Thursday, 18 October 2012

Daisy-May gets a hair cut {Blogtoberfest Day #18}

So today Trent and I did something a little funny, it was necessary but still funny. We took our border collie Daisy to go get shaved...
She needed to be done because she has a very fluffy tail & legs and unfortunately prickles get all tangled in her fur and it is a lot to pluck them all out, so we figured because the weather is warming up we should get her clipped. 
We took her to a vet who sedated her so she wouldn't be scared, I think she looks a little bit funny but very cute. I've always wanted an Italian greyhound and Daisy looks just like one now!
Daisy May all fluffy (these photos were taken a few months ago & the top one is from last September, she is so beautiful & fluffy!)
Before her trip to the vet for a trim.
All trimmed and shaved.
"What have they done to you Daisy" - Duke.... "Don't ask..." - Daisy.
Haha. She looks so cute.
We are thinking of getting Duke shaved next week, because the warmer weather is now here... What do you think? I keep thinking of the dog at the end of Major Payne (haha!)
She doesn't seem to impressed, she looks so cute! 
Skinny minnie!
Daisy May all shaved...
I also filmed a short 'daily vlog' today... Nothing super crazy, just a bit of Daisy, Duke, Mishka & Spook... 

I hope you all got a laugh out of this post, I surely laugh every time I look at poor Daisy, but this is the best thing for her... Not only will she be cooler & her fur grow back nicer she will no longer have to deal with me pulling prickles out of her tail...
Have you shaved your dog before? If yes, what sort of dog was it?
We are seriously considering shaving Duke, but I am a bit worried he will look even worse!!
Let me know what you think in the comments below!
If you want to see more funny photos of Daisy, check out my instagram account I am always posting lots of pet pictures! My username is 'bella_in_bindyland'... 
Love you all.

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