Friday, 7 September 2012

My week and what made me smile!

Hey guys!
I hope your week is going well... 
The past few days have been full on for me. Well, actually it feels like I haven't stopped since gosh I can't even remember. It's just like every day I have something on or to do... And they aren't huge things to do, it's basic stuff but it's just very constant... So I am feeling a bit exhausted.
On Wednesday Mum and I went out to the 'Ag Show' for the day to watch my younger brothers participate in the cattle judging... 
Bigger the hair, closer to heaven!
Half of Ag show...
Tristan judging cattle...
My 2 brothers! 
Yes, I may only go to the Ag Show to see all the cute baby animals...
Isn't this Kelpie adorable, I bought a ticket in the competition to win him (my whole family bought tickets!) but unfortunately none of us won him! I hope he went to a nice home though!! 
I indulged in this tasty treat... Oh my gosh it was so good!
We then returned home to look for Marlin (our family cat). He had gone missing, normally if we let him outside he returns, but this time he hadn't. He was missing from about 6am to maybe 7:30pm... We spent all afternoon looking up and down the street, calling out his name, driving around and we even asked all the neighbours. I had a sign designed and ready to be printed to put in peoples mailboxes if he hadn't returned by morning. 
I quickly did my groceries very late that evening and then rushed home to make Trent's dinner, just as I was serving dinner Mum rang and said she was standing out on the back pergola area calling out his name, tapping on a milk carton and she saw him walking down the street. He was doing his 'I know I am in trouble' walk! I was so relieved he was found, as much of a feral cat he is we all love him dearly. So that was a positive end to a busy and stressful day!
Yesterday I did get to have a little sleep in to try and recharge. Not long after I woke up Mum was at my house to go out for lunch and then we were back out to the 'Ag Show' to buy some dog food & cat litter. Random I know, but they were really good prices for such big bags. I just spent the day with Mum, I was so happy to go back out to my parents house so I could snuggle Marley. 
Aw Marley is home!! YAY the 'ass-hate' returned!
I asked Marlin how his exciting trip away was, he replied with a yawn. So it was either tiring or boring! HAHA.
I took this photo of myself at Mum & Dads and look at the sneaky little kitty trying to hope in the photo!! I love Kabuki!
So I have been having good days, but I've just been so busy and as I inch closer to my birthday I guess it's just a huge reminder of how old I will be (even though '24' isn't super old) and the fact I haven't achieved certain goals I had set for myself... So I've been a little down on myself, but yesterday when I checked the mail box I got a wonderful surprise from a fellow blogger and twitter/instagram friend Katy! We agreed to send each 'mix CDs' of our favourite country music and she sent hers first. I was so surprised and shocked, she didn't just send me a CD, she sent me a little 'enjoy summer' kit. It is adorable! 
The coolest parcel I have ever received! It says 'BINDYLAND'!! :) This alone made me so happy!
So thank you so much Katy! 
Please check out her blog HERE! 
I am so appreciative of the little parcel I got, it really made my day and made me so happy! It felt so nice to know someone went through effort to put together a few little things for me! So thank you Katy, it was a wonderful surprise. Keep an eye on your mailbox! (My Mum was there when I received it and she thought it was so cool!)
Another thing that made me smile this week was this video I created (I filmed it on Fathers Day)... 
Isn't it adorable! They are so, so weird! Yes, they are both boy cats, which is fine if that is how they choose to lead their lives... But seriously, they are the most odd cats! I love them so much, they always make me laugh and I hope they made you smile!
Love you all!


  1. Love getting fun mail ! Sweet kitty !


    1. I know, fun mail is the best!! Yes, the kitties are pretty adorable! xo

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    1. Hi, I am on Facebook 'Bella In Bindyland' and my Twitter is @bella_k :)


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