Monday, 10 September 2012

Dog walking & flowers!

This weekend Trent was off from work so we took full advantage of it and spent some much needed time together. We slept in late, watched movies and did a whole lot of nothing. 
On Saturday afternoon we decided we would take the hounds for a stroll through one of the local parks... It was a very pretty walk because all the flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are sprouting new leaves because it's the start of Spring! 
They are so excited when we go for walks. But they know at all corners they have to 'sit' before crossing the road!
Afternoon walk.
I feel lucky to live so close to such a pretty park.
Trent & Duke.
Daisy & I...
Trent and Daisy on the swings.
Dog walking makes me happy... :)
I love Spring...
They were happy with their walk...
Look what I grew! Yes, I grew them all on my own!! (Today another flower opened and I can see like 10 more forming!! I am a Mumma to flowers!!)
How was your Saturday? What did you do?
My Sunday was just as nice as the Saturday, stay tuned for that blog soon! 
Love you all.


  1. Pretty photo's!


    Cute puppies!


    1. Thanks for the comment Brooke!! They are the cutest pups, but I maybe a little bias :)

  2. Your spring photos are just simply breathtaking!!!
    Love the photo of Trent and Duke!

    1. Aw thank you, I liked them too! Trent & Duke are the best of friends they are so cute together! :)


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