Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Our wonderful weekend continued... {Sunday}

So you heard all about my Saturday, which was wonderful and relaxing... Well the relaxation and good times continued for our Sunday together. 
We slept in and then headed to the 'Mummy Tree' markets for a quick look (last time I went they had some lovely Easter items and I picked up a gorgeous rabbit and I was hoping they would have some Christmas stuff, but there was none to be seen except a few cards). 
So many pretties! And the bottom photo is full of things I love!
We then decided to head out for an afternoon of fishing with my younger brother, Tristan. It was a beautiful afternoon and great to be relaxing in the sun in a gorgeous location.
Dirt road anthem...
Berries by the river, perfect! And yes, I am in shorts, yes my legs are very white but finally in shorts!! Bring on the warmer months!
What a gorgeous place!
Oo which one? They are all so pretty! This is just SOME of Trent's lures, he thinks I have to many clothes and to much make-up, well I think someone has to many lures! Haha. 
We watched this bird dive under the water for almost half and hour and then go dry himself on a tree.
Yes I can and do fish! :) And may I just add, holy crap my hair is long is these photos!! I am so proud of it!
I love being in places like this, surrounded by nature and just pure beauty!
My man doing what he loves...
This place is very beautiful!
Love him.
Tristan took some great shots on my camera.
I know I've said it all through out this post, but this place was beautiful! 
My fishing buddies! (Typical "brother-in-laws" stand so far apart... haha)
The end of our Sunday! 
Driving home...
So that was our Sunday, how was yours? 
I am so glad the weather is starting to warm up so we can spend more weekends outdoors soaking up the sun! Sometimes you just need to relax in the sun and recharge, do you know what I mean? 
This was the best weekend I've had in a while, it was just relaxing and nice! 
Thanks for reading!
Love you all.


  1. Did you catch any fish Bindy?? I love those birds that sun themselves like that! There was one at my old work and when i first saw it i literaly laughed and starred for ages! So funny! Looks like a beautiful afternoon!

    1. Nah, the fishes weren't biting that day! It was a lovely afternoon... :)


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