Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween 2012 & decorations {Blogtoberfest Day #31}

Hey everyone!
How was your Halloween? 
Mine was interesting, I woke up at 1am to a massive thunderstorm & then tried to go back sleep, then at 5am I woke up with Trent, the lovely storm had thrown our electricity out so we fixed that & I tried once again to go back to bed, which was unsuccessful... I woke up, did some housework, quickly filmed my 'Halloween Decorations' video (which I thought I had already, turns out I think I dreamt it). 
Then I headed out to spend the day with Mum, because she still needs someone caring for her after her operation... I love spending time with Mum, so that made my day good! :)
So here are some photos of my 'Halloween Decorations'... 
Fire place decorations.
Happy Halloween.
My spooky corner...
My creepy witches. I love super scary decorations like the bottom one, but they are so hard to find in Australia!
Halloween Smurfs!
Book case decorations.
I love this creepy photo!!
Spook loves Halloween!
And here's my decorations video, sorry it's kind of crap... I was having a difficult morning with power outages & tech difficulties, so please excuse it's crapiness... :)
If you want to check out my decorations from 2011 please click HERE...  Or how I spent my 2011 Halloween day click HERE
Hope you had a Spook-tactular day!! 
Love you all.


  1. The decorations look awesome! You did such a great job. I, on the hand, didn't do anything for Halloween at all.


  2. I nominated you for a Liebster Blog award! Check out my post! =)



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