Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Reasons to stay alive...

Life is a roller coaster. You can either scream every time you hit a bump or you can throw your hands in the air and enjoy it! 

The other night as I laid awake in bed at some ungodly hour I was thinking about life. My life right at this very moment isn't as positive & easy as I would like. But still, I like to try and search for the positives. You know, kind of the things I am grateful for. I guess that's also one of the ways I pray, by being thankful for everything great in my life, even the small 'silly' sort of things most people would over look. 
This thought process was sparked by something I saw on Pinterest before I went to bed that night.

A list of 'Reasons to live', now that may sound a little morbid I guess to some, but to me it's a great way to think & also live. Listing everything you feel you are blessed to have because you are alive today is such a great way to put a spin on a bad day. 
So I sat down the other day & started to write out my 'reasons to live'... This is what I came up with (& this list is in no way at all complete)...
My reasons to live;
  • Having all night conversations (nothing beats going to bed as the sunrises after having a conversation where you lost all track of time) 
  • Laughing until you hurt & are crying (This normal happens with my sister)
  • Getting lost in a book (I have loved reading since I was very young & I still love just ignoring the world and being lost in a great book)
  • The feeling of total happiness 
  • The excitement of the 'holiday' season (Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Birthdays, I love them all and y'all know I celebrate everything!)
  • Falling and being in love 
  • Hugs
  • Kisses that give you butterflies
  • Emotions (Everything from being so happy & excited to being scared, numb and sad. The ability to feel means we are alive!)
  • Having dreams and accomplishing them
  • Meeting 'online' friends on in real life (some of my best & closest friends & people who mean the most to me are ones I met online & thanks to this blog... I am so grateful for each person that has come into my life thanks to my 'online life'). 
  • Eating delicious food (Seriously, I am food obsessed!)
  • Drinking cold water (ok, this one sounds odd, but seriously I love ice cold water!)
  • Pets (Fur babies are adorable & wonderful and make the hardest days bearable!)
  • Spending days all by myself (I really love my 'alone' time)
  • Spending days surrounded by the people I love (Days spent with family, friends or both!) 
  • Days spent outdoors (Soaking up some vitamin D and making the day count!)
  • Days spent inside (watching movies, reading, blogging, sleeping, listening to the rain on a tin roof etc)
  • Diving under water (I LOVE this feeling, especially if it's the first dive under water for the Summer! When the water is still a bit cool, it's so refreshing. It's even better if it's into the ocean!)
  • Sunshine
  • Rain
  • The ocean (I love everything about the beach). 
  • Road trips
  • Good movies
  • Sleeping (I love being completely exhausted and just collapsing into bed...)
  • Dreaming (It's such a fun & surreal experience!)
  • Waking up after a great sleep and stretching. (That feeling is awesome, you know it!) 
  • Listening to music... LOUD. (This to me is better than therapy!) 
  • Going to a concert and singing along to your favourite songs with a crowd of complete strangers. 
  • That 'spark' you feel when you are with the 'one' (This feeling to me is magic!)
  • Traveling (For me right now it's dreaming of traveling, but one day I will get there!) 
  • Experiencing & learning new things
  • Planning the future (Writing new chapters, starting a new book. It's all exciting!) 
  • Looking back on life and realising how far I've come & all the stuff I've survived.
  • The fact I am ALIVE!
My list, thought I would get creative and make it colourful!

So those are 'some' of my reasons. The list could be added to each day & as I said before this list is in no way at all completed. 
What is on your list? Share it in the comments below or even make your own list! But I seriously urge you to notice the small things and when you are having one of 'those days' think of the list, look at it, whatever, but realise that yes, life can get shit at times, but even when it sucks the good things almost always outweigh the bad! Well, that's what I am telling myself at the moment. Everything can only get better! 
Stay positive! 
Love you all.
Tough times don't last, tough people do!

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