Monday, 9 July 2012

A buff Bella In Bindyland? Well, not yet, but eventually!

"Physically and emotionally she is stronger than you could ever imagine". - BK
As I type this blog I am swearing in my head at my right knee, it is in so much pain and a few weeks ago it was the left one giving me grief! So why are my knees being so terrible to me? Well, I had this crazy idea that I should try and start getting fit for summer. And I am not saying I need to lose weight, that is not why I am working out at all, I am simply doing it to tone up. I don't want to lose any weight, it's hard enough for me to gain weight (and yes, before I get some bullshit comment I eat, I eat a hell of a lot).** But my body isn't in my ideal shape, I want a more defined stomach, more muscular back (which will also help with my back problems) & definitely want a more toned ass (what girl doesn't!?), everything else I am fairly happy with. Besides those 3 areas I am targeting I am also working out just to be more healthy and also as a stress release/anger management. Yes, anger management. To help with this I purchased a very pretty boxing bag the other month... I think boxing is a ton of fun and is a great way for me to cope with things, yes I am a very angry little person. Ha ha. 
I personally love this photo! A) My hair looks e'fn amazing and yes that is all my own hair & B) this shows my strength before working out, I can carry a punching bag (which is not light!) so my strength if I keep working at it will eventually be awesome... Like my Dad was crazily impressed with this shot, he was all like "they aren't light & you are really carrying it and smiling"! That was a cool compliment! Ha, proof I am strong & tough ;)
First boxing session, and yes this photo is posed... ;) Once again, damn I was having a good hair day that day!! Haha.
Exhausted after like 2 minutes of boxing - haha. (First day)

But I'm not working out crazy, I pretty much do every 2nd day or honestly when I remember! I  just want to be more toned for Summer... That is pretty much my goal, just have a more toned body for 'bikini season'... So if you have any work out tips or advice for working out my 'target areas' please leave them below in the comments!
My routine is normally anywhere between 20-45minutes and consists of a lot of stretching, sometimes some basic yoga, sit ups, pull ups, weights, boxing, planks, crunches, sprints (occasionally), lunges & squats (lots of these, which explains my knees hating me)! And it's all just whatever I feel like doing, I really have no 'set routine,' it all just depends on how I feel. Haha, clearly I am not a very good 'fitness person'. But I get bored so quickly, so I have to keep changing it up... So I regularly look up new work outs and exercises and just add them into my routine if they sound cool. Basically I just keep going until I am sweaty and sore... :)
Honestly today was the first day working out in about a week and a half, just wasn't a good past week I guess. But even when I don't work out I still do my pull ups. Loving those! I have my bar set up in my door way of my kitchen so I just do random sets of those during the day, pretty much anytime I walk into the kitchen. Yep, I can only do 3-5 in a set (which is a pathetic effort, but I have improved from being able to do none, so I am proud of me), but the amount of sets I do during the day, seriously I can't even count, I guess I can roughly take a guess and say maybe 10 sets, sometimes less & maybe sometimes a few more. But I really like doing those, I guess for me they are fun. 
And also if I am really lazy but I want to try and work out, I just play on the Wii Fit - haha. Which I guess is better than doing nothing!
After a work out on a totally freezing Toowoomba afternoon! 
In regard to my progress, I didn't weigh myself or take any measurements when I started and that's not how I gauge my success. When I first got my punching bag I was flat out doing continuous boxing for the length of one song (yes, I time my work out by song length) and now I can box for like 3 songs, which is roughly about 10-15minutes. And as mentioned above with the pull ups I know I have improved and each week I am just adding more. I've always been able to do sit ups fairly easily and most of the other stuff is fairly standard, but I have noticed each time I work out I can go a little bit longer. Body wise for results, I haven't noticed any startling results unfortunately (yes, I'm the unrealistic idiot that expects to wake up the morning after her first work out and see a 6pack). But I do feel a bit more toned, like just slightly. My arms feel great and I think I have more strength, which rocks! Emotionally, when I work out I notice I deal with things in my head and just take out my frustration on my work out and punching bag and then can be slightly more calm to deal with people, so that helps. So overall I have noticed that I feel more toned and a tiny bit less angry! :)
I am currently looking into buying a medicine ball to amp up my squats and also some heavier weights as mine are currently useless for me ( mine are 1.5kg and that is a bit too light for me). I am also contemplating getting back into cycling to work on my ass even more, I just hate riding around my 'area' as it's a lot of main roads, I prefer quieter streets. So I may take my bike out to my parents and leave it out there and just bike ride around their estate when I visit... That actually seems like a plan (good idea Bindy).
I also think once the weather starts getting warmer and I can buy cuter work out clothes I will probably get even more motivated, ha ha, yes I am that sort of person that needs constant motivation and rewards to work out. 
Pink work out gear makes me motivated!
I have also been hearing loads about this 'Insanity' work out DVDs, it looks crazy hard but I think it could be fun, I guess if I can find the DVDs in store somewhere in Toowoomba I will buy them and let y'all know how that goes, if not I will stick with what I am doing... 
I am still perfecting my 'work out playlist,' a lot of the songs I like to work out to though are angry country songs (think Miranda Lambert) and also hip hop/R'nB music is always fun & good to work out to, then in between sets I get to jump around dancing and shake my ass to random music, 90% sure the feral neighbours that watch me work out think I am insane, which is cool they are the ones sitting there watching me get fit (the reason they can see me work out is because my boxing bag is in our garage, so most of the time I work out downstairs in the yard and the shed with really loud music). My rule for song selection is pretty much if I would dance and jump around to it in bar or club I like to work out to it. That being said I do not work out to 'techno/club music'... It's a mix of country, pop, rock & R'nB type of music... 
But then there are the songs that mean a lot to me about how I maybe feeling on that particular day or something I maybe going through and those always are good and the work out turns into more of a therapy session. 
Once I get the playlist perfect I will share it with y'all, ok! 
And if you have a great work out song suggestion please comment below or on my Facebook 'LIKE' page or even tweet me (@Bella_K) and let me know, I am always looking for new songs to keep me motivated! :)
Anyway I thought I would let y'all in on the latest 'craze' in my life. I seriously love working out, I love how it makes me feel and it also makes me want to look after myself better. I've noticed my diet has improved slightly and also just generally looking after myself. I am also completely obsessed with next day burn, I seriously love the muscle pain I get from working out... Which is slightly sadistic, but I feel like I've done something when I feel the hurt, so I love pushing myself further & further each time! 
I just think I need someone here kicking my butt and making me work harder, it would be awesome to have a work out partner, but for now I am doing this all for & all by myself. I will be totally buff in no time hopefully! 
Thank you to certain people in my life who have been motivating me & reminding me to work out! You know how I feel! 
So if you have any suggestions, advice or questions please comment below :)
Thanks for reading!
Love you all.
**Please use common sense and realise I am obviously not a 'fitness' professional and just because I use certain exercises in my routine doesn't mean they are right for you. This is just what I do and what I like. Everyone is different. In regard to any negative comments about my weight, I don't need them. I am naturally super small and can't gain weight thanks to my genetics, building some muscle and toning up is what I am aiming to achieve from this. I am NOT wanting to lose weight! And I must reinforce once again I eat, I eat a lot. Sometimes it's totally unhealthy, but bottom line is I do eat, so don't write some stupid comment about me needing to eat or any other hater comment. I put off doing this blog for such a long time because I see a lot of the hate girls who are similar size to me get on social media sites if they post a fitness post or photo.  And also from personal experience, I have always had girls (yes only girls) be very negative towards me about my size. It seems socially acceptable for 'bigger' girls to negatively comment about 'skinny' girls, but as soon as a smaller girl makes a comment about someone bigger than her, she is the worst person around. That exact topic irritates me so much, but I'm not getting into in this, maybe in another blog! This post isn't designed to make anyone feel insecure or brag about my weight, this is MY blog & something I wanted to share with my friends & readers and I also wanted to start documenting my progress. If you do comment negatively the comment won't even be approved. I hate that I felt the need to write this 'disclaimer' but honestly, I feel it's necessary unfortunately. Thanks to all my friends who have been super supportive about this new 'path' in my life though, I love you all for your praise & motivation! So don't leave hate and use your own brain. Yes, draw inspiration from this and want to get fit but please don't use my exact work out, because it could be totally wrong for you!** x.B.


  1. i love working out and have a lot of variety to keep me interested. I teach body pump at usq (and sometimes fernwood) and do a boxing class, body combat, cxworks and body attack every week plus two games of netball a week. It just makes you feel awesome

  2. Eat a pie you skinny bitch.

    I'm kidding :P

    Cool bag :) we need a new one as daves been firing arrows at the old one.

    I got black gloves/pads, but your pink ones are niiiiice

    x lib

    I am so proud of you!!!!
    Change it up every day and you WILL see results :-)

  4. Went to a class at my gym yesterday. The class focuses on arms bum and thighs. I'm In pain today, but that means it's working!! Goodluck with your journey to tone up. That's what I hope to achieve too, as my doctor would probably kill me if I lost anymore weight.

    Don't give up an keep at it!!



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