disinfect, throw away, sort through & scrub. It is absolute insanity! 
For example, yesterday I thought I would wipe down the wall near where the cat food bowls are with some sugar soap & hot water (my cats are weirdos & like to scratch the wall near where they eat - who knows why, so that leaves little paw prints). That turned into me washing down the walls of half the kitchen, all the cupboard doors & then removing the stove and scrubbing the floor underneath that (I am ashamed to admit it, but cleaning under my stove is something that may happen once a year - like I vacuum around & under it as far as I can regularly, but I rarely pull it away from the wall) I am not over exaggerating when I say I think Spook was stockpiling cat biscuits under the stove for the zombie apocalypse! But now the floor under the stove is super clean. I had to force myself to stop washing down the walls yesterday because it was getting late in the afternoon & it is Winter and if I kept cleaning I figured the walls wouldn't have dried properly, so the next sunny/hot day we get I assume I will continue on my wall cleaning rampage for the entire house... 
And that is what I meant by today was meant to be a productive Monday. I was hoping for sunshine & heat and instead I woke up to grey & dark skies, lots of rain & freezing cold! So, it is 1pm and I may or may not be still be in my pyjamas & snuggly dressing gown (I have no intention of changing either!)... I think I probably wore myself out over the past few days, I seriously slept from about midnight to 10am!! I think it was a combination of cold weather & being so tired. Sleeping has become so difficult lately, it takes me ages to get to sleep because of heartburn & reflux and I am waking up every 2 hours to swap sides or to go pee. So to have 10 hours of uninterrupted sleep, I am so grateful - thank you God! 
And I was planning on also filming a pregnancy update today (because I am like a month behind!!), but a grey, dreary day = shit lighting = no video - sorry! 
So I thought I would blog, but I really don't have a topic in mind - so this was fairly rambley... Trent is currently sleeping (he has night shift tonight) & I am so tempted to go lay back down & nap but I think if I sleep anymore I may not sleep tonight! 
So I think I maybe in the 'nesting' phase, maybe? That is the only logical explanation for obsessive cleaning. I am disappointed though, I was hoping nesting would involve me having the urge to create a giant nest in the centre of my lounge room. (I joke, but Trent & I joke about this a lot, that he will come home one day and all the linen in the entire house will have been used to create this giant nest and I'm sitting in the middle with like a twig in my mouth!)
So I just googled 'Pregnancy nesting' & I found this, which is fairly accurate to what Trent & I joke about! (If I happen to have any arty & talented friends/readers please feel free to sketch me up a quick image of me in a giant nest & I will love you forever!) 
But anyway, I should stop writing whatever pops into my mind, it is probably super boring to you all! I hope you are all having a fantastic Monday, mine has been nice, unproductive but still nice! 
Thank you for reading... 
(If you have any blog requests please let me know!) 
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