Monday, 29 October 2012

Music Monday #3 link up! {Blogtoberfest Day #29}

Hey everyone! 
I am back with another 'Music Monday' post! This week I had a good friend mention that she was going to 'link up with me' and join in on 'Music Monday' so I thought, why not start a link up party for every Monday!  If you want to be apart of this please sign up below so you can share your link & also grab my 'Music Monday' button and put it in your post! 
Now onto the music... To be perfectly honest I've been having a lot of 'quiet time' lately while I've been at the hospital with Mum (read why HERE) so I don't have a whole list of 'new songs' to share with you all. But I am going to draw inspiration from my day, today has been unusually chilly, it's meant to be spring time & it feels more like autumn! So here are some songs sticking with a 'weather' theme;
  • Colder Weather - The Zac Brown Band (I love this band!) 
  • Weather With You - Crowded House. (I have loved this song since I can remember... It's a classic) 

  • Waiting On The World To Change - John Mayer. (Been a favourite forever)
  • Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
  • So Small - Carrie Underwood

  • She's On Fire - Train (a song to warm us up! I have been a Train fan since maybe I was 13-14)

So they are my picks for this 'Music Monday', what do you think? I know most of them are old & well known (maybe?) but I love them! 
If you feel like sharing what songs you are loving lately or your all time favourite song please feel free to link up below & grab the button to share the love, I would really appreciate it! (Don't feel obliged to stick with the theme I have, just share what you love. But if you need inspiration feel free to use the 'weather theme'!) 

Please LINK UP here, so I can check out your post!

Love you all. 

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