Sunday, 25 November 2012

2012 Christmas Gift Guide!

It is exactly 1 month to Christmas, WHAT? Commence freak out now... 
If you are anything like me I am assuming you maybe a little behind on gift buying? Last year I created a gift guide to suggest some ideas for my readers, this year I thought I would do another... 
I did basically cover all bases in the last gift guide, it was pretty thorough, but I will put a few more suggestions out there;

For the men in your life;
I have 4 guys I always buy for; Trent, my Dad & 2 brothers...
  • Model cars; I know I mentioned this in my last gift guide but I was actually able to track down a pink EK wagon just like ours... So of course I ordered some, it comes in a nice little case & is a very good model car. The only company I have found that makes most model cars (specialises in Australian cars) is Trax/Top Gear. I have spent our whole relationship looking for a model EK & no one ever makes the wagons! So if you have a car lover, I suggest you check out this site!
  • For my Dad this year I think I am going to get him a GPS thing for the car, it's more of a pricey gift but he deserves it. You can pick them up at electronics stores and they do vary in price.
  • I did mention this in the last gift guide but I will say this again, BCF vouchers are the most simple & normally one of the most loved gifts for the average Aussie bloke. I know not every guy likes camping/fishing but a lot do & I know if I am ever really stuck on gifts my husband, Dad or brothers are super grateful to have some extra money to spend in one of their favourite stores!
For the ladies;
This year I am buying for a few girlfriends, my Mum & my sister...
  • Mum is getting some beautiful Cornishware, I pre-bought it during the year when it was on a good sale and she has actually scored 2 of the 3 items already (she got 1 item as a 'get well' gift and another for looking after my furbabies)!! But it's something she really loves & even though it's a bit pricey, I think it's worth it!
  • I often also buy Mum a cute Christmas decoration or ornament. 
  • Candles are a really nice gift, I get the most beautiful candles from Lilly Scents at Highfields! Mum really loves all the ones I buy her.
  • I am actually stuck on what to get my sister, she is a pretty difficult to buy for! 
A great place to also check out this year for gifts is 'Mister Minit', they have a huge range of great gifts for all budgets and most of their gifts are perfect for the person who has everything. Click HERE to find your nearest store!
In the under $20 range;
  • A christmas ornament/keepsake; these would be a great gift to put on the tree to mark a special year or just because they are so nice! They come with free name engraving and a gift pouch!  RRP $10 each or three for $25
  • They also stock a huge range of key rings which make perfect secret Santa gifts! RRP $9.95
Under $60;
  • The Leatherman Kick is a great quality multi-tool that has 25 year warranty. RRP $54.95
  • The Victorinox Climber is another pocket knife, this one has a lifetime guarantee and has a many functions. RRP $57.95
If you really wanted to spoil someone this year;
  • Leatherman Charge with bonus Klean Kanteen Cups. It is a 17 in one multi-tool, has a stainless steel body & a 25 year warranty! RRP $249
  • LedLenser M8 torch. This torch would be great for camping, travelling & off road adventures! It has 8 light functions and a beam range up to 280m. RRP $159.95
'Mister Minit' is a great place to stop by and check out this Christmas season. Their gifts are high quality & a reasonable price. If all the guys in my family didn't already have their own Leatherman multi-tools I would definitely be buying them all one, they are a great thing to own. The great thing also about 'Mister Minit' is they also specialise in engraving so you can get your gifts engraved and make them little bit more special!
I hope this quick gift guide has given you some inspiration this gift giving season... For more inspiration please check out last years gift guide HERE.
Love you all.

*This post was a sponsored post by 'Mister Minit', all opinions are honest and my own. The pictured product was sent to me for review. If I didn't personally shop at this brand or know of them I wouldn't support them, they are a brand I trust and regularly use. Please read HERE for more on my 'Policy & Information'.

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Shopping with my Mumma... {Follow me around vlog & haul video!}

On Wednesday I got to take my Mumma shopping! 
We haven't been shopping together in about month thanks to her operation! But she received the 'all clear' from her doctor to have some retail therapy so she was VERY keen to hit the shops... Well, she is a bit of a bad influence because I ended up having a bit of a shopping spree myself! 
I filmed a 'follow me around' type of vlog on this day, so if you want to see what we got up to & how great my Mum is check out the video below... (I am sorry about the crappy video quality, I was just using my iPhone 4, I get the iPhone 5 at the start of next year, if the video quality on that is just as crappy I will just buy a little 'point & shoot' type of camera to film on, it's just a bit impossible to carry around my huge Canon camera to film on... So I apologise!)

I also filmed a haul video after I got home so if you would like to see all the items I purchased check out the video below...

I hope you enjoyed these videos, let me know if you would like to see more 'follow me around' type of videos! I maybe doing 'vlogmas' in December! :)
Love you all.

Monday, 19 November 2012

My brother graduated! {2012} + OOTD video.

Hi everyone!
It's that time again here in Australia, the time schools release the graduating class out into the world... This year was a bit exciting for me, because my younger brother Lachlan was one of the graduates!  
Last Wednesday he had his senior formal (which is just like prom). He wore a suit, Trent drove him in our EK and he said his night was great...
Lachlan looking very grown up and handsome! 
Mum looks so great! After having serious surgery just a few weeks ago she still got all dressed up for Locky's formal.
Dad and Locky.
My parents & Locky.
The family... (Minus Nicole, who is in Mackay)
Lachlan, Trent & I.
Lachlan and his cat Marlin...
Lachlan arriving at his formal with his partner. (I haven't included any photos of her just because I don't really know her, but her dress was purple like his tie)
A few final photos with Lachlan before we left him to celebrate with his friends & teachers. 
Trent and I at Picnic Point. It's a beautiful view, if you are ever in Toowoomba I suggest you go check it out!
And look I filmed a video!! I know it's only a quick 'outfit of the night' video, but hey it's still something!...

On Thursday evening he had his graduation ceremony where he received his senior certificate. Mum was still a bit unwell and couldn't attend the graduation, but Dad, Trent & I went and celebrated Lachlan's success! 
I can't believe he has grown up so much!
All the senior students after singing the school song threw streamers into the crowd!
Dad, Lachlan and I. 
I couldn't be any prouder of Lachlan, it feels like just last week he started grade 1 and I was in grade 7... He has grown up into such a great young man and I know he will have a great future. Love you Locky. x
To any one else that reads my blog that graduates this year, congratulations! Finishing 12 years of schooling is quiet an accomplishment, I wish you all the very best for your future endeavours!
Love you all.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Trent's Christmas Party 2012...

Hey everyone!
I am so sorry I've been absent for over a week, I just had to take some time off. Trent & I dealt with a pretty sad personal issue last week, it was hard, there were a lot of tears but we are doing ok, we will eventually be fine! (The issue is nothing to do with anything Trent & I did, our relationship is very strong & we are fine and very much in love, just wanted to point that out & squish any possibilities of rumours seeing as how some people love to manipulate my words & create tall tales about me). 
I have tried to write in the past week, but I've had no words. But that's that, I just wanted to explain my absence briefly to you. One day I am sure I will explain this situation further, but not right now... 
So last Friday was an exceptionally hard day, but it was also the day of Trent's works Christmas party. I still wanted to go, Trent works very, very hard and deserved a fun night out with his work mates, so we got prettied up & went. It turned out to be a really nice evening.
I am sorry I didn't do an 'outfit of the night' video, it was a really nice outfit, but the last thing I felt like doing was filming, so sorry about that!
But we did get a few quick photos taken, so here they are;
Trent and I before we left for the evening...
My top is from Kitten D'amour & I wore it for our engagement 3 years ago. :) I paired it with my Guess Jeans and Peeptoe Heels. 
Trent and I enjoying our evening. 
It was great to spend a night out with Trent & the lovely event helped briefly distract us from reality...
Thanks for reading & also being patient while I was absent...
Love you all.

Monday, 5 November 2012

'Like a bird I sing' ~ Music Monday #4

Hey everyone!
I've been fairly busy for the past few days taking care of my Mumma so I haven't had a lot of time to blog (sorry!)
I thought I would quickly jump in and feature a song I love & always makes me smile... This song is sung by Tim McGraw, I absolutely love it... I saw him live in concert with his wife Faith Hill a few months back (you can read about it HERE) I think they are both great artists and this song just makes me happy, it has that sound to it that just makes me smile and I think it's cute... (I do have a ton of other favourite Tim McGraw songs, but I will save them for another day!) 
I think this song a sweet reminder to live in the moment & cherish those that you love because you never know when you may 'fly away'... I love it, do you?
If you want to link up for 'Music Monday' please sing up below and make sure you feature my button (if you don't mind!)
Love you all.