Saturday, 6 October 2012

2 days in Mackay + HAUL video {Anniversary road trip Day 7-8}

I am so sorry these posts have been so stretched out, but this is my post about days 7 & 8 of our road trip! 
Day 7 of our trip was actually our 1 year wedding anniversary (July 30th) and we were in Mackay staying at my sisters house, it was really good to see her and her pets. Trent and I spent some time together in the morning, then Trent went fishing & I went shopping with Nicole for the afternoon. I purchased some really nice things whilst in Mackay, my haul video will be at the end of this post! Then we all went out for dinner together to Outback Jacks that evening. It was a nice anniversary and I enjoyed spending time with my sister.
Trent and I on our anniversary! 
Nicoles guinea pig 'Pepe' and I. 
Nicoles dalmatian 'Ozie'.
Nicole and I before our shopping spree!
I found a giant 'B' when I was shopping!
What I bought when I was on holidays!
Trent and I before our anniversary dinner!
Nikki and I.
Outback Jacks.
Trent and I got a special celebration dessert that was bought out by the waiters :)
Me at Outback Jacks.
After our dinner.
Day 8 we did a day trip to Eungella National Park, it's roughly an hour drive from Mackay. We saw some platypuses in the wild which was really cool as I've never seen a platypus in the wild. For lunch we ate at the Eimeo Hotel , it has an amazing view and the food was nice. We then just walked on the beach and then went back to Nicole's house and relaxed and prepared to head home the next day.
Before we left for our day trip Nicole and I filmed a quick video for you all...
So now you have met 'Pepe' & 'Ozie' (I call him Watson)
Fishtail braid for day 8.
Driving up to Eungella.
Nicole and I at Eungella National Park.
Platypus hunting...
At Eungella looking for platypuses!
I love bushwalking and being around nature. I think these photos are really nice.
My husband! 
The view from lunch at the Eimeo Pub.
Walking along the beach.
Nikki and I at the beach.
Trent and I.
So this was our last day of our holiday, the next day was a lot of driving (but I will do a post on all that). 
We enjoyed our time in Mackay, it was nice to see Nikki and visit some places we've never been to before. The weather was quiet nice considering it was Winter and we had a lot of fun. 
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This is my haul video from our trip away...

Sorry it is so long!
Thank you so much for reading & watching!
Stay tuned for the final post in this 'road trippin' for the anniversary' series... 
Love you all.


  1. Looks like a great time!

    You are very beautiful!



    1. Aw thank you so much Brooke, it was a lovely time!! xo


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