Wednesday, 29 August 2012

North Queensland fun! {Anniversary road trip day 5}

Hi everyone!
Ok so DAY 5 of our 'anniversary roadtrip' started with a relaxing walk to the restaurant/reception building and another delicious breakfast. 
Walking to breakfast, isn't it amazing!!
Walking by the pool on the way to the restaurant. 
Reception and the restaurant/bar building. 
On this day we got to order off the menu for breakfast. I got pancakes & Trent got the eggs benedict. 
The view from our table at breakfast...
Us at breakfast...
On this particular day we were just planning to drive around and check out some local areas. We passed through Mossman and stopped at some local markets that were being held in a local park, we grabbed a coconut drink to share. 
Markets at Mossman.
Coconut drink! 
We then headed to Port Douglas, where we went to the look out at Flagstaff Hill and then took a stroll along the beach. We were planning to swim, but it was fairly windy and cold, so no swimming! :( 
We also went and wandered through the marina and admired the great boats. 
St. Mary's by the sea... Isn't this church gorgeous! It was sweet we found a church with the same name as the church we were married in on our anniversary trip!
Flagstaff Hill look out at Port Douglas... 
Walking on the beach... It was so windy and chilly I had my hood on! 
My husband dreaming at the marina! 
We decided then to head back to a small town just past Mossman called Wonga where we saw a barra fishing farm the day before. The fishing farm was called 'Daintree Saltwater Barramundi' , they provided us with rods & lures and helped us out if we needed it. Trent was a lot more serious and obviously knew what he was doing as he caught 2 barra within an hour, I however caught none. I did hook 2, but they spat the lure. 
Yes, I can cast. I also can bait my own hook when I need to, but for this we were using lures. The lures (in my opinion) should've been a bit heavier as it was very difficult to get them to sit low in the water where the barra was... Also the barra were fed with pellets, we would've caught a load more if we were using what the fish were accustomed to eating... So obviously they had no desire to chase lures because they got fed 'fish food'... It was an ok experience and I did it because Trent loves fishing, but honestly I prefer beach fishing with my own bait!
My view...
Trent had fun catching his 2 barramundis. 
So that was a fun little outing. After fishing we returned to the lodge for a yummy lunch of 'fancy steak burgers'.
Lunch and champs!
For the rest of the afternoon we explored the creek that ran through the lodge which is apart of the beautiful Mossman Gorge, we ordered some cocktails and enjoyed the beauty and serenity of this place... 
The creek was crystal clear, so tranquil and amazing!
I love this place and I hope to return in the future!
This place was to gorgeous not to snap some photos in... This is nothing serious, we were just being silly taking photos... 
How simply stunning is this place? When I was here I just felt relaxed, it's gorgeous...
Trent wanted to canoe around...
So I went and ordered some cocktails! 
We sipped our drinks and wandered around the lodge and found another little part of the creek... 
Another beautiful spot...
All the private little cabins have names, whilst wandering around the lodge we saw some cool names. But we have decided when we return next we will request this room because we cared for a 'swamp wallaby' (Pademelon) 2 years ago... If you want to read more about our 'Paddy' please click HERE!! 
Seriously, this was our rooms name! WHAT THE?? All I could think of was 'CatDog' haha. We got the lamest name out of all of them! Despite the name, the room was amazing! 
Relaxing at the bar area...
This little bird joined us for afternoon cocktails! 
After a few hours of just relaxing and feeling so blessed to be in such a beautiful place we played a fun game of tennis and then relaxed in the hammock on our balcony. 
I loved staying active on our holiday!
This hammock was so cool and very beautiful!
The view from our balcony... 
For dinner we just did something casual and went into Mossman to get some take out. 
In the evening we just relaxed in our wonderful room, watched a DVD, enjoyed our last night in the lodge and got ready to unfortunately be leaving in the morning.
Sorry I didn't film anything on this particular day... But stay tuned for what we got up to in Mackay and also my haul from my holiday shopping spree!
Love you all.


  1. I don't even know where to begin! Every photo is amazing! Breathtaking! Just simply amazing! But my absolute favorite is you in the creek splashing! I think it's perfect! This is the Bindy I have grown to know and love!!!!!

    1. Aw thank you so much love for such a kind comment! It is a total breathtaking place, I feel so lucky to have stayed there, I was bit worried how the 'bikini shots' would go over, but YAY thanks for the positive love about them! x


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