Friday, 12 October 2012

A winter outfit in spring?! WHAT? {Blogtoberfest12 Day #12}

Ok so today was cold and when I say cold I don't mean a little chilly so I wore a hoodie, I mean FREEZING. 
So cold, that I wore 3 layers of tops and I was still shivering, like the sort of cold I expect in the middle of winter - not SPRING!! 
And I am not overreacting either on this, it seriously has been snowing in New South Wales and it sleeted in towns just a few hours from where I live. 
This seriously just blows my mind, that technically it is the middle of spring right now, yet we are experiencing a cold snap that is probably similar to the weather Americans have right now! (I do wish our weather was the same as America though, Halloween is much more appropriate in autumn). 
And I love the cold, but I love it in winter, not spring! 
Our weather is insane, just the other day we were experiencing a mid 30degree (95 Fahrenheit) day and today it barely got over 15degrees (59 Fahrenheit)!! Like what the?! Tonight will be super cold, it will be around 5degrees (41 Fahrenheit) and it sucks because Trent isn't home (night shift) so I don't have my personal foot warmer so I guess I will just sleep with a heat pack. I can't rely on the darn cats, because if Trent is on nightshift they wait until I'm about to go to bed and they play a game of tag for about 2 hours... They are ridiculous and laying in a old dark house all by yourself listening to 2 cats run around like crazy animals is zero fun!
I spent this oddly cold day with Mum, running around town doing some shopping and errands. I would've preferred to spend the day snuggled in bed, but a day with Mum was just as good!
I don't really have much else to say, but I did film an 'outfit of the day/vlog' video, sorry it's a bit rambley, it's a habit - sorry!

I really love this outfit, it's my favourite sort of 'cold weather outfit'. Jeans + a cool sweater =  perfect! (I have to wear my hair up in a bun in this sort of weather because super long hair + wind = dreadlocks, which suck!!) 
The days are meant to start to get back to being warm by the middle of next week, so lets hope so! 
What is the weather like where you live?
Love you all.

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