Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A busy week full of love!

Hello everyone!!
Well, it has been a bit of an eventful but really great week.
On Tuesday we had 'Shrove Tuesday'/'Pancake Day' & today was 'Ash Wednesday' - so obviously it is now Lent, what have you given up? 
I have given up negativity & stress, which will benefit me so much... It will just make me a better person I think. I am learning to just let things go. :)
(If you want to read more on Lent I did a bit more of an explanation last year, click HERE to read it!)
Tomorrow is Valentines Day, Trent & I aren't super into this day, we do celebrate it & get each other gifts, but they aren't huge over the top gifts & I don't demand anything insane like big diamonds and huge bouquets of roses. 
Tonight I cooked Trent a yummy roast dinner tonight for him to take to work because I know it is his favourite. I got him a cute card, I bought him a new pair of Reef leather thongs (flip flops for my overseas readers) because they are his favourite and the pair he has at the moment he pretty much ruined (haha) and he got a box of yummy chocolates as well! 
I do know what my gift is, I got a beautiful chair & foot stool for my new study. It will be my reading chair, it is so pretty and unique - I can't wait to show you all! He also hinted he has to go pick up my other gift, so I have no clue what that is & told him I didn't need anything else because my new chair was pretty pricey! So I will just wait and see I guess...
If you want to decorate a little bit before Valentines Day or want some inspiration check out my Pinterest board on the day of love HERE. There are some links on there for free printables as well! 
I am currently about to start packing our suitcases because on Friday we are flying to Canberra for the weekend, so we are both excited for that as neither of us have visited there before! If you want to follow along with our trip make sure you follow me on Twitter (@bella_k) and on Instagram (@bella_in_bindyland)... I will have updates & photos up on both of them! :) 
Unfortunately because I fly out on Friday I can't spend my Mums birthday with her, but I know she will have a lovely day still! 
So that has been what has been going on with me this week, how was your week been? 
Stay tuned for some great posts on our trip to Canberra!
Miss you all, sorry I've been a bit slack on the blog & YouTube front!!
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  1. Happy Valentines Day! What a beautiful week! Can't wait to see your beautiful chair!

    1. Happy Valentines Day to you as well beautiful!! xo

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