Monday, 27 August 2012

Ipswich Cemetery Ghost Tour...

 How was everyones weekend? Well, mine was a little bit unusual... 
During the week one of my best friends (Libbi) and I decided to book a ghost tour of the Ipswich Cemetery. It is one of those things we keep saying we always will do and well, last week they had a sale on ticket prices and I thought why the hell not... 
On Saturday afternoon my little brother Tristan (he decided he wanted to come as well) road tripped it to Ipswich (an hour drive from Toowoomba). After spending some time catching up with Libbi at her house we all headed out for a delicious Italian dinner at 'Viva Italia' which is located in 'The Old Flour Mill' in Ipswich... 
We then headed to the cemetery and anxiously waited for the tour to start with torches in hand. We were greeted by one of the tour guides, a kilt wearing man who seemed quiet friendly, the other tour guide was a lady... The tour started and we learnt about some of the towns oldest residents (some tomb stones date back as far as the early 1840s). 
The tour guides took turns speaking about the history of the cemetery and Ipswich.
Now the tour itself in my opinion was a bit more of a history lesson of Ipswich, about the notable families that lived there and some of the iconic buildings with a few gruesome & scary stories thrown in. I wasn't scared during the tour, but then again not much frightens me when it comes to 'scary stories' and 'horror'. I love everything spooky and creepy and I do enjoy getting scared when it occasionally happens! 
To me I was hoping it would really scare me, but the location didn't feel scary or anything to me, so that was a little disappointing, but it could possibly be scary to a 'normal' person, I just love spooky stuff so it doesn't phase me that much. We do want to go tour the Toowong Cemetery as it could be 'spookier'. 
With that all being said at the end of the tour when we stopped by the 'the boy who moves' statue I swear I saw a dark shadowy figure move behind the group near some tombstones when I turned around, but who knows that could have just been me 'seeing things'. And also a few of my photos turned out kind of creepy. My lens wasn't dirty as these shots were taken on my iPhone and I kept wiping the back of my phone as I thought I could've had a smudge on it, so I guess the 'blurs' & 'orbs' in the photos can be interpreted however you think... I like to think they are 'something' but what exactly, I do not know, so you tell me what you think! So here are some photos of our 'unusual' night...
Me and my beautiful Libbi...
My little road trip buddy and I... Tris and I enjoyed lots of junk food snacks on the way down and ice cream on the way home... :)
Libbi and I getting all creepy!
I loved the lantern the tour guide used to lead us through the cemetery...
Exploring some of the pioneer graves that date back to the 1840s...
I was selected to enter one of the fenced monument areas. The tour guide did 'try' and scare me... This failed much to his disappointment...
See the white streak through the photo on the left side & the orb in the left top corner... What do you think they could be??
This lantern was so darn cool! It would make a great addition to my Halloween decorations collection!
Our tour guides...
Some more orbs...
Broken grave looking somewhat normal...
And this photo was taken seconds later... You can see the clear/white streaks... I am not sure what caused them or what they are... You draw your own conclusions and let me know in the comments below what you think!
Some streaky images...
We were told tales about 'Dan Kelly' that could possibly be the infamous bushranger 'Ned Kelly' or it could just be some crazy tale told by someone who thought he was one of the 'Kelly' brothers...
This plot has 19 bodies buried in it! It is the most occupied grave in the cemetery. 
 I snapped a few photos of 'the boy who moves' statue... And well, the top one looks fine but there is a big streak on the bottom ones left hand corner... 
So, I am not saying the photos I took did in fact 'capture ghosts' but it is quiet odd that I got so many streaks and orb type of things... I have often been told orbs & streaks in photos are 'spirits' but who knows if that is true... Let me know what you think anyway!
Also at the end of tour we were all given a book by Jack Sims called 'Haunted Ipswich', so far it's been a very interesting read. It's cool reading about places I know so well (I lived in Ipswich for the first 14 years of my life, also for a year when Trent & I first moved in together, my parents both grew up there and we still have family & friends there). 
I really hope I get to do some more of these tours, even if they aren't 'super creepy' they are very interesting. If you have been on any ghost tours in Australia or South East Queensland please suggest them below and let me know what you thought of them! 
My ideal/dream ghost tour would be through Salem in Massachusetts, I love the history of that town, I think it would be fantastic to visit there for Halloween! 
Also give me your opinions on the photos, I'm still undecided what I think...
Ah, so excited now for Halloween, bring on more creepy stuff! :) Hope you enjoyed this post!
For more information on 'Ghost Tours' in South East Queensland please click HERE and make sure you LIKE them on Facebook HERE, they often have some great deals (I got my ticket $5 off!).
Love you all.


  1. I am not sure I would handle this very well! I get creeped out easily. It sounds fun, though.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

    1. It was fun! I think I am just a bit desensitised to 'spooky' things - too many horror movies!
      Thanks for the comment :)

  2. Creepy! Looks like fun!
    Thanks for sharing!



    1. Thanks for the comment lovely! It was fun! :)

  3. very interesting post.

  4. these tours are not scary at all. the toowong one was a totl waste of my money.

  5. Ever thought of a tour at Woodlands of Marburg?


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