Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Update on my 'fur brothers' {Kokoda, Kabuki & Marlin}

I thought I would catch you all up with 3 of my favourite pets! Well, technically they are my parents pets (so I guess that makes them my 'fur brothers'), but I love the 3 of them so much like they are my own. Over the weekend I captured some (in my opinion) great shots of Marlin, Kabuki and Kokoda that I thought I would share with you all... 
It is hard to believe this handsome doggie was once THIS cute little puppy!
You must die now tiny horse... No, you first giant cat. 
I cannot believe I never did an 'introductory kitten' post about this little guy... Anyway this is Mums gorgeous Bengal cat; Kabuki. I love him so much!
Marlin... He was once such a tiny little kitten full of attitude, now he is a giant cat full of attitude... 
These photos clearly show what sort of cats my parents have raised... I think they are a bit more than 'friends'... Remember THIS photo I took back at Easter? Well, this was when I first discovered their relationship - haha.
As weird as these photos are, I think they are so adorable...
Well, that is how the pets are doing, well my parents 3... All are still adorable and hilarious as normal and are loved so much.
Let me know what your favourite photo was in the comments below!
Love you all.

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  1. Adorable pics! That orange cat is really pretty, very unique looking! =)



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