Monday, 1 October 2012

A cute Thursday... {Blogtoberfest day #1}

Last week was 'Carnival Of Flowers' here in Toowoomba, on Saturday I attended the 'Floral Parade' and on Thursday Trent and I went to Queens Park to admire all the pretty flowers... Well, it was more like Trent took me out for a nice lunch and then took me to Queens Park so I could check out the flowers - haha. 
But it was nice, even if he wasn't as excited as I was... He did say I would make the perfect senior citizen one day though, because I already seem to enjoy most things 'old ladies' like. (What sparked that comment was there were a lot of older people at the park and I asked Trent if when we are old will he still take me to the park to see the flowers...)
So anyway, here are some shots from our day out together...
Cafe Valetta for lunch!
Bubbles make lunch more fun!
My gorgeous date... :) 
At lunch.
I love these flowers...
These garden was made out of cabbages!
A herb garden... 
I love the designs they make in the garden beds...
How cool is this 'giant flower'...
Trent and I.
Me at Queens Park...
Lady beetle.
I had a wonderful day with my husband...
Then we had some gelato at the new 'Gelatissimo' in Toowoomba. If you haven't tried it, go NOW! It is yummy!
So that was my cute Thursday, if you live in Toowoomba did you visit any of the gardens?
Thanks for reading!
Love you all.

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