Sunday, 21 October 2012

Introducing 'Beau' {Blogtoberfest Day #21}

The other day my family (my parents & brothers) welcomed a new member into our clan... This is Beau our hound dog, I think he is very cute... 
Our little Beau.
So that is my families newest member, he is pretty adorable. 
He is quiet a big puppy, he is 10 weeks old and already 9.2kg!! That's crazy, Daisy is only 16kg... So it's fair to say he is going to be a monster, but a cute monster! And he loves to be snuggled, which I find really funny and I do love to snuggle him! He is like a giant baby! 
Hope you went 'awww' when you saw his cute little face!
Love you all.


  1. So cute, Beau kind of looks like my and my sisters old dog named Pie (lol).
    He has gorgeous colouring.
    I most definitely went Awwww :)


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