Tuesday, 30 October 2012

10 on Tuesday {Blogtoberfest Day #30}

Here are 10 random points that have crossed my mind lately, some are about me & some are just about life in general...

  1. No matter how clean I keep our house when Trent is at work, as soon as he is on days off it looks like a World War something tore through the place... Unbelievable. Lucky I love the guy!
  2. I really am not a fan of hair brushing, my hair may get brushed a few times in the morning then it's thrown up in a bun, then at night time I may drag a brush over it. But seriously, there are days where I pull it out of a bun that it's been in for 2 days and I realise I have dread locks, I kid you not. I much prefer to focus on make up then hair.
  3. I still feel a little guilty about doing THIS to Daisy, it is the best for her. But, boy does she look funny! Oh well, she makes me smile everyday.
  4. Speaking of smiles, I love being surrounded by pets. My pets all make me happy everyday & I love to visit at my parents house, their 2 cats would have to be the most hilarious animals on the planet!
  5. Social media actually annoys me most of the time. Like it's great sometimes, but other times I want to shut it all off, but that's lame & drama queens only pull that stunt. I think I may one day explain my actual feelings on this topic in more depth... But for now lets just say, it pisses me off sometimes. (Mainly the people on the sites, not the actual concept of social media.) 
  6. I am really excited about how close Christmas is. I can't wait to start Christmas crafting & to decorate!
  7. I am fairly stoked that I have been able to almost complete Blogtoberfest 2012! I only have 1 more day to write & I've written 31 posts in 31 days!!
  8. I am finding it really hard to come up with these final points, I have had writers block all day...
  9. I spent my whole day cleaning my house & doing lots of laundry, I am beyond exhausted. But I love the feeling of having my house all pretty & clean.
  10. I watched the news coverage of Hurricane Sandy this morning, it looked quiet scary. I pray for everyones safety and if any of my readers are on the East Coast or have been affected by the storm please let me know how you are all holding up. You are all in my thoughts! x
Well, that's my 10 on Tuesday... 
Sorry it was so random, I seriously struggled writing that, I hate writers block!
Love you all.

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  1. I can't wait to see what you create for Christmas! I am getting excited too! =)



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