Friday, 28 June 2013

Meet 'Oakey' the Wallaby...

The other week at some ridiculous hour in the morning my home phone started ringing (ok, it was more like 7am, but I sleep in a lot lately), on the other end was my Mum saying "so are you on your way over?" I was slightly confused and tried to think if I had made plans with her for that day, after asking her what she meant, she told me to check my phone. And on there was a tiny little furry face. She had a wallaby! 
Dad had found her early that morning when he was driving out to work. Her Mumma had been run over & this little critter was sitting beside her Mum, so Dad scooped her up, tucked her into his shirt (where he keeps most baby animals he finds) & drove home.
If you are new to this blog I cared for a wallaby for around 6 months a few years back, I like to think I am fairly good at wallaby raising. (If you want to read about my first wallaby 'Paddy' click HERE, I have a ton of posts on him & they all include some adorable photos) 
Once I got to my parent's house, Mum & I had to make a decision if we were going to raise her ourselves or send her to a carer. At this point in my life, as much as I would love to have a wallaby - I can't. Being pregnant & trying to organise our life just didn't allow me enough time to truly dedicate myself to caring for her. Wildlife caring takes 24/7 commitment, there are no holidays & no pay. And Mum is helping me out a lot with being pregnant & her life didn't allow time to raise her. So I called the lady who I have my wildlife carers permit under, she said she was more than happy to let us keep her until the weekend & just to drive down to her house whenever we wanted to hand her over. 
So Mum & I headed to the vet to purchase some Di-Vetelact (which is a special formula that wallabies can have, other animals can as well. Other carers use other formulas but this is the one I used on Paddy & feel comfortable with) 
So for the next 3 days Mum & I took turns feeding & toileting our new little furry friend. She slept at Mum's house, but I would come over in the mornings and help Mum during the day. On Friday afternoon my Dad, Mum, brother & I travelled to Ipswich to hand her over. It was a little bit sad saying goodbye to her, but I know it's for the best & I didn't cry! (I did however cry when I put Paddy into a slow release program, he was like my baby)
When I posted photos of Oakey (that's what we named her as Dad found her near the town of Oakey) I had lots of comments, the normal "so cute" type of comments, but I did get some that made me a bit sad. Comments that were along the lines of wishing they could have a pet wallaby. That makes me sick. I know in America (& other countries) you can buy wallabies as pets, in Australia that is illegal. I honestly believe they should not be sold as pets, these animals are wild, they are in no way domestic. As much as I loved Paddy, I knew the very best thing for him was to be released back into the wild, which he was successfully. (For more on this issue click HERE, I wrote about my feelings towards this when I had Paddy) 
But enough with that, here are some photos & video of our little cute furry friend we briefly cared for the other week... (In the video below you can hear the little chirping sounds that baby wallabies sometimes make)
  Little Oakey. If you can't view the video click HERE
Feed time... 
Oakey & I.

Saying bye to Oakey. x
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Sunday, 23 June 2013

Baby Room renovations.

We have finally started working on Rexy's baby room!! 
I am so excited that this project is finally underway. We have been so busy lately & finally we got a few spare days when Trent was off the other week so we could get started!
The first 3 days were spent clearing out just crap from the room, we have so much stuff just stored in that room. So I packed up what I wanted to keep in plastic storage boxes, put a few items aside to try and sell and donated the rest of it! It is really amazing the amount of 'stuff' we can accumulate! 
Wednesday was the day we tore up all the carpet, which is a bit of a frustrating job. 
Firstly we had to rip the carpet layer off, then remove all the little wooden boards with nails in them that are laid around the edging of the room that keep the carpet in place & then there is the vinyl floor covering underneath that, that had to be rolled up. Thankfully that layer wasn't glued down, so it is a relatively simple process but it is frustrating. 
I think it already looks so much better! :)
On Trent's next lot of days off we got so much done, the floors were sanded, the walls & edging/architraves were undercoated & then painted and now all that is left to do is the window sills, the cupboard doors, the room door and then polish the floors (which will either be done this week or the following - hopefully!) 

For decorating the room I've always had the same idea. The walls will be the same colour as the last room we renovated, with clean white detailing. I am not a huge fan of brightly coloured walls and I did also base this decision around the fact we do one day in the future wish to rent or sell this house, so it is a lot more cost effective to paint it a neutral colour that goes with the rest of the house. For a 'feature' I am thinking of a wall sticker, I just need to find the perfect one... (I know stickers can rip paint off, but that's fine I would prefer to only have to touch up some torn paint then have to repaint a whole room!)
Our baby furniture will be dark timber, I've always liked dark timber and I don't think it goes out of style. So they are my ideas, well what's in my head anyway... What is your dream baby room look like?
I've found some gorgeous ones on Pinterest 
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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Gender Reveal & 20 week update {Pregnancy Vlog}

Hi everyone!
I have reached the half way point of my pregnancy! Less than 20 weeks to go until we meet baby Rexy!! Which is crazy to think about, I'm now starting to stress out about how little time we have left to get everything in order, but also I cannot wait for October to come because I want to be able to snuggle my baby! 
And I have some beautiful & exciting news to share about our little Rexy, we found out the gender at our 18-20 week scan!
Yes, that is right - our little Rexy will be our little Princess! I am so excited!
I honestly felt like I was going to have a baby boy, I think the main reason behind that though is because I always worried I would only have boys. 
When I was younger I took great care of all my little girl toys and they are all packed safely away in boxes, because I hoped that one day I would be able to pass them onto my daughter, but I thought that knowing my luck I wouldn't get a daughter to pass them onto...
A son would've been wonderful to have, but now that I know I am pregnant with a little girl I am so, so happy. Having a daughter almost never seemed like it would happen for me, I am so excited about the future & having a 'mini-me' and having someone who will be like my little best friend, I really cannot wait. 

Here are some 'bump photos'...
Me at 19 1/2 weeks, the day I found out Rexy was a girl!! :)
Me at 20 weeks & my weight gain :)
In the way of symptom news, my nausea & vomiting is improving!!! Hallelujah! Finally! I still do feel nauseous, but it's mainly if I don't eat in time. It is now rare for me to throw up, unlike previously when it was pretty much a daily occurrence!
The symtom that is getting more unbearable is reflux, especially at bed time! It is a nightmare!! And it makes me want to be sick!

My new symptom is really bad pain in my tail bone (it feels broken!!)
Cravings are just anything cold & refreshing. I love apples, mandarins, strawberries (LOVE) & cool Summery dinners. Which is so odd, because it is now Winter & I normally love big, hot meals but they honestly disgust me. 
I currently have a piece of corned beef cooking in my slow cooker & the thought of eating it for dinner makes me feel ill (I'm mainly cooking it so Trent has a good dinner, because he has night shift tonight). I would much prefer a salad, a chicken wrap/burger or just a BBQ chicken & coleslaw burger... That is all I want to eat. And I also love cheese sticks! 
In other baby news, my parents have gone crazy on the 'shopping for their princess'. They have already bought her some gorgeous little outfits, which I will go through shortly in a 'baby haul' video - so make sure you keep an eye out on my YouTube Channel for that! 
All these items are so beautiful & sweet and TINY! It is so surreal to think soon I will have a baby to use these items with!! :)
I filmed a 19-20 week 'pregnancy vlog' you can watch it HERE or below...

Also if you haven't read my blog post 'The Truth About Baby Making', make sure you check it out by clicking HERE... It is probably one of my most honest & 'raw' blog posts... 
I hope you enjoyed this quick update, sorry all my blog posts lately have been centered around pregnancy, but this is what my life is entirely focused on right now so it's hard to think of anything else.
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