Friday, 26 April 2013

Pregnancy update week 1-14 {VLOG}...

Hi everyone!
Ok, this is exciting my first official 'pregnancy update blog/vlog'! 
I've had a few friends/readers already request that I do these, so I thought I would give it a go - sorry if babies & pregnancy doesn't really interest you! 
I was pretty keen to do some pregnancy vlogs as I find it very hard to find Australian pregnancy vlogs from women I can relate to, there are tons of American ladies that do them & they are still very interesting but I think it is always a lot of more relatable coming from a fellow Aussie...
Ok so where to begin...
I am 14 weeks & 6 days today (26 April 2013), tomorrow I am 15 weeks...
I've known I was pregnant since the day I was due for my period back in February (11/Feb/2013), the week leading up to it I had a 'feeling' which may sound a bit nutty, but I did. I also had a delightful metallic taste in my mouth & some really attractive blue veins all over my breasts... I made a deal with myself that the morning I was due I could test, so I did & YAY it was positive, so I immediately headed to my GP & I got blood tests taken on that day & then another 2 days later and they showed my HCG levels were rising at a good rate.
That weekend we headed to Canberra for an 'adventure' weekend with Human Brochure, I will talk about that in some upcoming blogs, it was a lot of fun, but not so much fun when you are starting to feel nauseous & all you want to do is sleep.
Week 6 is when my 'morning sickness' started getting bad (including vomiting) and for the record 'morning sickness' is by far the dumbest name for this symptom I have ever heard! It makes it sound easy & is very misleading, especially when you are sick all day. YAY, lucky me got this fun symptom... It's like having the worst hangover imaginable but without having the fun of a 'drunk night' before. And I honestly thought it was starting to 'leave' but that sneaky mongrel is back & today was horrible. I do not enjoy being this sick. Luckily for me my doctor did prescribe some tablets for me to take, but I only try to take them a few times a week or when I really need them. They are so pricey ($40 for 10!) I also bought some Hydralate ice-blocks from the chemist for the days when I'm really sick & even keeping water down is tough, I got the orange flavoured ones, but don't let that fool you they still taste like crap!! The girl at the chemist told me they are meant to taste like orange zooper doopers, yeah right!
The only 'food' I found I can normally keep down if I am really sick is a chicken nugget meal & potato and gravy from KFC, not the healthiest of foods but at least it is something! I've also worked out that lunch is normally the meal I can keep down easiest, breakfast & dinner are normally the ones that I throw up - no idea why that is. But I am a bit over feeling like I have an eating disorder... 
Another symptom that has been around since the 'early days' is exhaustion, which is one I expected. I just get very tired quickly and if I do too much on a certain day I am pretty much wrecked the next day! 
And with exhaustion you would imagine I could sleep very easily, well no. Trying to fall asleep at  night is tough & then every night I will wake up to use the bathroom, so getting a solid 8 hour sleep is next to impossible! 
I've also been a bit moody, only a tiny bit though. I get cranky if I've been sick for awhile and also if I'm tired & TV shows are making me a cry a bit more than they normally do.
Some of my latest symptoms are; nasal congestion/sinus which is bearable, I could live with just that but teaming it with nausea really is torturous. 
I had a random nose bleed the other night at like 2am, I woke up to blood running down my face, I've read that they can be common in pregnancy so hopefully this was a once off occurrence.
I do get some reflux after I've eaten especially in the evenings which sucks, because that just makes my nausea even worse!
I occasionally feel a bit light headed, but it's normally if I jump out of bed or get up too quickly... 
But they are pretty much most of my symptoms... The only one I wish I didn't have is the vomiting & nausea, I cannot wait for it to end (which will hopefully be soon!) The rest I can deal with!
I've started getting a slight tummy which I think is pretty cool, some days/times it is more obvious than others... 
14 weeks 4 days pregnant.
I've had 4 doctors appointments with my obstetrician since we found out, my next one isn't until the mid of next month, it was meant to be a bit earlier but my Doctor is taking a few days off & then when he is back we are heading to Melbourne for a few days, so we figured we would just go once we are back. (I could've made an appointment and went by myself, but I like taking Trent with me to all the appointments, he seems to remember everything the Doctor says, so we were also working on his 'days off schedule'.) 
We did wait until 13 weeks until we told 'the world' (well, the social media world) only because we wanted to make sure everything was going ok & we passed the 'first trimester'. My Dad did announce it at my parents 25th anniversary party to a close group of friends & family that they were going to be Grandparents for the first time. We also told a few close friends, but apart from that I think we kept it a pretty good secret - but I've been dying to tell you all!
I have been taking Elevit with iodine since before I was pregnant, some days I am positive I just throw the tablet up with my food, but normally I keep it down.
Cravings have been a bit random (& I really don't know if these are cravings are not, they are just foods I've felt like lately...)
  • Tomato and salt 
  • Nutella anything
  • Chocolate danish
  • Mandarins
  • Beef & gravy rolls, but it's so hard finding nice ones & we went to the Toowoomba show & the ones there were amazing we seriously went back the next day & got another - I swear I could've eaten like 5!
  • This list could be endless...
Honestly I think I just like food - haha. It is especially hard when I'm having a really sick day & all I want to do is go eat a huge delicious meal and I can't... 
In the way of the baby (Rexy - that's the his/her nickname), it was very active in the 12 week scan and so cute. We don't really mind what Rexy is, we just want him/her to be healthy... I just can't wait to meet this little person, we are so excited...
I filmed a 'pregnancy vlog' for you all to watch, it includes some of the information above, plus some extra stuff. A few things above are things I forgot to mention! Sorry this video is soo long, it was hard cramming so much stuff into a video... Future vlogs should be much shorter. (Just a warning this is like a 24 minute long video, so go grab a cup of tea first - haha... I am sorry!) 

I hope you all enjoyed my first 'pregnancy update', I was trying to think of a cute name for the posts/video, but all I could think of was the standard 'pregnancy blog/vlog'...
If you have any pregnancy advice I would love to hear it, please leave a comment below or on my Facebook page or Twitter. Any questions you have also leave a comment and I will answer them in the next update.
Thanks for sticking around while I was 'absent' I really have felt very sick and I didn't have much energy to do anything (including cooking, I have just started cooking dinner again! Poor Trent was having to cook for himself or we were eating at my parents because the thought of food was just making me sick a few weeks back, thankfully I am kind of over that issue!)
Have a great weekend! 
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  1. Congratulations, such wonderful news. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Oh Belinda. How exciting for you and Trent. I can remember back to my first pregnancy (well, first viable pregnancy) and how exciting everything was. People used to tell me all this 'stuff' about how hard it was going to be. I just ignored them. Now that I've been through it (well for 8 years now but still a relative newby) I have a little chuckle when I read the stories of new pregnancies. Not a chuckle in a bad way but I did when I read your comment "...getting a solid 8 hour sleep is next to impossible". Your life will never be the same again but all in a good way. Am looking forward to following your journey. Congratulations again!

    Anne xx

  3. Best wishes, such amazing information. I wish you are sensation better soon.

  4. What wonderful news! I am just so happy for you. I enjoyed reading about your pregnany update and sure can relate to many of the things you mentioned such as like lack of appetite, sinus, exhaustion and moodiness. I hope the morning sickness passes for you as you enter the 2nd trimester. Take good care of yourself, beautiful mom-to-be!


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