Thursday, 4 October 2012

Ordering my new toy! {Blogtoberfest day #3}

Tonight I ordered my late birthday present, a KitchenAid Artisan Mixer... I will do a birthday haul once this gift arrives... But I am beyond excited, I love it already and it looks so pretty! I will keep the colour a secret until it gets here, it feels more exciting that way (yeah, I am a weirdo...) 
I did love the Copper coloured Mixer from the Platinum range, but for right now I don't think I need something that extravagant. Maybe once I am due for an upgrade after this one I will get a Platinum. 
The colour I did pick though is so typically 'Bindy', that's the only hint I will give, my close friends will maybe be able to guess it... Maybe. 
It should arrive in about a week and I cannot wait to start baking with it! Getting it for my birthday is perfect timing as well because it is just in time for my busiest baking seasons - Christmas! 
Gosh, I am so excited... 
Ok, here are a few images of different coloured KitchenAid Mixers, which colour do you think I picked?
Source: via Asma on Pinterest
                           This ice blue is gorgeous and so similar to turquoise which you all know I love!! 
Source: via Katie on Pinterest
                                           This colour is Antique Copper isn't it beautiful! 

These are the colours I had to choose from, which one do you think I selected? 
Source: via Yana on Pinterest

My Uncle suggested I get this colour... 
Or maybe I went classic red?
I really like this yellow, it matches my kitchen perfectly. But unfortunately we don't have this colour available in Australia. (I think there are different colours in each country...)
This one is amazing!! But this colour is only available in the Platinum range, but still so gorgeous!! If it came with the bedazzling already done I probably would've bought this! HAHA. I do love my bling!
Anyway, let me know in the comments below which colour you think is the one I fell in love with!
I am so excited!! Cannot wait for this baby to arrive and start to create all sorts of yumminess!!
Love you all!


  1. I have the red just becuase it matches my kitchen but Im loving the ice blue it just warms my heart when I see it. But as you know which ever color you choose you will love bc this mixer is heaven. I love it and know you will too cant wait to see

    1. Thanks for the comment Kelli! I love your blog! :) The ice blue was one of my 2 tops picks, it is gorgeous!

  2. That bling blinder is adorable! ;-)


    1. I know right! When I saw it I did thing of you, because I know you love bling too! :)

  3. I hope you got the pink sparkly one. :)) Happy belated birthday!

    1. Ooo I wish I could've got the pink sparkly one! If it was available, I would've picked that one!! Thank you for the birthday wishes! :) xo


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