Saturday, 18 August 2012

Surfing through the jungle... {Anniversary road trip day 4}

Day 4 of our 'anniversary roadtrip' was probably the most exciting day! 
Once again we were up early, worked out in the gym for a little bit and then played a game of tennis - which I won! 
See, even on holidays I still try to stay fit and eat good! :) 
After we got ready for our day, we headed up to the restaurant for a delicious buffet breakfast.  I was in love with all the fruit and I tried blueberries for the first time and loved them! Odd I know, but I always had this thought that they would be disgusting, but I found out they are quiet the opposite!
Breakfast was gorgeous and the view was even more so...
After we ate and admired the beautiful view we drove to the ferry that would take us across to the Daintree Rainforest. We drove along the windy roads through the tropical forests and cruised past the beaches. We ended stopping at 2 on our way to Cape Tribulation...(Thornton Beach & Coconut Beach)
Trent found some fish, tiny ones. But of course he found fish! :)
We love it by the beach!
These photos were taken at Thornton Beach... 
Trent found this pretty shell for me... Isn't that sweet!
Me at the Daintree National Park! :) I have no idea what is the deal with the huge sun flare/orb! Some people say orbs are ghosts in pictures, if that is so, that is one huge ghost that I am annoyed at for ruining my photo!
At Coconut Beach
We snapped a few photos and once again kept on driving. 
We passed this hilarious road sign. The bottom one was actually 'altered' by someone with great permanent marker skills, but still how hilarious! The government should put these signs up everywhere! Humour is one way to really get the public to pay attention to wild life... Because no one wants a cassowary to be in the 'after' state!

All up it was about 1 1/2 hour driving to reach our destination. Our destination was Cape Tribulation and more exactly the 'Snake House', which I kept singing about to the tune of 'Snake Farm'... So we checked out the inhabitants at the 'Snake House', surprise surprise they were snakes.
Snake house... Just sounds nasty... Snake house... Pretty much is...Snake house... It's a reptile house... Snake house... (click HERE to listen to the song so you don't think I am totally insane!) 
This snake was hugging himself... 
We filled out our paper work and signed away our lives saying if we die on the adventure we were about to take it was our own fault and got excited... Our adventure was, 'Jungle Surfing'! Or more commonly known, zip lining! That's right, I was about to be cruising through the tree tops of the Daintree Rainforest on a cable and depending on a harness and a rope to keep me safe! (Ok, their safety is a bit better than that, but I'm a bit dramatic!) 
So our guide picked us and the rest of the group up from the 'Snake House' (just sounds nasty... Snake house, pretty much is) and we headed up to the where our adventure would begin. We were sized up and strapped into our harnesses, given our new names and helmet (the tour guides selected these for us, I got Smurfette and Trent got Mad Hatter. I found Trent's funny because of how much I love Alice In Wonderland...) The thing I really loved was they strapped our cameras to us, they even supply you with a little bag for your iPhone, Trent took my big canon so we could try and get some good photos! (I wasn't allowed to take it, lucky me got a 'special harness' because I was small and they didn't want the big camera strapped to me!) 
Once we were dressed in our very fashionable harnesses we made the small hike up to the starting platform and had our safety talk. Then we started our adventure! I was the third person to go! I was so nervous, especially on this platform as you have to walk off the edge!
Yep that is me, zip lining up to platform 1!
But I did it, I may have clung to the safety cables very tight and been shaking, but I did it. Between platforms 1-2 and 2-3 we went across with a partner (mine was Trent). They were harnessed completely separate from us but just on the cable the same time, so that made me feel a lot better and calmer! Trent loves all things crazy, he is insanely brave, I wanted to do this for him because I knew he would love it, so I did, even though I was scared! :) 
Platform 2 was when my nerves really kicked in, this was the highest platform (19.5m). From this height we could see the ocean out over the Daintree Rainforest tree tops, it was a magnificent view... But the look down was pretty daunting. Thankfully Trent was right behind me and we zipped through the trees and paused over a creek (this was the highest point, 22.5m) and admired the view and then continued to zip to platform 3!
Platform 2.
You can tell I am just a wee bit nervous!
I think I was brave and I completed the course, because lets face it there was no way of getting out of it! 
And to launch ourselves of the rest of the platforms was a lot more fun, it was like we slid down little slippery slides. I of course still clung to the safety ropes. At the final 2 courses we got to have a bit of fun! From platform 3-4 we could let go of the ropes and throw our arms in the air and get zipped very quickly through the forest, I of course still held on and asked for some speed but not super fast! 
The cables...
Trent loved this, obviously!
YAY! I love 'Jungle Surfing'!
The view down!
From platform 4-5 you have the option of flipping yourself upside down and flying down the line like a bat! Once again, that wasn't for me, I picked the cuter option of doing the 'koala' (hugging a tree)! Trent however loved the super quick zipping, he wanted to go faster! And as for the upside down part, the show off did the 'thumbs up' the whole way! 
I can't believe I am married to this crazy guy! I love him and his insanity! 
Argh, the darn girl in the group I gave my camera to blurred my photo :( I normally double take every photo (that way normally 1 of the 2 photos turns out good). And she only took one, so my 'koala' photo is blurred, oh well. It's still kind of cute though!
And that was it, our 'Jungle Surfing' adventure was over, I survived! And I want to do it again, this time be more brave and let go and open my eyes more!
Woo hoo! We completed our 'Jungle Surfing' expedition! 
I think I look quiet fancy in my harness... HAHA.
 My Mad Hatter...
If you ever get the chance to zip line, do it! Coolest thing I've ever done! 
After our extreme tour of the rainforest, we had some lunch at a local burger cafe at Cape Tribulation, we got the beef burgers and they were delicious! 
We then checked out 'Cape Tribulation beach' and 'Myall beach', both very beautiful! But unfortunately it started to get a little chilly after lunch and we didn't get to swim!
Checking out the local beaches... They were all pretty...
I knew the stingers up North were bad, but keeping an emergency bottle of vinegar by each beach really made me realise how dangerous the ocean can be in Summer up there! Thankfully in South East Queensland we don't really have that danger!
I was rewarded with ice cream for being brave and going 'Jungle Surfing'...
What a lucky man, he obviously got a few kisses on this day! I was clearly feeling strangely loving...
After admiring the gorgeous coast line and the eco friendly towns we started to make our way back to our hotel. 
Driving through the Daintree!
Exploring one of the camp grounds in the Daintree!
Us at a look out.
We tried to look for a crocodile as we went across the river on the ferry. (Trent wanted to see a wild crocodile on our trip, this never happened.) 
Well, I did find one giant crocodile head! So Trent pulled the car over so we could take a ridiculous photo! :)
We stopped at one final beach so Trent could do a spot of fishing and I climbed palm trees, took photos of the sunset. We also spied a sea turtle, but he was to quick and I couldn't get a decent photo - sorry!
So beautiful...
Love him.
I will always love the beach, any beach makes me happy! 
I know it's dark and not the best photo, but I LOVE it! It's my favourite photo from the trip of me. Even though you can't see my face it so says who I am. Camera in hand, the sun was setting, I'm dressed casually, I'm relaxed and I'm on a beach... Everything I love! 
What a picturesque place... The sea turtle was playing in the ocean, just out there!
Yes, I climbed the palm tree to get these photos! 
Trent doing what he loves... 
After our exciting and extreme adventure day we had a really nice dinner at the lodge restaurant! 
Trent at dinner, he loved the restaurant! 
I had the chicken, so yum!
Trent had the lamb...
When we returned to the room, we had another little inspirational quote and some yummy chocolates! 

It was a wonderful day and I had a great time! 
Of course I made a quick video of our day, so click HERE to watch it or check it out below!

I really am pleased with how this video turned out, yes you can tell how nervous & scared I am and you can also hear me telling Trent not to drop the iPod! Haha! I also love Train & this has been one of my favourite songs since I was 13 and I adore the sound of Erica's voice, check her out HERE! Let me know your thoughts on the video!
Thanks for reading/watching!
Let me know what you thought of our day and if you would go 'Jungle Surfing'!?
Love you all.


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