Saturday, 12 January 2013

Dreaming of the cold...

Hey everyone!
As I type this post I am downing my like 10th bottle of ice cold water for the day & I am covered in sweat, we are in the middle of a string of super hot days and I swear I am about to die!
I just cannot seem to cool myself down at all, it's disgusting - I truly am not a fan of the heat. Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy summer, sometimes. I do love the beach and being in the ocean, but I live 2 hours from the beach and I don't own a pool, so pretty much hot days like this are unbearable for me... The only positive thing that comes from these hot days is the chance we may get a storm during the night & I am a huge fan of storms! :) (One is meant to happen tonight, so fingers crossed!) 
We got this wonderful lightning show the other night... So hopefully tonight we get some more & hopefully some rain!
I am finding myself just wishing it was winter, I find the cold so much easier to deal with. I can rug up in a warm hoodie or wrap myself in a blanket, I can sleep easily at night (something I cannot do at all in summer) and I can enjoy warm, tasty meals, instead of feeling to hot to eat anything. I think I am much more of a 'cold weather person', my Mum & Sister absolutely love the heat & I am the total opposite. It makes me sick, uncomfortable & honestly a bit cranky... 
How I stayed cool for a little bit today, laying on my bed under my ceiling fan eating an ice block! 
Todays sunset was quiet spectacular... So I thought I should share it with you!
So in light of my feelings towards this, in my opinion disgusting heat. I thought I would share some 'cold' photos in hopes that it distracts me from the fact I am covered in sweat & that at this temperature wearing clothes feels like torture... Oh and for those that are wondering I think our town is sitting around the 35degrees Celsius mark give or take (that is just what my phone says), so that converts to 95 degrees Fahrenheit! Tomorrow is meant to be even hotter! (Ok, I know Toowoomba isn't the hottest place on the planet, plenty of other places get hotter but I just don't like the heat! Some places in QLD reached 48 degrees today, so that's like 118degrees Fahrenheit - thank god I don't live in Birdsville) 
Bring on the chilly photos so I can day dream about being there...

Source: via Blair on Pinterest Of course I had to include a squirrel in the snow! And I found this book cover, isn't cute!! :)
Source... I would love to see snow! 

I love pretty winter scenery! 

I am longing to wear gorgeous winter outfits. I miss jeans, boots and coats! I am over being so hot in just shorts & a thin singlet top... Come on Autumn & Winter, I miss you!! 
So my dears, I think that is where I will stop my complaining...
If you live in Australia, how are you handling the heat? Are you a fan of it or are you like me & can't stand it?
Well, if you are an Aussie I hope you are staying cool, if you are touched in anyway by the bush fires my thoughts & prayers are with you and if you live somewhere where it's cold right now, I am so jealous of you! 
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  1. First of all, yes I do like the new signature :)

    I'm dreaming of a snowy winter too. I want to go somewhere I can play in the snow, then go inside to a fireplace or hot chocolate.

    1. I would love that sort of cold experience, ahh I can only dream!!

  2. Sweet photos! I love the inbetween seasons Autumn and Spring because the evenings are cooler and you can rug up a little for bed but the days are often blue with a nice breeze!

    1. I agree, Autumn & Spring are wonderful seasons!! :)

  3. I'm in Brisbane so I know how you feel. The humidty just makes it all that much worse! In the past when it used to get this hot I would always complain and say I'm moving to Tasmania, but considering they have had hot hot weather and bushfires, I don't think there is even an option haha

  4. I was just thinking the same on Sat - that it's far too hot and then bam! The rains came down on Sunday arvo and now it's cold i wish it was warm!

  5. Ahhh I love winter!! Hopefully going to Europe October/nov this year and I will get experience there winter ( hopefully snow!!!)

  6. Love that picture of the snow, with the lights in the background! So pretty!

    Cute outfits too!

    =) Brooke

  7. Australia is just way too hot isn't it! I think we've been up to 37 or 38 in Brisbane and I am dying. I was so tempted to buy a paddling pool the other day and just live in it

    Life of Ally


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