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'Back in black'... Honest hair dye review, Lush & John Frieda.

Gentlemen prefer blondes... but gentlemen marry brunettes.  ~Anita Loos ;)
Hey everyone!
So the other day I had a bit of a 'WTF' moment. I was bored at Bunnings (a hardware store) and well, I did what any other normal blogger/girl/person does when they are bored, I was taking photos of myself... Well, it was more to post what I was wearing to Instagram, anyway I snapped some photos uploaded it via Diptic (you know that cool app, that combines multiple photos) and then uploaded it to instagram. I did this all kind of quickly & it wasn't until I reviewed the photo I went 'WTF'. My darn hair looked like it was almost blonde! I've noticed over the past few weeks it has been a bit reddish looking (much to my disgust) and my roots were getting very light, but this photo told me I needed to do something drastic immediately!
The last time I dyed my hair was last month, the 7th of June. It was the Thursday before my sisters engagement party. And the product I used was a huge disappointment to me. Most dyes I usually use easily last about 3 months and fade gradually to a nice light brown colour. I really hoped & thought this hair dye would be awesome. But no, it was crap! 
The product I used was the Lush Henna hair dye in Caca Brun. When I purchased this product I spoke to the girls in the store and they assured me this product would make my hair very dark and it was a permanent dye. Well, the colour change was barely noticeable, it made my hair if anything more red and it faded very, very quickly. I paid $49 for 2 blocks of this hair dye and I really regret doing so! Not only is it such a messy and time consuming product to use, it didn't even work. 
Argh WTF... This is the only 'decent' before shot I have of my hair. But this was the colour it was before the LUSH Henna hair dye...
Now with it being messy & time consuming, I mean, you have to chop up the block of dye (which is harder to break than a block of chocolate that's been in the fridge), then you have to melt it and add water to it.

Steps; break up desired amount of dye (I used 1 whole block & 1 square), melt in a double boiler style method, add water to get a thick yoghurt like consistency...
Oh wow, this photo is mega attractive. But I wanted to show y'all what it looked like once it was 'all on'. This then had to stay on my hair for like 4 hours!! ARGH!!

Then there is the fun process of dying your hair (this stuff sets pretty quickly and you can't comb it through you hair), then you have to let it set for 4-6 hours (or even longer), while it's setting the dye goes hard like clay and is so heavy, and now the last part is the most fun, washing it out! 
This is what my shower looked like when I was trying to wash it out, seriously this step alone made me annoyed, but like I said, if it had given me the result I wanted I would be fine with it, but it didn't. So :(
This seriously took me almost half an hour, it felt like my hair was full of mud, it was filthy and it took forever to get out! This all being said, if the end result was what I was expecting I would've been fine with it. Seriously, going through all this craziness wouldn't even phase me if it had dyed my hair the beautiful dark brown I was hoping for. But nope, it seemed to tint my roots and add more red to the lengths. Not cool! Really not cool especially when I was going to buy the Caca Noir (the black henna) but the sales assistants insisted it would be much to dark for me and it was like 'jet black' but the Caca Brun was perfect for what I wanted and would be a deep rich brown... Well, to the girls at the Brisbane Lush store, thanks a lot. I should've gone and wasted almost $50 on something fun, actually $50 is almost half the price I would've paid someone to professionally dye my hair. If you have watched any of my 'Brisbane hauls' on YouTube you would know I really like Lush and I was really excited to use this hair dye, so it's not like I was planning on this product failing & being able to write a crap review on it. I was genuinely thinking it would be awesome and I would dye my hair like this forever, so I am surprised & disappointed. The staying power of the product is also pathetic, my hair has been very light for weeks. So I still have just less than 1 whole block remaining and I doubt I will reuse this product. I may eventually just so I am not wasting my money, but it's not a process I am excited about retrying. I don't recommend you try this product, simply because the effort you go through doesn't really give you much of a result. 

Straight after I dried my hair after using the LUSH dye, it looks ok here...
But this was like 2 days after at my sisters engagement party. You can see how light the fringe section is and I always focus on dying my fringe/root section first, so this annoys me.
20 days after dying my hair it was this horrid washed out/faded reddish colour! :( 
These photos were 22 days after the dye... I really don't like the how faded red it looks!
These were the photos from Bunnings that made me want to dye my hair ASAP. I posted the bottom one on instagram & almost instantly one of the closest people to me in my life whose opinion I do value tweeted me like "is that blonde hair I see?" & I rechecked the photo and almost died! ARGH! WHAT THE HELL, it looks like I have a filthy blonde streak in my hair. These photos were like just over a month after dying my hair with the LUSH Henna dye! :(

So anyway, yesterday I headed to my local Woolworths and picked up a 'DIY dye kit' by John Frieda*, it is the new Precision Foam Colour dye. 
John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, 3N deep brown/black.

To be honest I was a little nervous about dying my own hair, I've done it by myself maybe twice before. Normally my Mumma dyes it for me! So I set myself up in the bathroom, mixed the 2 solutions together and pumped the first ball of foam into my gloved hands and started on my roots. The product is very easy to distribute, I was worried that the there wouldn't be enough product to cover all my hair (I have very long hair, I often use 2 boxes of 'regular DIY dye'), but 1 box covered my whole head, the instructions were simple to follow and I could see the colour developing quickly. The only problem I found was in the instructions it said you hair at the end should be really white & foamy, where as mine just looked wet... So I don't know, it still turned out great though! I am really happy with the colour, it's dark and brown - just how I like it!
Um... Not exactly white & foamy... 
Back in black y'all!!! My hair in my favourite shade, DARK!!! The finished product!!
ARGH Big hair & looking slightly orange, iPhone photos suck!! 
I much prefer my hair this dark, but a lot of people in my life have varied opinions, some people prefer me blonde... What do you prefer?  (This photo is no edit, standing in front of a window, taken with my iPhone, so this colour is 'true to life' as I can get until my next YouTube video)
So I did try the natural & probably less damaging but more expensive option for my hair and that failed miserably. But the dye I am most happy with was the John Frieda Precision Foam Colour, I know it's more of a 'chemical' product & I was trying to steer away from those sort of dyes for my hair (just to try & keep it a bit healthier because I have naturally dry hair), but I guess I have to stick with what works and after using this dye my hair wasn't terribly dry like other dyes I have used. So I will just make sure to do my weekly treatments in case it does start to dry out a bit in the near future, but for the day after it still feels soft & nice! :) I feel the need to take a bit of extra care to my hair at this very moment as it is very long & I want to keep growing it but also in September I am planning to do something pretty darn drastic to it. It maybe the craziest thing I've ever done and ever will do to my hair! I hope I get to do it! So obviously if it goes ahead I will show y'all. :) 
Thanks for reading and I hope you all found this review helpful & informative!
Love you all.

And yes, I am hair-ist. I like dark hair, like I guess I just don't like certain hair colours on myself. Everyone is different and suits different styles & colours... Please don't take what I say about these colours to heart, I am friends with people who range from blonde to red to bald... Everyone is different, I just am saying I don't like red/light coloured hair on myself!
*I was sent a voucher for this product to try out (it normally retails for about $23). Having this product 'gifted' to me, does not alter my opinion of the product at all!

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