Tuesday, 16 October 2012

People who influence & inspire me {Blogtoberfest Day #16}

I read a quote the other day that went along the lines of "you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with" (Jim Rohn)... 
For me that means pretty much my family influences my behaviour, which I am very happy with because I think they are all the greatest type of people. And I can see how I am like my family, we all love to have fun, have similar bad tempers & most of us are pretty sarcastic. I wouldn't want to be like any one other than these 5 people! 

  • My Mum is an amazing women, she is strong, bubbly, loving & really funny. 
  • My Dad is strong, hilarious, smart & works very hard. 
  • My 2 brothers are so similar yet so different. They both love the outdoors & everything country, they have great senses of humour, one is more kind hearted towards situations where the other is much more of a realist, so I think I have an equal balance there when it comes to dealing with animals & life in general. 
  • Trent (my Husband) is such a wonderful person in every sense, he really is the best person I know. 
  • (I also have a sister 'Nicole' but she lives pretty far away, so I don't see her a lot. But she is a very committed, stubborn and can be a fun person!)

The people I am influenced by... And I wouldn't want it any other way!! 
My absolute best friend in the whole wide world!! 
(Clearly I think a lot more positive things than what I've just written about my family.) 
All of my family members have taught me invaluable life lessons and I've picked up their traits (some good & some not so good - haha). So those 5 people would be my biggest influences & I'm glad they are! 

This theory makes absolute sense to me, but it also made me start to think that maybe I shouldn't allow certain people in my life. 
We all have those people in our lives that bring us down, the ones that are so negative about everything and are never truly happy for us and then there are the types that are a totally nightmare to be associated with. Nothing in their life is ever good enough for them, they constantly complain "I'm too fat" "my life sucks" "I wish my life was your life" "I'll be #foreveralone" <- yes, I hashtagged that because they are the sort of people who do that.... Or the ones that lie about everything! I cannot stand people who lie. Especially if I know it's a lie. Just be truthful!! Or the blatantly rude people! Oh Lord, do not even get me started, I have a huge dislike for really rude people! You know all the types I am talking about? It drives me insane, seriously just be happy with you, don't like something? Change it! Don't complain or lie. (This being said, everyone has the right to bitch to a friend every now & then, but if it is all you speak about, get your priorities in order girl!)
Well, Trent and I did remove a few certain 'nightmarish' people from our lives quiet a while ago. But in the ways of my friends I just distance myself from those that are hard to deal with. Pretty much if I notice that the effort is being made only by me in the friendship I just take a step back. 
With that negative thing being said, I have lots of wonderful friends who inspire me and influence me so positively! 
Many of my closest friends are people that I have built friendships with that I would've never thought of.
I have friends that I met online. 

  • A friend that inspires me so much & is so truly lovely and positive I actually met on Myspace years ago when I was in my senior years of high school (so about 6-7 years ago). She lives in another state and I've always looked up to her; I love her style, how well she writes, how successful she is and she is just a beautiful friend. I've met her twice, once was in Melbourne and the next time was when she agreed to fly to Queensland to MC our wedding. And actually it is thanks to this girl I have a blog, because she gave me the confidence to start it! 
  • Another 'online friend' is another beautiful girl I have never actually met but she is one of my dearest friends who knows me so well! She is a fellow blogger and I discovered her on Instagram through our mutual love of another bloggers IG account just over a year ago. She is at a similar stage in life to me and we have similar struggles, we just clicked instantly. We are different but at the same time we do have common interests. She helps me be a better and more positive person, because she is honestly so kind & genuine it is inspiring. 
  • I also have a few wonderful 'twitter/blog' friends that I talk to that live on the other side of the world! Seriously my 'online life' has blessed me with some beautiful friendships!
I have friends that come from very unusual circumstances; 
  • I think the most unusual circumstance a friend has developed from is one of my best friends is Trent's ex-girlfriend from high school. We did start off not loving each other, but nothing an alcohol fuelled chat at a party a few years ago couldn't fix! Little bit odd, but still I wouldn't change it because she is amazing. Knowing her life and how brilliant & strong she is now makes me inspired, she is a great person and I love her very much! (Click HERE to read just how amazing she is really is!!)
  • One of my other good friends is actually another 'ex-girlfriend' story. In high school I had a 'boyfriend' that I dated for almost a year, anyway obviously we broke up & he dated someone else. Well, her & I were never super close in school, but now she is another one of my good friends. Once we were out of school & moved past all the 'school drama' we realised what great friends we were. 
  • Another "odd situation to make a friend" is; I used to associate myself with a group of girls I use work with. Anyway, they weren't a fan of this one girl because of petty girl nonsense (the boy one of the girls liked, liked the other girl more, I don't blame him she was much prettier & nicer...) And as they were describing this girl to me, I thought; "wow, she sounds like someone I would want to be friends with" - haha. So I added her on Facebook (we didn't really know each other) and we just started talking randomly, I ended up distancing myself from the other girls because they were really negative & lied a lot and I eventually became friends with this other girl. She came to my wedding, I went to her 21st, we text each other every few days, we hang out and I like to think of her as one of my closest friends. She really is a gorgeous person & so fun. And we have very similar interests & goals and I'm glad I didn't let other peoples negativity (or just plain bitchiness) influence my thoughts on her! 
  • This may not be super 'unusual', but one of my other lovely friends is my hairdresser. Who I never visit enough (seriously, I can't even remember the last time I had my hair cut)! I know everyone has some sort of 'friendship' with their hairdresser, but I love mine! She is wonderful and such a great friend and she also has the most adorable daughter. 
Basically from compiling this list, I wanted to demonstrate to my readers not to rule people out just because you don't think a friendship could develop. All of my closest friends have happened under circumstances that I didn't think would produce friends. I never expected being so active within social media & online would bring me so many friends, but seriously I've made more friends online then in real life, because I feel you really get to 'know' someone through their blog or YouTube account or Twitter... You get to read their opinions, thoughts and learn about their lives and you connect with those who you identify with. 
I love all my friends and I'm lucky enough to have lots of people I know that I can call friends but so blessed to have a handful of very close & dear friends!
I also like to think of all my readers as friends! 
Love you all.
*I didn't include photos & names of all my friends because even though they have all appeared on this blog, I'm sure some of them don't constantly want to be featured on here, which is fine! :) Each of them when they read this will know who they are. x


  1. Such a sweet post! Love that quote.

  2. I think I've said this before, but Tristan wearing khaki coloured pants made you miss out on an all jeans photo op :)
    it's a great pic.
    And I super love that quote.


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