Wednesday, 26 September 2012

TCOF floral parade 2012.

Hi everyone!
On Saturday I attended my first ever Carnival Of Flowers 'Floral Parade'. I was lucky enough to be given tickets to go by 'Grand Central' so I could sit under a tent & had a reserved seat. I took my Mumma and my good friend Ash along for company. 
It was a really fun few hours, the floats looked beautiful & there were so many flowers! 
I love that the town I live in does something like this, so many people came out to watch & everyone waved us the floats went by... It was so great, I loved every second of it.
Here are some photos from the day;
My beautiful Mumma and me!
Ash and me!
Ruthven Street. Parade day, the only day you are legally allowed to write on the streets! (Children are given chalk to decorate the road!)
The town crier!
Grand Central Floral Parade!
Grand Central float with Happy Feet characters!
Garden of Eden stilt walkers. Aren't they amazing!
Heritage Bank pig!
FBI/CIA/Men In Black... Not sure who these guys were but they were walking in front of...
Fast Ed from Better Homes & Gardens. 
The Guide Dog display which was proudly sponsored by the company my Dad & Trent work for! 
There were lots of fabulous bands, but this one was my favourite. They were all older ladies and they were awesome! 
Tank and Gardener... ? Yeah, I don't know either...
Woolworths float.
There were a lot of interesting multicultural displays.  
I liked the how the cyclist decorated their bikes!
The Storm Troopers invaded Toowoomba!
The Breast Cancer float.
This beagle seemed to find the carnival a bit boring, so he yawned! HAHA.
There were even small floats.
Another great band!
The stilt walkers were awesome! 
Save the Koala! 
The Continental Herding Club float. Any display with dogs I think is great!
Loved this truck!
The USQ float had a 'social media' theme... Love the giant Twitter bird!
The Farmers display. The decorated cows were really cool! 
Another marching band, I love the music made by a good marching band! 
Rodeo float!
Taxi display.
I was so amazed by these girls, if I tried to do this I would fall and break my neck!
Toowoomba Regional Council float. The inspiration for this design apparently came from some of the original floats from the 1950's, the girl is the 'Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers Ambassador' - Zoe Willadsen. 
WIN NEWS float.
Yeah, I have no idea.
Highfields Lions boat/float!
The Toowoomba Scouts made a wonderful float!
I love how this girl posed for a photo for me! 
This dragon was really cool!
Even the local speedway made a truck all pretty!
I thought this display was adorable... It is for the Girl Guides.
Another stilt walker. I loved all their beautiful costumes!
The Toowoomba Volkswagon Club.
The Rural Fire Brigade... They were a bit cheeky and sprayed the crowds with water, which I am sure some people didn't mind because it was crazily hot!
 Horses! :)
I had a wonderful day at the parade and can't wait for next year!
So that was the parade! I thought it was really awesome & I was so excited about going, simply because I have never really been to a parade like that before. I had lots of fun watching all the gorgeous floats, waving at people and just spending time with my Mum & Ash. 
Next year when I go I think I will just film it, because trying to take photos is a little tricky. Some of the floats were hurrying past & even with the photos I did take, I always find it so hard to decide which photos to include... So I picked my favourite and still I included 50+ images, so sorry about that!
The Carnival Of Flowers is running all week until Sunday and there are still some great things to see & do around our beautiful town. I highly suggest heading to the parks at least to check out the flower displays, I will be there hopefully Thursday (Trent has said he will take me!) If you would like more information on TCOF please click HERE. I cannot say enough good things about this event, I love it. I love living in town where we have an annual event that brings in visitors from not only all over Australia but also people travel from all over the world to be here. It is such a pretty carnival & if you have a chance check it out. I am hoping next year Trent isn't working and we can go to the 'Flower, Food & Wine Festival'. 
Anyway, I will stop professing my love for this carnival but seriously if you have the chance just go walk through Queens Park and admire the beautiful gardens.
After the parade Mum & I had some lunch and headed out to Geham for a craft fair.
If you did go to the Toowoomba Carnival Of Flowers, let me know in the comments below what you did & what you think of this event! :) 
Thank you once again to 'Grand Central' for hooking me up with some great tickets, we really appreciated having nice seats to sit on & being undercover! 
Love you all.


  1. This looks like such a fun parade!

  2. Thank goodness you didn't snap a pic of me! I won't tell you where I was but I was there. Lovely to come across another Nuffnang blogger in Toowoomba

    1. Aw wonderful, I'm so pleased to meet a fellow Nuffnang blogger from our town :) I haven't met any others! Thank you for stopping by! x


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