Sunday, 19 August 2012

Cruisin' back to 63... Again! {2012}

Last Sunday I was up at 5:30am doing my make-up, unravelling barrel curls and questioning why on earth I was up at this hour...
My facial transformation, haha. 'Master illusionist'...
But I was up because we had a 7am meet time at a local car park before heading down to Ipswich for "back to '63". Trent, myself and our Holden EK 'Noleea' along with 3 other members from our local classic car club made the hour long car trip and parked along side other classic/vintage/retro cars and got ready for a morning of lots of car talk and admiring. 
Cruising back to '63...
Scarf and trench coat was required for the very early and extremely cold morning! 
Like my fancy hair piece? It's Alannah Hill and was given to me by my lovely friend Ally. 
Surprisingly enough I really enjoy car shows, I love getting dressed up retro (sometimes, other times I am in jeans & a shirt) and answering questions about 'our' car and admiring all the other beautiful vehicles (and making fun of the 'modern' cars that attend 'classic' car shows).  
Noleea and I when we first arrived.
Car show signs...
Trent and I.
Red Holden FJ.
An immaculate 1937 Wingham Vauxhall
I love pretty cars!
For a change there were quiet a few Holden EKs at this car show! But notice ours is the only wagon! The sedans were very popular, the wagons however are rare! YAY we own a rare car! (Also see the lame skyline or whatever that 'plastic car' is beside the 'real' car... Argh, why even bring that to a CLASSIC car show called 'back to 63'?)
These 2 beautiful Indian motorbikes were parked beside us! 
The car that was parked beside us... Isn't it cool?
Trent and I taking a break in the car!
Our gorgeous car... Our Holden EK wagon - Noleea.
I love our car! And the outfit I am wearing is the same one I wore to my sisters engagement party and you can read it and see all the details HERE.
The shoes had to be removed for a few little breaks - haha. But aren't they beautiful! 
We chilled on the tail gate for a while...
Then Trent made friends with another EK owner...
And I was left to relax in the sun by myself and talk to people that wanted to ask questions about our car... :)
This is the 3rd time I believe we have been to "back to '63", last year I wrote THIS post on it and well, it caused some people to be outraged. Sorry my 'car show' beauty tips don't sit well with some, but hey I was just putting my advice out there to the masses, if you took it personally well I am sorry you perceive yourself or your friends in that way... So in the spirit of that last post I shall offer one more piece of  advice for girls attending car shows, especially classic ones... 
Tip for 2012; 

  • Do not wear eye make up that looks like you just got a Sharpie (or any permanent marker) and lined your eyes & drew on some eyebrows. You look tragic and you scare small children. 

Take it or leave it, but that's my beauty advice... Oh and for some common sense/respect advice for car show goers...

  • Do not, I mean seriously DO NOT touch what is it not yours. If you did not pay for it, keep your hands & any other part of you off the car or bike. Within minutes of us arriving at the car show, I step out of our car and see a spectator knocking on the wood panels of the car parked beside us! WHAT THE? These cars cost a lot of money and this one is gorgeous and this guy thought it was fine to knock his clenched fist against it? And what makes it worse is his son saw him do it and copied him! Argh! And later in the day I was resting on the back tail gate of the EK while Trent chatted to some other car enthusiasts and beside our car were 2 very beautiful old motorcycles (Indians, anyone who knows bikes know they are worth a lot of money), anyway for the 2 hours I was sitting there I was constantly covering my eyes and cringing because people thought it was totally acceptable to touch the bikes, lean against them or let their children touch them! All the cars and bikes had 'do not touch' signs on them, but people still think it's totally fine to handle them. When we get to car shows we normally do a quick lap and then return to the car and I like to sit with her all day, not only to answer questions anyone may have but to also just make sure she isn't touched... Yes I am protective of my car, but it's a beautiful car and we are lucky to own her! And I'm not saying everyone at car shows is disrespectful, most people appreciate and respect the cars but there is always a handful of rough clueless twits who think they can do what they wish! So please, if you attend a car show, look with your eyes not your hands!

So I had a lovely time at the car show, then we headed to a BBQ at Trent's family place which was great because we got to see his Aunts and Pop that are from Melbourne! His Pop is a wonderful man and let me use his old film camera, it felt really great when he kept asking me to take photos for him with the camera. Though honestly it made me slightly nervous as I couldn't check the shot like I can with any digital camera, so I hope they all turn out perfect!
Isn't this camera amazing! I love it!
After the BBQ we headed home, I did a quick outfit change and Trent took me to some quiet streets and he let me drive the EK for the first time ever! And I think I did great and Trent agreed! I can't wait to drive it more regularly!
Cruising in a classic, yep that's right I finally drove Noleea!
Then we had a nice dinner out together, visited my parents and finally returned home after our huge Sunday, we were totally exhausted.
I love this bow tie top!
Us at dinner. 
So that was what I was up to last weekend... I love days that are busy and I have fun things to do!
This weekend however nothing very interesting happened as Trent was on night shift, but we did grab a lovely breakfast together at a local restaurant before he went to sleep this morning (Sunday), so that was nice. 
I hope you all have had a wonderful weekend!
Love you all.


  1. You looked so beautiful on this day! and oh gosh i love that old camera!! so cool! Looked like an awesome day!

    1. Thanks Sarah! The camera was so cool, I loved it!! xo

  2. Love the "look" and to think you weren't all that far away from me xo

  3. Your trip looked so fun! I am going zip lining tomorrow, eeek! Nervous!

    Just started following your blog it is adorable!



    1. Hi Brooke!
      Thanks for the comment! :) Ooo where are you zip lining? It is amazing fun, scary but you will not regret it all! I loved it!
      Thanks for following! I follow yours now too! :)



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