Monday, 8 October 2012

Music Monday {Blogtoberfest Day #8}

Ok, I am a huge country music lover... I admit it. I am a diehard country fan, I love listening to songs about dogs, trucks, solo cups, hunting, simple ways of life and love. I dream of seeing some of the country music greats play at the Grand Ole Opry or even just a concert in Nashville or Texas would be amazing, actually anywhere people love, appreciate and 'get into' country music I would be happy with...
So I thought I would share some of my latest country music favourites with y'all and try to convert some of you into loving this wonderful genre of music! (These aren't all 'new' songs, but they are what I am loving right now...)
  • Ok the first song I want to mention is by 'Love and Theft' - 'Angel Eyes'... But the darn song won't allow me to put a video on my blog or some crap, so click HERE to listen... :)
  • The next is 'Wanted' by 'Hunter Hayes'... Not only is this guy super adorable, seriously he is like the guy version of Taylor Swift, his voice is awesome and he can play almost any instrument, so he is mega talented! 
  • 'Country Must Be Country Wide' by Brantley Gilbert is another song I love, this one sounds great when I play it loud when I am driving...
  • 'Lee Brice' sings the sweetest song, 'Woman Like You'. 
  • I am obsessed with the Pistol Annies... I would love to see them play live! Their song 'Takin Pills' can be found HERE. (Another silly link that won't play on blogger)
  • 'Craig Morgans' 'This Ole Boy' is another favourite...
  • 'Carrie Underwoods' 'Blown Away' has a great sound...
  •  If you want to read/hear more of my favourite songs, please check out THIS link!
Clearly, you can tell I have a more than just a few favourites, I seriously could list 100's of songs, but I will cut it off now... :)
Maybe 'Music Monday' will become a reoccurring thing, what do you think?
Hope you enjoyed this post!
Love you all.


  1. I love Pistol Annies! Actually, there has been a lot of good songs that have come out recently in country music! =)


  2. I love finding new songs! Thank you for sharing these! I'm a county music girl at heart! CMC gets me through my weekend cleaning hehe you should do 'Music Monday' and we can all join in :-)


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