Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New Years Goals & a GIVE AWAY - CLOSED

I cannot believe we are already 15 days into the new year. 
In the past 2 weeks I have taken a little bit of a break from blogging & I've been doing a little bit of reflecting... Mainly I've been thinking about what I want to achieve this year... 
The main thing I want to achieve in 2013 is to get into a regular blogging & filming schedule.
In order to achieve this goal I need to firstly do a few things. Firstly I need a nice work area, that can motivate me. I hope by the end of March my study will be near completion (flooring should be done by the end of the month, but furniture & decor will hopefully be sorted by March). 
Secondly, I need something to keep me focused, I am a terrible procrastinator, so to keep everything going consistently I need to focus on planning regularly & I figured a planner would be handy, yes I have my day-to-day diary, but I want more of like a specific 'Bella In Bindyland' style planner.
So when I was contacted by a great company 'Personal Planner', I couldn't pass up their offer to do a review & a give away! (Keep reading for the give away details) 
This was exactly what I was looking for, a company where I could design what I want in my planner... Now I don't actually have my planner yet, (it's in the post, when it arrives I will do an honest review on the product, but I am sure I will love it, because I designed it!) but the whole designing process was great & so simple to do... 
So I have taken the right steps towards getting that goal underway. Let's hope it helps me stay organised & helps 'Bella In Bindyland' have a year even more successful than last. 
(If you have any tips of how to maintain a regular blogging/filming schedule please let me know!)
My other goals for the year are fairly standard sort of goals;
  • I want to focus on my beliefs more, I've found a great Church online & I watch all their services & I aim to watch them every week... (Unfortunately I can't find one in town that I really like, but I am still searching, so if any Toowoomba people have recommendations for a fun & "young" church, please let me know!) 
  • Eat more healthy. I already have a fairly good diet, but just adding in more 'super foods' is the goal this year. I've just purchased my first bag of black chia seeds & Goji berries, both are yummy & good for me! 
  • Try & sleep more... I am bit of a night owl, I want to try and change that.
  • Try and stress less, everyone & their dog knows I'm stressful person who can have a bad temper, I am really trying to work on this.
  • Just be a better wife, daughter, sister & friend. 
Now getting back to the topic of planners, to celebrate the start of a new year & to help inspire my readers to have a wonderful & productive year,  the great people at 'Personal Planner' have offered a free planner to one of my readers! 
With 'Personal Planner', you are able to design your own planner - entirely! From the front cover to the back and everything in between! 
There are so many options to choose from!
The options are amazing, I really enjoyed creating mine...
There are 4 different size options, I chose the large one. :) 
The colour range is great, you can also upload a photo to be your cover photo if you want, I went with a simple pink & white theme.
You select what you want added to your pages, you can add in modules for to-do lists, workouts, an ideas section & so much more.
 And one of the features I thought was amazing is you can personalize it by adding your family & friends birthdays into it! I love that!
You also get to select what goes in the back pages, it could music sheets, graph paper, sudoku, lined paper, address pages... But guess what I chose? Colouring in pages, heck yeah! I love to colour (haha, I find it relaxing!) 
The whole design process is really easy, I had mine done in under an hour - the only reason it took me that amount of time is I am the worlds most indecisive person & it took me awhile to pick a colour combination & some of the other details! 
This is the first step of the design process, see how simple it is!! 
I highly suggest you head on over to their website (HERE) and have a click around and check it all out, it really is a great concept & very user friendly. 

For your chance to win a free planner that you can design for yourself, follow these easy steps & guess what, this give away is international!;
  1. Leave a comment below telling me your news year resolution and how a new planner could help you. Please also include your name & email address so I can contact you if you are the winner.
  2. Please like 'Personal Planner' on Facebook - click HERE.
  3. If you have a Google account I would love it if you could subscribe to my blog! (I know not everyone has one so this isn't compulsory) 
  4. Competition runs from the 15th of January 2013 until the 25th of January 2013. (A total of 10 days)
Good luck to you all and I hope 2013 is going to be fabulous for you and me both! 
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Terms & Conditions; 
Winner will be selected at random using random.org. 
Winner will be drawn on the 25th January 2013. 
Winner will contacted via email & maybe announced on my Instagram (bella_in_bindyland), Facebook (Bella In Bindyland) & Twitter (@Bella_K).
Prize cannot be exchanged for money.
The company 'Personal Planner' will be emailing the winner the gift card code to be used for a free personal planner, in no way at all am I responsible for delivery of the prize, but I have full trust in the company they will deliver. 
As mentioned above, this is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own & 100% honest, for more information on sponsored post please read my 'Policy & Information' section.  


  1. My New Year's resouloutions are:
    1. Loose weight - eat healthier and exercise more
    2. Re-gain control of my emotions
    3. Be a better housewife/housefiancee
    4. Go to sleep earlier
    A new planner would help me keep track of what I am eating, how much exercise I am doing and graphing my moods or stress levels. The colouring in pages would help reduce stress for me.

  2. Oh my god these are amazing!!!!!! I love love love them!!!!!

    I would definitely be able to use them for planning in my Kindy and to organise my gym schedule :-) Love it!

    Thanks for sharing and doing an awesome post!

  3. Good on you Belinda,I am proud of you <3 xx

  4. My new year resolution would be to take better care of myself.

    I would love one of these personal diaries... they are SO cute (well, you can make them cute)

    missy and my email is missylou (at)three.com.au

    (and I liked them of facebook, name missy woo

  5. My new years resolution is to be the best Mum I can be. I know it is short and sweet but there is a lot involved in being a good Mum!
    The planner would allow me to keep track of Millie's progress, development, appointments and commitments. I feel the planner would help me feel more organised and in turn give me more confidence as a new mum!

    Great competition B.
    Wishing you every success for the year,
    Emily xx

  6. My new years resolution is to keep our family running smoothly. A personal planner will help me keep our 3 schedules In check and running smoothly.

  7. My new years resolution is to lose the weight I gained following my spinal operation last year. And with kids to run after I really need a planner to keep on track

    Annette Mathewson Rawlings


  8. My new years resolution is to lose weight and shop less. With this calendar I would know when I have been sporty or shopped. And it would also remind me to go jogging etc :)

    Jenna O

  9. I love this idea! Such a good plan having a personalised planner, my new years resolution is to be stronger both physically and mentally. Having a new planner would help pencil in my workouts and therapy sessions as well as friend dates and movie dates!

  10. To pay off my credid cards by 30/6/13. And I'm on track so far!

  11. I just saw your comment in Lauren Conrad's forum and I thought I'd check your blog out.. I actually really like it! Maybe you'd like to check mine out as well. :) It's vickynspiration.blogspot.com .


  12. Love that you're starting to see rewards from the blogging!

    I didn't make a NY's resolution this year. I just want to continue living in the moment and enjoying every minute without pressure on myself. One of those personal planners would be a great diary to keep track of what I've been doing and where I've been. Rather than planning forwards it would be a memory keeper.

    Jess from fifteen oh-two

  13. My new years resolution is to have a cleaner house and one of these planners would help because I would be able to schedule in various cleaning tasks, not just everyday tasks but those other bigger jobs like wash the window etc.

    Cheers Sharon Fawcett


  14. To be more organised. I am hopeless at planning and need all the help I can get!

  15. My new years resolution is to have a baby!

    My husband and I are about to embark on the IVF adventure and a new planner would come in really handy to mark all the appointments, keep us organised throughout the process and would be a great keepsake of our journey. In all honesty, even if I don't win, i think i'll buy one anyway! I think they are a great idea!

    Thanks lovely. So proud of you and your blog! xx


  16. I made a new years reso to be more organised and any help would do that is for sure...yes i am that bad! arballantyne@dodo.com.au

  17. My new year resolution, get organised, how the planner can help, help me plan it!!!

  18. oops forgot email, mogy1808@gmail.com

  19. My new years resolution is to live an eco friendly life,
    through cycling, recycling and planting my own fruit and vegetables!


  20. I almost forgot to add how my planner will help!

    I can plan out my days with time to get places by bike
    I can put in which days are the recycling days and always recycle whatever I can.
    I can also plan how long it will take for my fruit and vegies to grow!

  21. My New Years resolution is to spend more time taking care of myself.
    I am a busy mum of three, and always put the kids before myself, but I realise without looking after myself then I can't be a good mum. The planner will help me fit in things for myself.

  22. My new years resolution was to look after myself more. As a busy mum of three, I always put the kids first, but if I'm not looked after, then they won't be. The planner will help me fit in time for myself.


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