Monday, 31 December 2012

In 2012 I...

Wow, it is that time again. Time for the annual 'in 20&whatever I...' list. (If you want to read last years list click HERE) 
This year really has not been my best year, honestly I am ready to slam shut the 2012 chapter of my life. Things happened in this year I never thought would happen to me, I had to be stronger then I ever imagined I would have to be. 2012 was just hard, it was painful & boy am I glad it is over. Bring on 2013! That being said I did do some great things this year, but the sadness & grief that has consumed the last few months, really has over shadowed a lot of the positive & wonderful things that did happen. So what better way to remember the great times than to write a list highlighting them all, so let's start!
In 2012 I...

Rang in the new year in the car on the drive back to Toowoomba from Brisbane with Trent. Started to film even more YouTube videos. Watched the Burleigh Breaka Pro surfing competition from the VIP area. Had a lovely Valentines day with my husband. Witnessed my brother get his drivers license. Gave up stress & procrastination for Lent, something I still need to work on. Got excited for Autumn fashion. Had a date night in Brisbane for a movie premier. Went to my 2nd Taylor Swift concert (Speak Now).  Actually got VIP pit passes for the concert from Mr. Swift (her Dad!). Actually touched her arm when she walked right past me. Saw Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill in concert. Celebrated Easter & had a great weekend. Went on a Brisbane shopping spree with my Mumma. Threw a fancy dinner party for my family. Spent some time on the family property collecting firewood. Watched my younger sister graduate from university. Saw my brother march in the ANZAC day parade. Surprised Trent with a T-rex themed birthday dinner. Blogged about the soundtrack to my life. Was grateful for such an amazing Mother. Chased a few sunsets. Documented my DVD collection, which since then has grown. Welcomed winter. Went to my sisters engagement party. Took a day trip to Stanthorpe. Saw Carrie Underwood in concert. Started working out and then gave up, because lets face it I'm a bit lazy. Celebrated Spooks first birthday. Made a list of reasons to stay alive. Dyed my hair. Had a bad day. Drove to Rockhampton, then to Mackay. Drove from Mackay - Mossman. Surfed through the Daintree Rainforest. Explored North Queensland. Drove from Mossman - Mackay. Spent some time in Mackay with my sister. Finally drove home & ended our anniversary road trip. Celebrated our 1 year wedding anniversary. Said Hello Spring. Attended the 'Back to 63' car show. Went on a Ghost Tour. Got a fancy new sewing machine. Went fishing with Trent & Tristan. Witnessed some entertaining storms. Attended the Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers with my Mum & good friend Ash. Started a Tumblr account. Received a pink KitchenAid stand mixer for my birthday. Turned 24. Had one of my best friends do a beautiful & selfless act. Realised I am blessed to have a few beautiful friends who inspire me. Shaved Daisy. Wrote my 300th blog post. Saw my parents get a new puppy 'Beau'. Finally started renovating our house. Cared for my Mumma after her serious spine/neck operation. Decorated my house for Halloween. Dealt with the worst heart ache, grief & personal pain I've ever experienced. Put on a brave face & continued on with life. Went to Trent's Christmas party on the same day my whole world fell apart. Celebrated my brother finishing grade 12 by seeing him off for his formal & attending his graduation. Saw my Youtube channel reach over 500 subscribers. Celebrated my brother turning 18. Vlogged every day for 25 days straight in December for 'vlogmas'. Had a wonderful Christmas with my family. Spent a weekend on the coast with my family. 

So that has been my 2012. I am sure I have left something out, but that covers most of it. As I have said I am ready to start 2013, I am so over 2012 it really just wasn't my year. I have faith that 2013 will be amazing for Trent & I. I'm praying so hard it will be, because honestly I think it's about time we get a break & something turns out easy for us. 
Anyway, 2013 is going to be great, I just have to keep reminding myself of that, focus on the good & not on the bad!
Tonight we are headed to Brisbane to ring in the New Year with one of my best friends & her husband and some of their friends. I am sure it will be a wonderful night!
To celebrate the end of a year I thought I would make a video and feature some of my favourite 'extra' moments, so here it is...

Happy New Year! Thank you for all your support during 2012, I hope 2013 is a fabulous year for you and that you have a lot of fun (& stay safe) during your NYE celebrations! 
Love you all.


  1. You got to go to lots of concerts how fun!

    You also have a great memory! I don't think I could list all of my year in such detail!

    Happy New Years!


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  4. Your blog is looking so pretty!

    Hope your new year is going great!


  5. Happy new year, all the best for 2013!

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    Amanda xo


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