Saturday, 8 September 2012

My new fancy toy & August Haul!

Hey everyone!
If you follow me on instagram (bella_in_bindyland) you will already know that the other week I got a wonderful new toy! I finally picked my sewing machine out and bought it! To be honest it has taken me 8 months to decide on one and if in fact I actually wanted one. I decided to get the 'Singer 160' which is an anniversary 'limited edition' model. It just suited me, it looks vintage but is up to date with all the new technology and is simple to use! And funnily enough I actually 'pinned' this machine on Pinterest months back (Pinterest is telling me 29 weeks ago, so however long that is in months!), so it's cool I have actually got something I 'pinned'. 
I chose the option to lay-by the machine as I was still so indecisive about it and the lady at the store said if I changed my mind I could just transfer the payments, but I loved this one so much so I stuck with it!
I got a new sewing machine, so Trent got a very expensive Plano tackle box for fishing!! Haha.
Impressive? Stunning? Well, I think so!! I LOVE it!
So, this is my machine. I am still undecided on a name for it... So any suggestions would be wonderful! I am really proud of it and I can't wait to sew something. 
I LOVE it!
 So that was by far my most exciting purchase for the month of August... If you want to see what else I bought please check out the video below!

And look ^^^ I can now do 'custom thumbnails' on my YouTube videos!! YAY. No more awkward still shots of me mid-conversation! Thank the Lord!!
Anyway let me know what you think of my August Haul and have a wonderful weekend!
Love you all.


  1. Honestly, I love vintage cars. There's just something about the vintage stuffs. And then I saw your sewing machine I was like "This is awesome!" :) I remember we also have a Singer sewing machine but my mom gave it to my grandmother when the one that my grandma owns for a very long time was broken. That sure was old, too :)
    I'll look forward to your first project using your new Singer.
    Loved the video!

    1. Hi Lea, Thanks for your comment! I love everything vintage, especially the cars (we own an old pink Holden EK)! And I am so lucky to get this sewing machine, it is beautiful! My Grandma also has an old machine, I think it maybe a Singer as well! :)
      Thanks for such a kind comment, I appreciate it! :)


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