Sunday, 5 August 2012

Road trippin' for the anniversary {Day 1-2}

Hey everyone!
I'm back! 
In case you didn't know for our anniversary Trent and I decided to head up 'north'. We road tripped it all the way to Cairns, our holiday was 8 days long and it was fantastic! I have lots of photos to share and some video footage as well. So I will break the trip up into sections so it's not 1 huge blog post! 
So blog post #1 will be day 1-2...
Day 1;
We were up mega early! Seriously I was up before 4am, this is unheard of for me! 3am is normally the time I crawl into bed some mornings!
This is a bed time NOT a wake up time!!
So we were up early, the final things were packed, pets were hugged goodbye, I did about 100 last minute looks in the closet/room/makeup table/house in case I forgot anything I may have needed (this was ridiculous considering what I had packed already!) 
Emergency champs was packed!
Spook protested against me leaving...
We were up so early when we left it was still dark out, so when we were driving I got to see the sun rise! (First of many sunrises I watched for this trip!)
Then we hit the road. We stopped in at Dalby for a gourmet breakfast of Mcdonalds... We were on our way to Rockhampton. It's a fairly long drive and we took the more rural and inland route...
Rockhampton bound...
The start of the windmill game... Which I eventually won almost everyday, Trent won a few rounds, but overall I am still the reigning champ! ;)
 We followed the windy and lonely roads which snaked through small towns, some with names that were familiar to me from friends that use to live in them and other towns were a totally new experience... We passed by many 'oversize' vehicles and waited patiently at some roadworks which turned out to be just the start of a holiday full of waiting patiently for the red 'stop' sign to be flipped to the yellow 'slow' sign. 
This was just the start of the over size loads we passed. The top one is a dump truck body & the bottom is obviously a house.
Stretching my legs at a rest stop...
We made it to the city of 'bulls'... Welcome to 'Rock-vegas'...
We finally made it to 'Rocky' around 2pm, we found a hotel, ate some lunch and then I took Trent on a quick tour of my old town. I showed him where I went to school, the places I use to work and where I lived... 
My 2 apartments I lived in when I was a single girl living in Rocky :) 
We then headed out to Yeppoon, Trent did some fishing and I entertained myself with my camera... 
Trent and I at Yeppoon.
Main beach at Yeppoon.
Sorry about the over load of 'beach' photos, beach/ocean photos would have to be my favourite to take and I tried to cut it down to only a few, but these were all my top picks, so sorry about so many! :)
When I left Rocky about 4 years ago this spelling error was kind of a 'new thing', it was meant to be replaced, 4 years later it is still there - WTF!? Why?? It makes the town look so silly!! 
For dinner we headed to the infamous 'Great Western' hotel, we ate steak and had a drink and Trent won $86 on the pokies (slots). That was cool, he only played like $4, so we pretty much won back what we paid for our dinner, so YAY! We went back to the hotel, Trent slept and I took full advantage of the free Wi-fi. :)
OOTN for dinner; Target shirt, RM Williams belt & boots, Used jeans.
Dinner at the Great Western was great, except the 'cheese fondue' entree, seriously those like 4 lousy sticks of bread was all we were given, which pretty much equals 1 slice of bread - like what the? But the steak was really good!
Woo hoo!! Winning!!
Great Western Hotel - Rockhampton!

Day 2;
I was up early, hair & makeup was done, the car was packed and we were back on the road after buying some ice coffee for breakfast.
Outfit of the day details can be found in the video HERE & my hair & make up for the day :)
Trent and I - day 2!

Totally wasn't joking about over packing... ;)
Bye Rocky!!
It was another early morning start and the properties we passed by looked so awesome with all the fog.
Today we were headed for Blackwater, a small mining town about 2 hours from Rockhampton. I spent about 2 & 1/2 years there, I completed grade 11 & 12 at the local high school & have a lot of memories from that town. I've always wanted to show Trent where I lived and just show him the town in general...  So we spent a short while in Blackwater, we also headed out to the 2 main coal  mines 'Curragh' & 'BMA', as that is something Trent is interested in as he works in the mines and he just wanted to have a look around...
We made it to Blackwater!! 'Coal Capital of Queensland'
The 2 houses in  Blackwater we lived in when. The bottom one use to look amazing when we were there with lots of nice gardens out the front and both were much tidier when Mum & Dad had them, I guess everything changes...
Found a truck at Curragh that was waiting to be transported and I had to get a photo with it! 
Me in a dragline bucket.
After exploring Blackwater and checking out the coal mines we grabbed a quick early lunch and started driving with Mackay in our sights... We of course took the longest possibly route, out through Emerald, Capella, Clermont, Moranbah and then finally we made it to Mackay... 
Road trippin' photos...
We spent the night with my sister Nicole, she made us a nice dinner and I met her new pet 'Pepe' her guinea pig and snuggled my favourite spotted hound Watson! We had another reasonably early night and got excited for our next 10 hour road trip ahead of us!
Noodle and I.
Pepe and I.
Ozie (Watson) and I...

Here is the video to go with day 1-2 of our trip... It can also be watch HERE...

Stay tuned for more 'holiday blogs/vlogs'... 
Love you all.


  1. I'm a Rocky girl, and that "lifestlye" sign is ridiculous! The Morning Bulletin did a story on the spelling mistake and for the sign to be redone was going to cost about $10000, apparently.
    It's a mistake that shouldn't have been made in the first place, in my opinion anyway.

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment, that is a crazy amount for the sign to be fixed! You think though it should be covered under warranty by the company who made it as it's such a ridiculous mistake!!
      Thanks for reading! x


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