Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Halloween 2012 & decorations {Blogtoberfest Day #31}

Hey everyone!
How was your Halloween? 
Mine was interesting, I woke up at 1am to a massive thunderstorm & then tried to go back sleep, then at 5am I woke up with Trent, the lovely storm had thrown our electricity out so we fixed that & I tried once again to go back to bed, which was unsuccessful... I woke up, did some housework, quickly filmed my 'Halloween Decorations' video (which I thought I had already, turns out I think I dreamt it). 
Then I headed out to spend the day with Mum, because she still needs someone caring for her after her operation... I love spending time with Mum, so that made my day good! :)
So here are some photos of my 'Halloween Decorations'... 
Fire place decorations.
Happy Halloween.
My spooky corner...
My creepy witches. I love super scary decorations like the bottom one, but they are so hard to find in Australia!
Halloween Smurfs!
Book case decorations.
I love this creepy photo!!
Spook loves Halloween!
And here's my decorations video, sorry it's kind of crap... I was having a difficult morning with power outages & tech difficulties, so please excuse it's crapiness... :)
If you want to check out my decorations from 2011 please click HERE...  Or how I spent my 2011 Halloween day click HERE
Hope you had a Spook-tactular day!! 
Love you all.

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

10 on Tuesday {Blogtoberfest Day #30}

Here are 10 random points that have crossed my mind lately, some are about me & some are just about life in general...

  1. No matter how clean I keep our house when Trent is at work, as soon as he is on days off it looks like a World War something tore through the place... Unbelievable. Lucky I love the guy!
  2. I really am not a fan of hair brushing, my hair may get brushed a few times in the morning then it's thrown up in a bun, then at night time I may drag a brush over it. But seriously, there are days where I pull it out of a bun that it's been in for 2 days and I realise I have dread locks, I kid you not. I much prefer to focus on make up then hair.
  3. I still feel a little guilty about doing THIS to Daisy, it is the best for her. But, boy does she look funny! Oh well, she makes me smile everyday.
  4. Speaking of smiles, I love being surrounded by pets. My pets all make me happy everyday & I love to visit at my parents house, their 2 cats would have to be the most hilarious animals on the planet!
  5. Social media actually annoys me most of the time. Like it's great sometimes, but other times I want to shut it all off, but that's lame & drama queens only pull that stunt. I think I may one day explain my actual feelings on this topic in more depth... But for now lets just say, it pisses me off sometimes. (Mainly the people on the sites, not the actual concept of social media.) 
  6. I am really excited about how close Christmas is. I can't wait to start Christmas crafting & to decorate!
  7. I am fairly stoked that I have been able to almost complete Blogtoberfest 2012! I only have 1 more day to write & I've written 31 posts in 31 days!!
  8. I am finding it really hard to come up with these final points, I have had writers block all day...
  9. I spent my whole day cleaning my house & doing lots of laundry, I am beyond exhausted. But I love the feeling of having my house all pretty & clean.
  10. I watched the news coverage of Hurricane Sandy this morning, it looked quiet scary. I pray for everyones safety and if any of my readers are on the East Coast or have been affected by the storm please let me know how you are all holding up. You are all in my thoughts! x
Well, that's my 10 on Tuesday... 
Sorry it was so random, I seriously struggled writing that, I hate writers block!
Love you all.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Music Monday #3 link up! {Blogtoberfest Day #29}

Hey everyone! 
I am back with another 'Music Monday' post! This week I had a good friend mention that she was going to 'link up with me' and join in on 'Music Monday' so I thought, why not start a link up party for every Monday!  If you want to be apart of this please sign up below so you can share your link & also grab my 'Music Monday' button and put it in your post! 
Now onto the music... To be perfectly honest I've been having a lot of 'quiet time' lately while I've been at the hospital with Mum (read why HERE) so I don't have a whole list of 'new songs' to share with you all. But I am going to draw inspiration from my day, today has been unusually chilly, it's meant to be spring time & it feels more like autumn! So here are some songs sticking with a 'weather' theme;
  • Colder Weather - The Zac Brown Band (I love this band!) 
  • Weather With You - Crowded House. (I have loved this song since I can remember... It's a classic) 

  • Waiting On The World To Change - John Mayer. (Been a favourite forever)
  • Safe & Sound - Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
  • So Small - Carrie Underwood

  • She's On Fire - Train (a song to warm us up! I have been a Train fan since maybe I was 13-14)

So they are my picks for this 'Music Monday', what do you think? I know most of them are old & well known (maybe?) but I love them! 
If you feel like sharing what songs you are loving lately or your all time favourite song please feel free to link up below & grab the button to share the love, I would really appreciate it! (Don't feel obliged to stick with the theme I have, just share what you love. But if you need inspiration feel free to use the 'weather theme'!) 

Please LINK UP here, so I can check out your post!

Love you all. 

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Get well soon Mumma. {Blogtoberfest Day #28}

Hey everyone! 
Last Thursday (25th October 2012) my Mum had an operation. The surgery was on her spine/neck. The surgery was successful the specialist said, but she did suffer a complication during the operation. 
Basically she lost a lot of blood & needed a transfusion which meant she had to be in the intensive care unit for over 24 hours. Which was a bit scary, but she was being looked after by the best of the best, so that made us all feel a bit better, but still I wish it hadn't happened. It's never fun having someone you love in the ICU.
My beautiful Mum and I on Wednesday before her operation. 
Trent drove me down to Brisbane on Thursday and we arrived around lunch time, then he returned back to Toowoomba to be with my younger brothers. (Mum was out of surgery by the time I got there, her operation was an early morning one, Dad & Mum spent the night before in Brisbane.)
Dad & I stayed with Mum in the ICU for as long as we could on Thursday, we then left to go have dinner & get some sleep. We spent Thursday night in Brisbane at a nearby hotel. 
Dad & I walked around the city & we found cows! 
Dreaming... Dad said he called ahead of time & told them to close up early. HAHA. My Dad is hilarious.
City Hall in Brisbane.
I found a giant game of connect 4, Dad wouldn't play though. 
I thought this was so cool! My maiden name is 'Bartley' so it was cool to find this street sign!
On Friday Mum stayed in the ICU until about lunch time, but she was up moving around a little & eating. So this was awesome progress. We returned back to Toowoomba late that afternoon, Mum was about to sleep when we left because she was very exhausted.  
To keep myself entertained while we were at the hospital over those 2 days I did some hand stitching for some future Christmas sewing projects. It was pretty cool that a lot of the nurses commented how good it looked and how nice it was to see someone (especially a 'young' person) doing hand stitching because they hadn't seen someone do it in years. So that made me feel very good.
I did some Christmas hand stitching while Mum was in hospital. 
On Saturday I didn't go to Brisbane, but Dad & my little brother did and Mum wasn't well at all, she had gone downhill a little. This wasn't great, we had been told she maybe able to come home on Saturday but that didn't happen. 
Today Dad & I went back down to Brisbane and we got to bring my Mum home! I was so happy that she could come home! The drive from Brisbane to Toowoomba is 2 hours, so we needed to have a break half way, so we visited my Nins (Grandma) house.
 Found a photo of this cutie at my Nins house! I was a damn cute kid!!
We got home around 4pm and Mum just headed straight to bed. She is very tired, but it is great she is home in her own bed.
Thanks to everyone for your positive thoughts & messages on my social media accounts. Hopefully Mum is on the road to recovery now and doesn't have any set backs! She should be much better in a little over a month! 
Get well soon Mumma, I love you! 
Love you all.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Final anniversary road trip post!! {Blogtoberfest Day #27}

On the 1st of August we made our way home from Mackay. (Sorry this blog is so late!) We were up early, farewelled my sister Nicole & her pets and hit the road for a 12 hour drive. 
Car packed and ready to go!!
Bye bye Watson!!
Bye Pepe!
See ya later Nikki!
This was our last day of our anniversary road trip, we were exhausted and couldn't wait to get home to our furbabies and own beds! 
I filmed a vlog just after we left Mackay, so here it is for you all;

We did make one more stop on the way, we visited the Capricorn Caves which are just outside of Rockhampton. This is the third time I've visited the caves (once with my family & another time with my school on senior camp) but it was the first time for Trent. 
If you are in the Rockhampton area I suggest you check out the caves, they are interesting & I think they are pretty! We did want to do the 'adventure tour' in the caves (small space crawls etc) but we just didn't have enough time! So we just did the normal tour, which is still good.
Walking up to the caves.
Inside the caves.
On the cave tour!
See this rock formation kind of looks like little palm trees...
Trent and I in the cave!
In the cathedral area of the caves. People get married here, it is very beautiful.
Capricorn Caves.
At the end of the tour we get to guide ourselves out. :)
Swinging bridges are fun!
After we explored the caves we also had a quick lunch break in Rocky and then continued on the long drive. 
I started to get a little bored in the car, obviously.
We did have to drive through the night for a bit, which isn't a lot of fun. We saw a lot of wildlife on the road sides, that is always a bit worrying because those little guys do not know their road rules!
Watching the sunset & the moon appear all while driving home...
Driving into the night.
This damn hare wouldn't get off the road, this was about half an hour away from home & we had to slow down and let it run off the road, it seriously just kept running in down the road! HAHA. Silly hare!
Mossman & Mackay were the places we went to visit, they were nice in warm in winter. We returned to Toowoomba to freezing temperatures! 
We were so pleased to see these 4 little furry faces, we missed them dearly!
We did get home pretty late & we were exhausted. Our trip was wonderful & we had a great time and it was just what we needed!
If you would like to read about the other days of our anniversary road trip here are the links;
I hope you enjoyed all my holiday posts! Sorry they were so stretched out, but finally they are all up and completed!
Love you all.