Friday, 1 February 2013

Crazy weather & cute cattle!

Hey everyone!
Wow, it has been one crazy week here in Queensland, we've had torrential rain, floods & even a few tornadoes! (Yes, there were tornadoes in Queensland!!!)
My family thankfully escaped all these tragedies without any harm. But my parents do have a farm where we run cattle that is in Ipswich, there is a massive lagoon that runs through it and it is normal for it to flood, so we did the responsible thing & moved our cattle to higher ground on Australia Day. I actually helped my brother muster the cattle on foot, yes me! I actually posted it on YouTube click HERE if you want to check it out!
To be honest I haven't done much farm work like that since I was maybe 14'ish... The property these cattle run on is actually the land I grew up on from 7-14, I love that place. My childhood was full of animals & also hard work (which didn't kill me & I'm grateful I know how to do many things a lot of people don't know how to). Some of my best memories include those animals. I loved growing up on a farm and I hope one day Trent and I can buy some land so our future children can have a similar childhood! 
So Mum & Dad have got a new mob of steers in and they are all pretty cute (as cute a meat can be - sorry to any vegetarians that read this, but let's be realistic a steer only has one thing in their future), so I thought I would snap some photos of them and I am actually impressed with how some of these images turned out!
So this is my week of my crazy weather;
It started out all fun, with some heavy soaking rain that made nice puddles...
But it kept raining and the puddles got a lot bigger and were no longer fun... Oh and yes, I know that rain coat is super ugly & that hideous shade of orange is not my colour!! 
This was what a lot of our days were looking like...
But then the sun came out and we headed to Ipswich to the farm!
Lots of water in the lagoon. Normally the lagoon is on one side & snakes through the property & we have a smaller dam on the other side, the rushing water connected them both! 
Another part of the lagoon, if you watch the video the tree area was actually where we had to chase some of the steers out of, this area is normally to flood as it is part of the lagoon. 
Moo cow!
I especially love these 2 photos, I love the one on the right with the tongue sticking out!! :P
Aw so cute!
This was a flooded area along the Warrego Highway on the way home...
How has the weather been where you are? 
If you live in Queensland I hope you stayed safe & dry during this crazy weather! 
Thank you for reading,
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  1. Such cute pictures :) This is my first visit here but definitely not the last :)xx
    Wish you a nice week!

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