Monday, 25 February 2013

Back to school 2013...

Hey everyone!
Ok, term 1 of the new school year is well under way here in Australia. I know a lot of my readers & friends were sending their little ones off to school for the first time this year and some have a older kids returning to school and some of my readers are even still at school. So I thought this post would be appropriate :)
The only person in my family who is now still at school is my little brother (who is actually not little at all - he is actually the tallest in the family), Tristan is in grade 12 this year and has a huge year ahead of him. He is completing a vet assistant traineeship through TAFE & will also be completing the QCS test and plans to attend university next year. I am so proud of that kid, I know he will do great things. But I also know how stressful grade 12 is, I also did the QCS test in 2006, not that I had the pressure Tristan does by no means, but even then I found school stressful & I think preparing for school really helps eliminate stress. 
I really liked having my school books all decorated & made to be individual, if you want to check them out click HERE.  I know that is maybe more of a girly thing to do, but I found I was more inclined to keep my notebooks all neat & organised if the covers were awesome & pretty!
Of course being organised for assignments & home work is key to having a great school year and also eating well is super important. 
If you want more tips on having a successful school year click HERE to read a previous post I did on "back to school". 
A few "back to school necessities" that are also handy to have in everyday life are; a spare house key, a spare pen & a neutral shoe shine. 
I find these 3 products are very important, I think neutral shoe shine is brilliant as it can work on any coloured shoe, this colourful spare key is going to be very helpful as my house key & my parents house key are almost identical & I often confuse them both (which sucks when it's pouring rain & I'm fumbling with keys) and a tiny pen I can clip to the inside of my handbag is great for not taking up much room & always being handy! 

These 3 items are all from Mister Minit , they have a huge range of services & items that are handy for back to school. They do everything from shoe repairs & key cutting to engraving, they sell pens, keys, key rings, shoe products, laces and all these products are very reasonably priced. They have 225 Mister Minit shops across Australia & New Zealand and they all have the 'while you wait, while you shop' approach and most of their services can be completed while you do some shopping! 
I hope you enjoyed this post & found it informative. 
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*This post was a sponsored post by 'Mister Minit', all opinions are honest and my own. The pictured products was sent to me for review. If I didn't personally shop at this brand or know of them I wouldn't support them, they are a brand I trust and regularly use. Please read HERE for more on my 'Policy & Information'.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Happy Birthday Mumma!!

So today is a very special day... Today is my Mums birthday. 
I am actually not able to see her today, I am flying to Canberra for the weekend, but I did make sure to spoil her before I left! 
I am so blessed to have such a wonderful Mother, she really is my best friend and knows everything about my life. 
She is such an inspiring and strong woman who would do anything in this world for her family, we really are so lucky to have her in our lives. 
She is a beautiful person inside & out. She is loved by so many people because of her spirit, she really is the most friendly & kind person I know, she talks to everyone & anyone (which at times drives me crazy) but it is part of who she is and is a reason so many people love her! I assure you if you met her, you would love her. All my friends who meet her always comment on how lovely, kind & bubbly she is. 
I am so glad I have her in my life and can't imagine my life without her... I feel so lucky to have her as a role model in my life, if I turn out to be half as great & a strong woman like she is I will be happy.
Happy Birthday Mum, I am so sorry I'm not there with you today but I am sure you will have a lovely day! 
I love you so much, thank you for always being there for me and being the best Mother I know. 

I love my gorgeous Mumma! xo
Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mum & best friend, you are amazing & you make my life amazing.
I love you.
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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

A busy week full of love!

Hello everyone!!
Well, it has been a bit of an eventful but really great week.
On Tuesday we had 'Shrove Tuesday'/'Pancake Day' & today was 'Ash Wednesday' - so obviously it is now Lent, what have you given up? 
I have given up negativity & stress, which will benefit me so much... It will just make me a better person I think. I am learning to just let things go. :)
(If you want to read more on Lent I did a bit more of an explanation last year, click HERE to read it!)
Tomorrow is Valentines Day, Trent & I aren't super into this day, we do celebrate it & get each other gifts, but they aren't huge over the top gifts & I don't demand anything insane like big diamonds and huge bouquets of roses. 
Tonight I cooked Trent a yummy roast dinner tonight for him to take to work because I know it is his favourite. I got him a cute card, I bought him a new pair of Reef leather thongs (flip flops for my overseas readers) because they are his favourite and the pair he has at the moment he pretty much ruined (haha) and he got a box of yummy chocolates as well! 
I do know what my gift is, I got a beautiful chair & foot stool for my new study. It will be my reading chair, it is so pretty and unique - I can't wait to show you all! He also hinted he has to go pick up my other gift, so I have no clue what that is & told him I didn't need anything else because my new chair was pretty pricey! So I will just wait and see I guess...
If you want to decorate a little bit before Valentines Day or want some inspiration check out my Pinterest board on the day of love HERE. There are some links on there for free printables as well! 
I am currently about to start packing our suitcases because on Friday we are flying to Canberra for the weekend, so we are both excited for that as neither of us have visited there before! If you want to follow along with our trip make sure you follow me on Twitter (@bella_k) and on Instagram (@bella_in_bindyland)... I will have updates & photos up on both of them! :) 
Unfortunately because I fly out on Friday I can't spend my Mums birthday with her, but I know she will have a lovely day still! 
So that has been what has been going on with me this week, how was your week been? 
Stay tuned for some great posts on our trip to Canberra!
Miss you all, sorry I've been a bit slack on the blog & YouTube front!!
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Friday, 1 February 2013

Crazy weather & cute cattle!

Hey everyone!
Wow, it has been one crazy week here in Queensland, we've had torrential rain, floods & even a few tornadoes! (Yes, there were tornadoes in Queensland!!!)
My family thankfully escaped all these tragedies without any harm. But my parents do have a farm where we run cattle that is in Ipswich, there is a massive lagoon that runs through it and it is normal for it to flood, so we did the responsible thing & moved our cattle to higher ground on Australia Day. I actually helped my brother muster the cattle on foot, yes me! I actually posted it on YouTube click HERE if you want to check it out!
To be honest I haven't done much farm work like that since I was maybe 14'ish... The property these cattle run on is actually the land I grew up on from 7-14, I love that place. My childhood was full of animals & also hard work (which didn't kill me & I'm grateful I know how to do many things a lot of people don't know how to). Some of my best memories include those animals. I loved growing up on a farm and I hope one day Trent and I can buy some land so our future children can have a similar childhood! 
So Mum & Dad have got a new mob of steers in and they are all pretty cute (as cute a meat can be - sorry to any vegetarians that read this, but let's be realistic a steer only has one thing in their future), so I thought I would snap some photos of them and I am actually impressed with how some of these images turned out!
So this is my week of my crazy weather;
It started out all fun, with some heavy soaking rain that made nice puddles...
But it kept raining and the puddles got a lot bigger and were no longer fun... Oh and yes, I know that rain coat is super ugly & that hideous shade of orange is not my colour!! 
This was what a lot of our days were looking like...
But then the sun came out and we headed to Ipswich to the farm!
Lots of water in the lagoon. Normally the lagoon is on one side & snakes through the property & we have a smaller dam on the other side, the rushing water connected them both! 
Another part of the lagoon, if you watch the video the tree area was actually where we had to chase some of the steers out of, this area is normally to flood as it is part of the lagoon. 
Moo cow!
I especially love these 2 photos, I love the one on the right with the tongue sticking out!! :P
Aw so cute!
This was a flooded area along the Warrego Highway on the way home...
How has the weather been where you are? 
If you live in Queensland I hope you stayed safe & dry during this crazy weather! 
Thank you for reading,
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