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Carrie Underwood 'Blown Away' Concert {JUNE 2012}

Cause' I don't wanna' spend my life jaded, Waiting to wake up one day and find, That I've let all these years go by wasted... ~ Carrie Underwood 'Wasted'.
 So y'all have a fun weekend? Well, mine was great! 
As you all know I am a huge country music fan! So when I heard Carrie Underwood was coming to Australia (finally)! I knew this was a concert I could not miss! So thank you so much Toowoomba Country FM for giving me some sweet tickets! I couldn't be more grateful. 
So Saturday was like a normal day before any 'event' in my life, the hair was setting in pin curls and I took my time doing my makeup. I really love the process of getting ready, to me it is half the fun! Anyway I didn't have to stress about what to wear, as I had organised my outfit 2 weeks ago (yes, I was that excited for this concert)! 
Outfit for the night!
Make up for the night, sorry I didn't get a decent photo! I only have crappy iPhone pics - sorry!

My parents, younger brother (Lachlan) & I were all heading to the concert together, so they picked me up and we started the drive to Brisbane (just over an hour from where I live). The car trip was full of listening to some of Carries albums & just random conversations.
We arrived about 3 hours before the concert which was being held at the Brisbane Convention Centre (I've been there once before for this event <-don't judge me)! The good thing about this venue, unlike the Entertainment centre is it's right near South Bank! So we took a short stroll into South Bank to work out what we wanted for dinner, we ended up deciding on Grill'd. Which I was more than happy about (best burgers, EVER)! So I felt very cool showing my parents around and knowing exactly where to go. It is pretty rare that I get to be actually 'needed' or have them ask for my 'help' so it was pretty neat to be asked, "Oh what way do we go now" "where's good to eat" "what's good to order" , etc. (This being said, I am not an expert on Brisbane, I just kind of know my way around the South Bank area when I am walking.) 
White wine & Grill'd... :)
Dad feeling very technological using my iPhone to talk to my youngest brother via Facebook.  

After dinner, we walked back to the venue, we passed 2 weddings happening and Mum and I were very happy to catch a glimpse of the brides! 
Once back at the Convention centre I went to the 'merch stand' to buy my normal purchase of a 'tour shirt'. Gosh, I hate concert t-shirt sizing, the smalls are always massive! 
Carrie Underwood - June 30th!!
Concert shirt!! :)

Then I went and checked out our seats, which for free tickets were pretty decent. We were front row of the upper level. I then met up with a friend for a drink and returned to my seat to watch the support act, Damien Leith. Honestly, I'm not a fan of him. I was praying that Carrie would've bought out Hunter Hayes with her (he was her support act for the tour in America) but nope, instead we got an Australian Idol person who I rarely hear of... That being said, his voice isn't bad, I just would've much preferred another country singer. Jasmine Rae would've been a great support act if they wanted an Aussie artist! 
The view from our seats... :)
Mum & I.
I really like my hair in this photo!
My outfit with my bag! :)
Locky & I...
Dad & Mum at Carrie Underwood! 
Mumma and I... :)

Finally, Carrie Underwood came on as expected the crowd went crazy! She was dressed in blinged out denim shorts, black stockings, her blonde hair in her signature curls & quiff and of course a pair of cowboy boots. This outfit really represented her style so well, a mix of country, rock, pop and looking like the typical 'All-American girl'. 
She came on stage and instantly started belting out 'Good Girl' (which has been a personal favourite lately)! She had so much energy and really seemed to enjoy being on stage as she worked & danced through the set list of songs from her latest album 'Blown Away' & past hits from the last 7 years. She even sung a song my Dad was impressed with, she wanted to pay tribute to the "great artists Australia has to offer," so she did a cover of an INXS song 'Never Tear Us Apart'. 
I was hoping she would sing a few of her other past hits ('Don't Forget To Remember Me' & 'Get Out Of This Town'). There did appear to be some sound/technical difficulties for the first few songs which seemed to have a some 'crew' members scrambling to fix things, but they were fixed very quickly. And it would've been great if they had some big screens set up so we could 'see her better'. But besides that I can't fault the concert, Carrie was amazing, her voice is out of this world. She seems witty, kind & so funny. In between songs she interacted and joked around with her band and also spoke about her songs and how much they meant to her. The one she said meant to most to her was of course her first single she released after American Idol 'Jesus, Take The Wheel'. There was of course an encore where she sung the title track of the tour 'Blown Away'.
Carries concert didn't have an elaborate stage set up, dancers or any costume changes, it was just her, the band & her voice. And judging by the crowds response after each song, that is all we needed. She was fantastic, I really enjoyed the concert and my family seemed to as well! 
The energy she has on stage is so wonderful to watch, she seems to really love what she does and that made the concert even more enjoyable to watch!
Carrie Underwood performing. Sorry the photos are dodgy, obviously I couldn't take my big camera... So these are iPhone photos & just off my little camera!
The setlist from the concert...

Ok and now for some footage of the concert, sorry this is a bit shaky. I filmed it on my iPhone so it is crap quality but sound is still cool & you can kind of feel like you were there! :)

And I also filmed an outfit of the night video for y'all...

Sorry it's a bit random. I was a tiny bit excited, can you tell?
Anyway this has been one hell long blog post!
I really enjoyed the concert and I had  a wonderful night!
Love you all.

If we leave tonight and drive fast enough, All of our troubles will be just like us, Long gone, baby. ~ Carrie Underwood 'Get Out Of This Town'.


  1. lucky you getting free tickets! i love carrie. My fave song is before he cheats xx

    1. Thanks, yeah I felt very lucky!! :) She is such a great artist! That song is really good! Loads of fun!

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