Monday, 27 February 2012

Autumn; Inspiring leaves & fashion.

Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns. - George Elliot.

I mentioned a little while back I was planning on doing some posts with images I have 'pinned' from Pinterest. Now for those who aren't aware of Pinterests please go check out my post on it HERE... So lets start;
So lately the weather in Queensland has been getting ready for Autumn! For the past few days the weather has been cold & rainy! I of course took full advantage of this and lived in snuggly warm clothes! Today the weather fined up and I assume tomorrow Summer will try to squeeze out some more sunshine in order to regain some control over the last few days it has! 
Autumn would have to be one of my most favourite seasons, I can dress warm & classy and I can wear jeans & cowboy boots! I absolutely love the fashion that comes with Autumn & Winter and also how Autumn changes everything to some of the most beautiful colours. I love watching the tree outside my house change colour and then loose it's leaves. When you think about it, it is a little bit inspiring in a 'far out' 'far fetched' kind of way. The leaves don't have much time left to live when Autumn starts, but they use their very last days to be so full of colour, to be so pretty. They live each day so beautifully, little bit inspiring when you think about it like that, hey? 
I love the days when the sun shines but the air is cold, they are my favourite days. I also love those cold, foggy and rainy days when you can either snuggle up indoors or head out for warm drinks with those you love! I really wish our seasons coincided with the appropriate holidays. Yes, I love our 'Aussie Summer Christmas', but sometimes I wish our Christmas was cold and we could experience a 'white Christmas' or we had Halloween in Autumn, that would be so cool! Anyway, I am rambling... So back on track.
I've been pinning up a storm on Pinterest with inspiration for the upcoming season... Here are some of my favourite images; 


I love Autumn scenery, it is so stunning. I love everything about it.


And now for some Autumn inspired fashion, I LOVE all these outfits...

Autumn fashion is so beautiful. I really want a watch similar to this, but each one I try on they are just much to big & they jewellers say it would be pointless resizing them so small. Yes, I can get smaller faced link watches to fit, but if you know me you will know I only wear HUGE, massive, big face watches. I think they suit me better!

All these outfits, I love. I wish every item magically appeared in my closet once I pinned them! I know they are all fairly similar but I love that casual but classic kind of look. I LOVE browns and neutrals and also the hint of some western wear in the outfits is awesome! I love 'country clothing'! There is not one item in the above images I wouldn't be thrilled to own! 

I love this hunting/redneck/cowgirl style outfit! It is awesome! I really want to buy this necklace, but I am currently having no luck! If you by chance have seen this necklace or one similar please PLEASE comment below and let me know! I tried clicking on the link on Polyvore but it is unavailable or sold out! So my luck! (I am currently searching on Etsy for the perfect one!!) I just think this outfit is awesome!

So that is just SOME of my fashion inspiration that I have pinned recently. If you want to check out more please click HERE. It is fair to say after pinning all these images I definitely have some idea for what clothing pieces I want to start hunting for! (Pretty much anything in the above images and also I would LOVE a red handbag, a felt hat, new jeans etc!) 
I thought I would also include a quick v-log/outfit of the day video I filmed a few days ago when it was cold and rainy outside. I love this outfit and it honestly is one of my 'go to' outfits if I can't be bothered being creative and styling together a new look! So here it is;

Outfit details;
So that is one of my most favourite outfits, cowboy boots, jeans & a cool top = brilliant! 
What is your favourite season & 'go to' outfit? Let me know in the comments below or comment on my 'Facebook like page'  and if you are on Pinterest make sure you come follow me or check out some of my 'pins'!
Thanks for reading & remember to live your life beautifully like the leaves of Autumn would! ;)
Love you all.

Friday, 24 February 2012

I vow to be grateful for love & romantic dates!

I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home. - Paige 'The Vow'. 

It was a cool and rainy day today, Trent and I just had a normal day, but we decided to turn what was meant to be a dull afternoon into a 'date afternoon'. I had been given a double pass to see the latest 'chick flick' The Vow and we felt today was a perfect day to see it. 

The movie for those who haven't seen it is about a young couple Paige & Leo (Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum) who are involved in a car crash, Leo is fine but Paige suffers from memory loss about the past 5 years of her life. So she has no memory of marrying Leo or her life with him, but remembers being engaged to her previous fiance' & her 'old life'! It is a really sweet film that was inspired a true story. I won't give away what happens, but if you get the chance I would suggest you go see it! I will definitely be purchasing this movie on DVD when it comes out! 
The cinema the movie was playing at was the Toowoomba Strand Cinema, this theatre isn't the most up to date place, but that is why I like it! I love the old mouldings on the walls and the pressed metal ceilings. Even if the chair arms don't lift up in the theatre and the seating isn't that up to date, it's still got that 'vintage' feeling. I think it's adorable. 
Isn't it beautiful!
We shared a popcorn and coke, I love cinema food!

So after seeing this cute movie Trent and I dashed through the rain to get to our car and decided to have a spur of the moment coffee date, we wanted to try a new place we had never been to before. So we decided on 'Firefly' a quirky little coffee placed tucked between Smoke & Mirrors and what is now a vacant store (it use to be a loans business, so hopefully something entertaining may move into this space) on Ruthven Street. We placed our order, 1 mocha, mug-a-cino and a slice of chocolate cake to share and wandered off to find our table. We ventured to the second level, following a romantic string of fairy lights to what felt like a private little room, the windows were pushed open so we could see the rain and look down into the centre of Ruthven and Margaret Streets. It was really lovely. When our orders came we noticed our hot drinks were topped with actual chocolate shavings! That was neat, the chocolate cake was good as well. It was home made and had awesome chocolate icing! 
The pretty stairwell.
The view out of the 2nd level window.
My mocha...
Trent's cappuccino. 
My mocha and the chocolate cake... YUM!

We then headed home. On the drive home I looked out the window watching the rain and thought how lucky I am, in life and in love. I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband, he is amazing and I feel so grateful to have him in my life and for all the time we get to spend time together! 
When we got home, whilst I caught the end of a popular soap opera (Home & Away) Trent went to have a shower and then emerged a while later missing something, his beard! He always has facial hair and tonight he decided to shave it off, it was kind of like looking at him when we first started dating, he looked so young! I like him either way, but with the beard he looks a bit older than me, which is a good thing! (I am about 7 months older than Trent, he turns 23 in April and I turn 24 in September!) Anyway it is a cool change, but I am sure the beard will be almost back in a few days! 

I thought I would type this sweet little post up for you all, normally I would've procrastinated and this post would've never been typed. But sticking with my goals for Lent, I got straight into typing once I got the chance!
I leave you with this question, what part of your life do you feel lucky or blessed in? I feel so blessed to have the life I do and to have everything I do, the people (& pets) that surround me, the beautiful town I live in & my material items. I think it is always a good time to be grateful for what we have, but it's always good to reflect during Lent.  

Love you all.

I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. - Leo "The Vow".

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Subtracting + Adding = A better person! {LENT}

Humble yourselves, therefore, under the mighty hand of God so that at the proper time he may exalt you. 
1 Peter 5:6
Hi all!
So for those of you that are 'religious' you should be aware that yesterday was 'Shrove Tuesday' (or Pancake day or Fat Tuesday) this Tuesday marks the day before Ash Wednesday, the start of Lent. For those who don't know what 'Shrove Tuesday' is, it is the day before the start of Lent where people would use up their 'rich foods' to start a period of fasting. (There is a lot more technical history to it, but I doubt you all want to read about it!) 
In todays world it's more about eating pancakes and forgiveness. Shrove is basically defined as confessing sins to a Priest. We can translate that now as admitting our sins to God and asking for forgiveness and also being forgiving towards others. I must admit I found the forgiving part a little hard, I am so hurt by someone at the moment (the same person who always hurts me) I find it hard to forgive her, but I have. I have forgiven her, but I absolutely will not forget what she has done or the pain she is constantly causing me. Every other negative person in my life I just have stopped caring for, I have forgiven them but in no way at all can I ever forget what people have done to me. But really I don't care for most of the other people, but that one person I wish could change her actions, but I have no control over her or what she does, so I have to forgive her, accept what she is doing and just let her go. I understand that God forgives me each time I may sin so who am I to really condemn someone, at the end of the day that is up to God, not me. But that being said, I can still be hurt by her and feel let down but I am just not going to let it consume my life!
Anyway, moving on...
So after Shrove Tuesday comes Ash Wednesday which marks the start of Lent for 2012. Lent is the period of 40 week days before Holy Thursday (the day before Good Friday). So for Lent it is common to give up something to symbolise the sacrifice Jesus made for us. Traditionally it was rich foods and meat, so people would fast the period of Lent. But today it can be anything, alcohol, chocolate, social media etc. This year I have to admit I was struggling to think of something to give up, last year I did swearing and I think I went well. So this year I wanted to do something new, I can't really give up alcohol because to be quiet honest I rarely drink anymore unless I go out to lunch/dinner with Trent and even then it's like 1 glass of wine or something similar. And I don't think I am mentally strong enough to give up all my social media accounts, I was considering shutting down my Facebook but I really love being able to show my Mum photos and stuff. So I decided to give up procrastination & stress! I am a huge procrastinator, especially now thanks to Pinterest! And well with the stress thing, I just am terrible at not letting things get to me. So I am trying to stress less! And I have kicked off my first day well, I spoke to my Mum this morning and said I wanted to wash my bed sheets today but I wasn't going to incase it rained & I was tired (pretty much just excuses), she then pointed out that is procrastinating (putting it off for another day). So I did it, I thought Jesus didn't put off going into the desert so I will not put off washing my sheets! Odd comparison, I know. And I am also writing this blog which means I didn't put this off either! I haven't stressed out much today, I am working on being calm. :)
And my things to improve on (and add positively to my life) for Lent are to spend more quality time with Trent and let him know he is appreciated more often, be a better wife, daughter & sister, blog more, be more thankful and stay positive. 
Giving up something for Lent is symbolic to the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and the 40 days and nights he spent in the desert and teaches us to practice self discipline. I think it is something wonderful to do and a good way to start positive habits in life. The things we try to give up for Lent should be things that can negatively effect our lives and the things we add to our lives should be things to make us a better person. (I hope that explanation is simple enough to understand, I know some topics in religion can be kind of confusing!) 
I believe all the things I have picked are positive and will help me become a better person! 
What have you decided to give up and add for Lent? Even if you aren't religious* this could be a good time to say I will cut back on soft drink, alcohol, sugar, negativity etc for 40 days and then try to continue it on past the 40 day point. There are so many possibilities and this is just a good chance to do something positive for yourself. 

I hope you all found this blog informative and inspiring!
Love you all.

* I hope this blog wasn't offensive to any of my readers that may not believe in God or celebrate Lent. This blog was not created to offend people, this is just my belief and I was trying to explain what was on my mind today and help others to understand this time of year. I hope you all understand that, also I know and understand there is a lot more detail to this time of year and I am sorry if you feel I have left anything important out, I didn't want to drag this topic out and make this post feel like I was preaching my religion. I kept the facts short and straight to the point. I wanted to make this post simple and short so some of my readers who wish to be more informed about Lent could quickly understand the basic meaning of it and how I feel about it. If you have anything positive to add or wish to add something important I may have left out please feel free to post it as a comment below or leave a comment on my Facebook page for others to read!
Thank you for understanding and reading!

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Preppy & casual for a Brisbane outing! {OOTD}

On Saturday I was up super early, I got dressed, filmed an outfit of the day video and headed off for an appointment then picked up my Mum and headed off to Chermside shopping centre in Brisbane! We had a nice car trip, we chatted the whole way, when we got to the shopping centre I headed to the Apple Store and they actually swapped my iPhone for a new one because mine had a terrible dark spot in the camera lens, thankfully it was still under the 1 year warranty! After that we all had lunch and I sent Trent off to watch a movie (The Grey - he says it was ok, not the best film ever but just ok) and Mum and I wandered around, looking at all the pretty shops that we don't have here in Toowoomba. My favourite stores at Chermside that we don't have in Toowoomba are; Kitten D'amour, Peter Alexander, Laura Ashley, Lush &  Forever New. I didn't really buy much except one gorgeous purchase, my first ever Laura Ashley item!
 I will wait until the end of the month to show you it to you all, I will probably film a February clothing haul as I have purchased a few clothing items lately, not many but a few interesting pieces I am in love with, so I will show you all of them together and I will wait a little longer in case I buy anything else! :)
It was a really nice day and it was just what Mum and I needed a day out to just relax and forget about some of the negativeness that is in our lives. I had a lovely day, I think Mum enjoyed herself & Trent had a nice time by himself watching a movie & snacking on cinema food (the day before he spent most of the day fishing with a work friend so he had 2 relaxing days!) So all is good.

Outfit details;

Also I didn't end up buying the henna hair dye from Lush as they store they have at Chermside is just a kiosk and doesn't have their full range of products! :( So I may buy it online soon! If you have tried the Lush hair dyes before please let me know in the comments below! 
I hope you enjoyed this blog post! I love this outfit it is one of my favourites, I just love styles like this. You know preppy, casual, classic, kind of country styles are my favourite types and I think this outfit is all of those! I love it! Let me know what you think!

Thanks for reading/watching!
Love you all.

Thursday, 16 February 2012

A birthday + good news = a BEST DAY!

Hi loves!
How was your day today? Mine was such a brilliant day! Everything about today was great. To start off with I was woken up by a strange sound coming from my kitchen, Trent was making breakfast again. So I got a nice breakfast of scrambled eggs and toast and then he headed to sleep. Then I got to icing some cup cakes for a very special lady, today was my Mums birthday! So I also rang her to wish her a very Happy Birthday and made plans to see her later in the day! That gave me plenty of time to ice the cup cakes (and I was very impressed with how they turned out!) Then I hurried around town collecting a few final items for her gift! I purchased her a 1 hour full body massage, her & I will go together in a week or 2! I am so excited! The other gift she specifically asked for a baby powder scented candle, she just loves that smell (I must admit, it is very nice!) So I went to Highfields (Lily Scents) to pick up a beautiful Salt City candle and got her two sets of these little figurines she likes. Then I came home and got a wonderful text message, it was from my younger brother Lachlan saying he just got his drivers license! He passed his driving test and this was his first attempt, I was so proud! I rushed out to get him a congratulatory card! Not long after, my parents came for a visit to my house with Lachlan! I got to congratulate Locky & shower Mum with gifts and spend time with Dad! It was a lovely time, we tasted my baking and sat around talking. I love spending time with my family & just being with them! Just before they left Trent woke up to wish Mum a Happy Birthday and have a chat with Dad. Then I had dinner with Trent and said good bye to him as he went off to his last shift for this block. He now has 4 days off starting in the morning :)
It's been a really nice day! With one down side, my iPhone 4 has the dreaded 'dark spot' on the camera screen when I use the back camera. It is fair to say I was beyond devastated when I noticed it, taking photos to me is like second nature. I seriously take photos of everything and not being able to snap tons of photos of my day really made me sad, especially because it was Mums birthday. Silly I know. Anyway after spending 40 pointless minutes on the phone to Telstra (my phone company) I was so angry & over it, but then I rang Apple Care and had a helpful American guy help me restore my phone & then we worked out it is most likely a 'hard ware' issue and I can get in replaced (luckily it is still covered under the 1 year warranty!) So on Saturday Trent, I and maybe Mum will be heading to Chermside shopping centre in Brisbane to visit our "local" Apple store! It does suck I have to drive 2 hours to exchange my phone, but I will be just glad when I have one that is working properly. 
So that was my really good day! Everything was great, obviously except the annoying iPhone issue, but that is no big deal!

Also I would like to once again say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my the most beautiful lady I know, my Mum. I hope you had a lovely day Mum and enjoy all your gifts! Thank you for everything you do for Trent & I and all your constant love and support! I was seriously so blessed in life to be given such an amazing Mum, I really don't know of any other Mother that spoils and loves her children as much as mine does. My Mum is one of a kind and I am so lucky to have her, so I love days when I can spoil her! I hope she had a great day, because I always have the BEST DAYS with her! x
Also CONGRATULATIONS to my biggest youngest brother Lachlan, for getting his license! 
Now for some photos of my great day;
Mums birthday cupcakes! She was very impressed. Her favourite cake is vanilla & she loves pink icing, so this is what I whipped up for her! And they are very yummy!
The beautiful card I got for Mum.
This candle smells gorgeous! I love it & I love the adorable little feet on the label!
Mums new little 'golliwog' friends. 
My beautiful Mum and I on her birthday!
This is one of my most favourite photos of Mum & I. I was so lucky to get her as a Mother, I am thankful everyday!
My Mum is not only an amazing Mother, but my best friend. I love her so very much and without her my wedding day would've not been as gorgeous as it was! 
She is my role model. She is amazing & so inspiring. I love you.
Look out world; Lachlan has his license and I couldn't be more proud of him!! Way to go Locky, I love you! x

Sorry for the out pouring of love for 2 of my family members in this post, it was just a really great day and it made it so much better when Locky sent me that text. I just love that sense of feeling you get when you've had a really brilliant day, like 'life is good' and I just feel content and peaceful. I love it! I also really adore Dad & Tristan, but today was all about Mum & Lachlan!
I hope you all had a fabulous day & will continue to have lovely days for the rest of the week!
Love you all.