Monday, 3 September 2012

Hello Spring!

YAY, Spring is here! We just have had our first weekend of Spring, it was a wonderful one full of family time. 
Saturday was Mishka's 3rd birthday and Sunday was Father's Day!
We started the day with a family breakfast and then I spent the day with my Mumma whilst Trent spent the day with my Dad & brother out fishing at a local dam... 
Mishka having a nap... She wasn't super excited about turning 3 apparently... For more cute images of Mishka click HERE!!
Father's Day dessert! 
Happy Father's Day to the greatest man. I'm lucky to have such a great Dad!
Mwa, kisses for my wonderful husband on Father's Day. He is such an amazing 'Dad' to our fur babies and takes such good care of the pets and I! 
I love Spring, I think it is such a pretty time of year and September is also 'birthday month' for me! 
I thought over the weekend I would capture a few images that say 'Spring' to me, so enjoy!
These beautiful blooms were photographed at 'The Chocolate Cottage' at Highfields whilst I was having morning tea with my Mum. 
I drive past this tree several times each week when I leave my parents... Lately it has started to bloom with the most gorgeous flowers, so this weekend I had to pull over and take some shots! Isn't it wonderful! 
These photos are taken of my Mumma's beautiful flowers! 
I've been trying to grow some of my own flowers! Hopefully I will have some lovely flowers soon! 
I love this image. SPRING is here, goodbye Winter!!
I really love photographing flowers, so let me know what you thought of my shots! I love Spring and I am so glad it's finally here! I am actually really excited for the warmer weather, I am normally not a fan of the heat, but lately I've been craving those warm days! 
What do you love about Spring?
Love you all.


  1. I am adoring the light behind those Sweet Peas, Happy Springtime xo

    1. Thank you for your kind comment... Sorry once again I missed the yard sale! x


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