Thursday, 9 August 2012

Road trippin' for the anniversary; Mackay - Mossman {Day 3}

So Day 3 of our 'anniversary road trip' started very early! We left Mackay when it was still dark out, so once again we got to watch the sunrise! 
Up early and driving through the dark and then the morning fog!
The sun was at a perfect level for 'morning' photos as we pulled into Bowen to check out the 'Giant Mango'... 
GIANT MANGO!! Located at Bowen Queensland! 
These photos were taken at 7:30am in Bowen...
Back on the road after a quick stop in Bowen.
We drove over this bridge on the way to Townsville and it seemed so familiar, when I later asked Mum she said my Dads Uncle had helped build that bridge and on our family trips to Townsville Dad had told us kids... :)
Trent and I on the road trip! :)
We drove  for almost 5 hours from Mackay and had a lunch stop quickly in Townsville... We then continued on and had a quick pit stop in Cardwell, which is so gorgeous! The beach we stopped at was made up of little rocks and shells, which I loved! I am not the biggest fan of sand!
After we left Townsville I had to swap out of my jeans into shorts! The weather was so much warmer! I thought it was funny how it is the middle of Winter and I was in my Summer clothes!
Rocky/shelly beach!! :)
This place was gorgeous! I loved it! And yes, I am totally taking photos for instagram right there!
iPhone photos...
What a picturesque place!
We really liked Cardwell! 
We love the ocean!!
After hours of driving we were almost in Cairns!!
We finally made it to Cairns! (Cairns is about another 4 1/2 hours away from Townsville).
We both had never been to Cairns so it was a totally new place for us, we didn't really see much in Cairns as we were only passing through.
Finally in Cairns!
Our accommodation was located in Mossman, a small town located an hour out of Cairns. 
We followed the windy road that traced along the Eastern coast line of Australia, it is a really pretty drive seeing the smooth flat ocean and gorgeous beaches. 
Mossman bound!
My driver and travel companion... I keep him around because he is nice to look at ;)
It was a really beautiful drive from Cairns to Mossman!
We arrived at our destination!
Once we arrived at the 'Silky Oaks Lodge', our luggage & ourselves were driven to our room by 'Mr. Barcelona' (we named him this as he was from Barcelona, we are creative). 
Oh my gosh, this place is stunning. Our room over looked the rain forest, had a massive bed, big spa and was just gorgeous. Our room had a funny name though, 'Cat Bird'.?! Like what? It reminded me of 'Cat Dog'... So it was funny, all the other rooms had normal Australian animal names, I even found one called 'Pademelon' so if we return, I want that one!
I do a full room tour in the video below, or you can watch it HERE...
It felt so nice to be staying in such a beautiful place. After sussing out our new home for the next few days, we wandered down to explore the creek that was a part of the Mossman Gorge. This creek is amazing and totally crystal clear. 
The creek was AMAZING. So crystal clear, it was pretty chilly but really refreshing... I loved it!
We canoed around for a little while and then returned to our room to get ready for dinner at the lodges restaurant.
Relaxing in the hammock before getting ready for dinner! I loved this thing, it was so pretty & relaxing!
We received a gift voucher from the lodge for a 2 course meal for both of us, so we used that on our first night. And being us, we opted for the dinner/dessert option instead of entree/dinner! Because lets face it dessert is better than entree! :)
2 course dinner for 2... Thank you Silky Oaks Lodge :)
Outfit for the night for dinner; Jacket - Tempt, Top - Supre, Jeans - Guess, Shoes - Rubi shoes. 
The restaurant was fantastic, the food was really fancy but tasted amazing! On this particular night we both got the steak and for dessert I got the passionfruit souffle and Trent got the chocolate cake. The whole meal was incredible! What was even more incredible was eating, sipping champagne and looking out at the rainforest and hearing the creek flow down below us. It was truly amazing! 
Champs time!
This is the worst photo ever, but the meal was amazing!! 
Our desserts!
This big amazing moth flew into the restaurant... (The restaurant is situated on a big open verandah, so it could easily happen...) It was so big some people thought it was a bat, but I said to Trent instantly it was moth and I was right! It was huge though, this is it when it landed on a light... Isn't it gorgeous! 
We decided it was such a magnificent place that we should extend our stay for an extra night, so Trent arranged that after dinner and we returned to our room for a spa and an early night as the following day we were going 'Jungle Surfing'!!
This shower was awesome, it felt like warm heavy rain... I loved it...
This is how I ended my long day of travelling, bubbles and bubbles - perfect!
This video has some footage of travelling from Mackay to Mossman and also includes a little bit of v-log and a tour of the room we were staying in at the Silky Oaks Lodge... 
Enjoy. (If you would like to watch the video on my YouTube page please click HERE)

Stay tuned for day 4 and our exciting adventures at Cape Tribulation & in the Daintree rainforest!
Love you all.

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